Jim:                "I'm sorry you have to leave so early."

McCoy:          "I'm just a country doctor, not a party lion. But once more thanks for     

                        the invitation."

Spock:            "It was only logical to invite you to our birthday party."

Christine:        "Have a nice evening together..."

Jim, laughing: "You can bet, we'll have that."


Some time later...


Jim:              "Now I'll fulfil a wish for you, my dearest Vulcan."

Spock:          "Illogical. It's your birthday. And there is nothing I need."

Jim:              "That's no reason to deny me the pleasure to please you. How would it be if I change my dress and you unwrap/undress me?"

Spock:          "Fascinating."

Jim:              "Fine. Go, make a round or two and then I'll give you a surprise that will make your day, honey."






Jim:              "Come in."

Spock:          “Didn’t know what to say.”

Jim:              "Didn't you like my dress? I thought this could be a funny game."

Spock:          "May I speak open?"

Jim:              "Surely. Please stop these formalities."

Spock:          "You're looking like an Orion slave trader, only the color of your skin isn't matching..."

Jim:              "Oh, boy. I got the point. But I've another idea. Perhaps you'll like this


Spock:          "Agreed. Call me when you're ready."

Jim:              "Just be a bit patient and I'm sure you would like it."

Spock:          "I believe in this, Jim. I believe in this."






Spock:          "Jim! How do you look like?"

Jim:              "I'm a love slave. Only yours. You just have to unwrap me."

Spock:          "That won't be necessary. You know how much I adore you."

Jim:              "To say it clear: I should disrobe this."

Spock:          "Please, don't be angry with me. I like your view in every dress."

Jim:              "Yes. And wearing one special dress you like me best." Sigh.

Spock:          "Jim!"






Jim:              "I've known it: You only love me because of my uniform."

Spock:          "That's not a complete statement."

Jim:              "You can admit it. But I also like it. So come over here, you First Officer, and lend your captain a helping hand."

Spock:          "With great pleasure, Captain....."