Series. Flying Doctors

Pairing: Geoff, DJ

Code: G

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.




„ I don’t understand it,“ Geoff proclaimed when he entered the headquarters of the Flying Doctors. „What is wrong with all the people? Not even Violet has time for a brief chat.  Vic’s pub is empty. And no one came to the office hour, where yet otherwise everyone just comes for the newest gossip.“


Yet DJ obviously hadn’t heard him at all. Instead of answering he continued to stare on his computer-screen. 


As the radio-device chirped, Geoff reported. 


“Ah Dr. Standish, would you please say DJ big thanks for that hint with www.fanficparadies.de?“ the voice said. „Finally some change here.“