Title:                          His Father's Son 1/1

Author:                       Lady Charena

Series:                        A/R-TOS (during ST2)

Rating:                       NC-17

Codes:                        Mc/David Marcus


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Summary:       Doctor McCoy experiences that David truly is “his fathers son”...

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. This story is mine and only fanfiction. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights is intended. If you are underage or have a problem with homosexuality, please stay away.


Please be patient with any errors, English is not my native language. My thanks to Janet for proofreading. 



His Father's Son

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena March 02



“Leonard?” Christine’s voice stops me; before I can slip unmolested through the doors of sickbay, after leaving the laboratory I had spent the last two hours in. She’s standing in the doorway of her office.


I turn to face her, trying hard not to show my impatience. “Yes, Chris?”


She smiles, hearing the not-over-enthusiastic ring of my words. “I’m sorry, but Dr. Marcus is waiting to see you. In your office.”


Huh? I can’t remember having an appointment with Carol. “Dr. Carol Marcus?” I inquire.


Christine shakes her head. “No, David Marcus. I told him you would be with him shortly.”


“Anything you can't handle?”


“He wants to talk to you.” She lowers her voice and says in a conspiracy tone: “And he is every bit as charming as his father.”


I don’t ask how she knows about that - maybe David told her. Or she risks a guess and tries to catch my reaction to confirm it. It’s not common knowledge that Dr. David Marcus and the famous Captain of the Enterprise share paternal bonds. Jim isn’t very talkative if it comes to his son – and I really tried to talk to him. I always thought he didn’t quite know what to tell about David. Jim hadn’t seen him since he was a little boy – and then only through pictures - accepting Carols wish to raise their child alone.


Obviously Christine’s waiting for an answer – she’s looking at me with eyes full of curiosity. But I give just a meaningless growl and hope she’ll receive the message. I don’t want to fuel to ships gossip in my sickbay. And Jim has already enough problems with business.


She ignores it. “He is Jim Kirk’s son, isn’t he? He gave hints, but did just smile as I asked him outright.”


“Chris – don’t ask me, okay?”  I lift my hands in a pleading manner. “I’ll go and see Dr. Marcus. And then I’ll hand over things to the nurse on duty and go. As you will do now.” With this I grasp her shoulders and steer her to the door. “Have a nice evening, Chris.”


With a laugh, she frees herself from my grasp. “Okay, okay, Leonard – I understand.” She smiles at me – but there is no laughter in her eyes as she reaches for my hand and asks: “Is everything all right with you? You look tired. And you have been in a depressed mood lately.”


“I am tired, but surely not depressed. Maybe... maybe I’m just getting old, “ I answer lightly and with a shrug. I slowly withdraw my hand. “Don’t worry, Chris. Since you’re a doctor, you’re fretting even more over me as when you were only a nurse. I’m well. Good evening, Dr. Chapel,” I say with more than a bit sarcasm in my voice.


I wait until she turns with a short nod and leaves. I know I’ve hurt her with my brisk manner. With a sigh I rub my face with both hands. Maybe all I need is a good nights sleep. But I’m suffering a bad case of insomnia since ever we left Earth. And each time I sleep, I dream. Strange things about Jim and Spock and Scotty - I cannot remember afterwards what happened in my dreams, but they leave me with a sense of dread and hazy pictures of people hurrying through smoky corridors of the ship. At most times I wake with the sounds of red alert still ringing in my ears.


With another sigh I straighten and brush away the memories. David Marcus is waiting.


* * *


David sits in front of my desk, absorbed into watching the changing lights in a crystal I use as a paperweight.


I clear my throat to avoid startling him. As he turns to face me I say: “I’m sorry you had to wait, Dr. Marcus. I was not informed about your being here.”


He shakes my hand. “Please call me David, Dr. McCoy,” he answers with a smile – the same boyish smile I’ve seen so often on the face of Jim Kirk. “I asked Dr. Chapel not to disturb you. And I didn’t wait long, just the right time I needed to think some things over.”


I sit down behind my desk. “Then – why did you come to see me?” I take my time watching him. Until now I had no time to do so with more than a glimpse. David is in his twenties – but he looks younger and he’s very attractive. Very attractive...


His smile lightens his eyes - as Jim’s do - as he catches me looking at him. “I come to ask you for advice,” he finally said. “You’re one of the best friends of my... of Captain Kirk and my mother told me, you have known about my... existence quite some time.” He stops and looks at me.


I nod to encourage him to continue. “Yes, that’s true.” I feel puzzlement replacing my tiredness.


“Did he ever... miss me?” It’s not the voice of a grown man David asks with – but with the voice of a hurt child.


“Why don’t you ask Jim?” I answer gently after some time.


David leans back into his chair. “He is very busy and I really don’t want to be a pest to him.”


Involuntarily I smile. “You wouldn’t. Jim’s busy, true – but I think he’d like to talk to you as much as you do. He just cannot do the first step.” I remember Jim’s gaze travelling to David, sitting on a table nearby, more than one time during our shared lunch.


The young man leaves his chair and starts to wander through my office. I have to bite back a fit of laughter. He’s really Jim’s son, no one could have a second look at him and doubt it.


“I tried to talk to him. But he cut me short, telling me he was in a meeting with his first officer.” David studies the titles of some antique medical books and instruments I keep in a closed glass cabinet.


“David – it’s not easy for Jim at the moment. There is a delay at the repairs of the ship and we don’t now where Khan hides. Starfleet’s demanding answers he doesn’t have. I’m sure he didn’t mean it the way it sounded. I always noted, that talking to Spock soothes him. So you have to try it again later.” I fell silent for a moment. David is still not looking at me. “Is this, what you wanted to ask me? It’s getting late and I...”


He turns. “Starfleet cancelled the money for our research work. Genesis is ‘history’.” David smiled bitter. “They offered me a post at the science department on a research ship instead. And I don’t know what to do. My mother’s furious about me even thinking to serve in ‘fleet. But I... I wonder if my father would be... well, if he’d welcome it.”


It is now my turn to hesitate. “To be honest – I don’t know if he’ll do that. Starfleet’s his life, but he also knows too much about the negative sides of serving on a starship – the risks of the unknown, the long-term-missions, that will separate you for a long time from your family and the people you love and care for. But I think Jim will be proud of you – regardless the way you’re going to take. You don’t have to work for Starfleet only because you think it’ll make Jim happy.”


A smile lightens David’s face. “Thank you, Dr. McCoy,” he softly says.


I fear, he caught my gaze, absently travelling down his body, because his smile broadens into a mischievous grin. And suddenly I think there is something... seductive in his manner as he returns to his chair to sit down once more in front of me. Boy, Leonard forget it. Time to get some sleep with this little red pills of yours, before you start to hallucinate...


“I’ll think about the offer and talk to my... father.” Still there is a little pause before he uses that word. “Can I ask you something?”


I start from my thoughts. “Of course.”


“Do you know why he left my mother? I mean... you’re his friend. Didn’t he ever tell you?”


Jim did. Years ago after the disaster with Miramanee and the child she’d carried. Jim’s child. I had to ask him about his stay and his life with her to check if he had suffered any damages due the loss of his memory and the mind meld with Spock. At this night he told me also about Carol and David, the son he’d never seen. And about his leaving her after a series of arguments without knowing about her pregnancy. It was a simple matter – Jim wanted to command a starship and Carol wanted him to stay on Earth or at least to work at a starbase somewhere in space. David had been almost two years old as Jim learned about his son. Carol asked him to stay away from them and to leave David to her. And Jim accepted her wish.


“Why don’t you ask your mother?” I answer. My gaze seems to be glued to his lips and I involuntarily lick my own.


David crosses his legs. “I did. But she doesn’t want to talk about it. All she said was: “We didn’t really fit together.” Not very informative.” He brushes back his hair with a gesture I’ve seen doing Jim countless times.


“But as far as I know it hits the truths,” I carefully answer. “But then you better talk to Jim.” I feel exhaustion closing over me again. “David, if this is all I can do for you I would really prefer to...”


David stops me by getting to his feet. He slowly passes around the desk to stand in front of me. “What would you prefer?” he asks with a sly smile.


“I’d prefer to kiss you.” The words fall without conscious thinking from my lips and I listen with surprise to my own voice...


“Why don’t you?”


David leans forwards and I cannot resist. Slowly my mouth gentles on his. Our tongues touch and twist... making love in a sweet way... It is one of the gentlest kisses I’ve ever received or given. But the same time I feel there is experience beneath the almost virgin touch of David’s lips.


The fatigue I’ve felt only moments ago vanishes completely as David withdraws. His eyes are glowing in the dimmed light of my offices – I turned the lights down hours ago to soothe my tired, burning eyes. Slowly I reach out to touch his face, to fee the smoothness of his skin. My fingers travel along the line of his jaw, along the curved line of his lips. I withdraw my hand. “You’re beautiful,” I whisper.


“Is this why you wanted to kiss me?” David asks with a grin. “Because I’m handsome?”


I don’t know what to say – I don’t know why I wanted to kiss him this badly. So I keep silent, watching the stacks of discs on my table instead of his face.


“If you want me to go, say so.”


I lift my head to look at him. David returns to the opposite side of the desk, leaving me feeling bereft. There is a knot in my throat and I have to gulp. Obviously David is taking my silence for an answer – he’s starting to undress.


He tugs his plain shirt over his head. For a moment it’s dangling from his fingers, then he drops it to the floor. He wears nothing beneath.


A young man in the peak of physical condition, with well toned muscles and a white, soft-looking skin. I feel heat washing over me, and my anticipation rising. I want to touch his nipples with my tongue.


David is looking at me with a sly grin. No doubt my face gives me away. He’s radiating pure sexuality now - the same magnetic pull comes from him like I’ve experienced with Jim many times when a woman wakes his interest. 


He kicks away his shoes. “Won’t you close the door?” he says softly. “I don’t like to be disturbed.”


For a moment I am unable to even such a simple movement. Then I reach out for the button on my desk to bar the door and to activate the privacy light outside. My fingers shake slightly.


Standing there barefooted David turns to present me his backside. A smooth back, muscles rippling beneath the skin as he bents slightly forward, slowly pushing down his pants.


My breath stops for a moment. I want to lick down his sides, where the skin must be as soft as silk and will probably taste salty. I want to travel deeper and press my lips to the smooth globes of his buttocks.


David turns. Shapely genitals nestle between long legs and I can see his cock stiffen rapidly. He takes it into his hand, as if weighting it, presenting me with his desire.


My breath is erratic now and I feel blood rushing to my groin. David passes around the desk again to stand in front of me, propping himself up against it.


“Well, won’t you take off your clothes?” he asks.


For the first time I start to wonder if I’ve fallen asleep in the laboratory and are dreaming. If it is this way I want never wake up. David smiles at me, reaches for me to help me to my feet.


My knees feel like they would give beneath my weight and I grasp with one hand for the back of my chair to steady myself. Then I cast off my clothes without much thought, just dropping them to the floor. My cock’s jutting out, betraying the already high peak of my arousal. I feel a touch of awkwardness – faced with David’s young, attractive body. But he seems not to care. Leaving his stand at the desk he approaches me.


It had been some time since my last ‘erotic encounter’ and an eternity since I had a lover. And David’s almost casual brush over my chest sets my nerves on fire. I gasp for air and reach anew for the chair to steady me.


With a smile David backs up again and moves to knee in front of me. I close my eyes as he leans forward to take my cock into his mouth.


Trails of fire are running through my veins, as he sucks me in and I fear to come every second. But David seems to notice because he stops. Sitting back on his heels he watches me as I try to regain some control over my body. He is licking his lips and I groan.


Then he gets up again and we kiss for a long time. My cock slides along his, as hot as his, as hard. Then he wriggles to rub his erection against my hip. I feel him nibbling at my lower lip and moan into his mouth.


I feel David’s tongue against my throat, his lips sucking at my bobbing Adam's apple. Then he withdraws again, backing up another step to look at me. He loves to tease me, I see... But then he turns and bends forwards over my desk, pushing the stacks with discs and reports aside to make room for his arms. But before I am able to move, he turns again, looking at me with some expectation.


I slowly regain enough sense to understand and to search for some creme to use as lube. Finally I find a bottle with some lotion in a drawer of my desk.


David plucks it from my hands and pours a generous amount of it onto his palm. He sets it aside and strokes the viscous fluid the length of my cock. I arch back, unable to watch him work without surrendering to orgasm. I’m too close to the edge and have to bite my lower lip.


David’s fingers leave me and I slowly lift my head. He anoints himself thoroughly, opens and relaxes muscles, his fingers now busy where I couldn’t see them.


And then he bends again over the desk, his legs spread to give better view and access to the puckered opening to his body.


My hands shake violently as I grasp my cock and place it with a strangled moan against his anus. I push slightly and the ring of muscles gives to let me in. He pushes back onto me and I enter him fully. His muscles close around my cock; bringing the kind of pleasure that is so intense it almost hurts. I can feel the softness of his buttocks as I am buried deep in him.


David moans, his head resting against his arms. I keep motionless for a moment. My hands wander aimlessly over his back, his sides and return to his buttocks. Sliding then around to take his cock. He throbs in my palms and I hear him catching his breath. And then I start to thrust into him.


Time is a meaningless concept. My hearth seems to try to jump out of my chest as I fell David writhe beneath me. His cock gets even harder in my hands and I fasten my strokes to bring him to orgasm fast. I feel I won’t stand this intense pleasure any longer. A few moments later David comes with a soft cry, spilling his cum over my hands. He stiffens and rolls his muscles around me as if to suck me dry and I stumble powerless into climax.


I feel like fainting. And maybe I will...


* * *


As I open my eyes I sit in my chair. David is busy cleaning himself with some a towel. I clear my throat and he gazes at me.


“Hi”, he says. “Feeling better?”


“I... am fine.” Even my voice sounds as week as I feel. But it's another kind of fatigue than the one plaguing me before. I feel almost... rejuvenated. My body still tingles in aftermath and I know, I should tell David... what? Would he understand if I tell him making love to him made me feel younger?


David is now picking up his clothes and I can almost feel his impatience to go. Why... why did he...? I won’t think about it yet. It simply happened...


“I am sorry,” I finally manage to say.


David looks puzzled at me. “Why? I thought you’d wanted to.”


“I’m not sorry about what happened - just the way it did. I fell rather selfish at the moment.” My voice is a bit shaky.


But David smiles. “You weren’t. I had fun, too.” He brushes back his hair. “I have to go now, my mother surely will wait for me.” He extends his hand to me and I reach blindly for it. “I hope we will find time to meet again, before I leave the ship.” His smile broadens into a grin. “I’d love to ‘talk’ a bit more to you.”


I feel heat rising into my cheeks as I realise my still naked state. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more with Jim” I say.


“I will see if I can talk to him tonight.” David steps to the door. “Good night, Dr. McCoy,” he says with a twinkle in his eyes. He pushes the sensor button next to the door and leaves my office.


“Good night, David.” Thank you... And I still sit naked behind my desk, unable to move or even to get up. It almost seems as if I am still caught in a dream...


* * *


The buzz of the door wakes me from the slumber I’ve fallen into after David’s depart. Luckily the lock closed again after he left. I stumble out of my chair, searching for my clothes and rushing into them. Finally I open the door and Christine’s comes in.


“Is everything all right?” she asks upset. “Why did you take so long to open the door?”


“Yes, of course,” I try a soothing smile. “I’ve fallen asleep in my chair and needed a moment to come to my senses. I’m sorry to let you wait,” I lie.


Her eyes tell me she doesn’t believe me – but won’t ask more. “All right. I must confess you look better than an hour ago. How are you?”


“Fine, Chris, fine.” I steer her into direction of the door. There is a certain smell in this room and I don’t want her to get even more curious. “I’m hungry. Won’t you accompany me to the mess?”


Her eyes fasten on my face, but finally she nods. “Okay, let’s go.”


* * *


“Why did you come back?” I ask after we had a pleasant if late dinner. “You’re worrying too much about me.”


Christine shrugs. “Sometimes I think you need someone to take care of you, Leonard,” she answers gently.


I don’t know what to say. My gaze leaves her face to wander through the room. In a corner next to the door I see Jim, Carol and David sitting at a table, absorbed into conversation. I can’t prevent a smile blooming on my lips.