Series. TOS

Pairing: K/S

Code: R


Summary: McCoy has some lessons


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. For all errors, blame me.




„You want WHAT, Bones?“ Jim Kirk almost choked at his as usual much to unhealthy breakfast. Not to mention he believed at the moment, that he had a hearing impairment. Bones couldn’t meant THAT seriously, couldn’t he? On the other hand one never knew to what the doctor was actual up. 


Spock, sitting next to Kirk, lifted for safety's sake only an eyebrow, but said however nothing. Leonard McCoy swallowed the last bites of his meal in calmness before he prepared for an answer, keeping an observing eye on his Captain. 


„I don’t want, Jim, I have to. Personally order from the big Starfleet-Doctors.“


Jim saw his „good“ opinions about the upper ranks of the fleet once again confirmed.  „But why by all Gods, Bones? That just can’t be meant serious?“


„It is however. They thinks – and however I have to admit that they may be right – some more clarifications for the people on the spaceships can’t be hurt.“ McCoy was in opposite to Kirk not generally disconcerted about this new order. 


„Bur why… errr… just instructions about... err... this matter?“ Jim stammered. 


„... about sexual acts in a same-gender-relationship,“ Spock threw helpfully and without any hesitation in.


Jim turned red. To hear his first officer speaking about such things in his usual scientific intonation, was yet something he wasn’t used at all. He in fact had expected Spock  leaving the room as soon as Bones came up with that delicate subject.  Spock however ate his breakfast -  to Jim’s large surprise – as if they discussed such a topic every day in the officer mess. 


„Thanks, Spock. I didn’t want to express it that clearly by myself,“ Jim answered ironically, then turned to McCoy again.  „You still own me an answer why, Bones. One would think that the majority of the space-crews is heterosexual.“


„Many humans and also members of other species are naturally bisexual.“ The answer did not come from the doctor but from the Enterprise first officer.  He seemed to find more and more interest in this unusual subject, as his unfinished and now pushed aside breakfast and the rose eyebrows implied. A fact that Jim surprised even more then Bones announcement to give instructions about gay-sex for the male crew-members. 


„I have exceptionally to agree with you, Spock.“ McCoy took finally the word.  „It is a irrefutable fact that on our spaceships serve far more men than women. We certainly do not need to speak over the reasons here. It can be damn lonely outside here - the next vacation or the family at home months away and so on. If out of boredom and frustration, an urgent need for sexual relaxation, true love or what so ever it happens more then you probably think, Jim, that crew-members of same gender start a sexual relationship.“


The physician examined Kirk curiously.  He knew too well, that Jim was „no child of sadness“ when it came to sex, but he didn’t know if his friend and Captain also had have experiences with other men. ‚I wouldn’t be amaze if he had, ’ McCoy thought and continued with his  explanations. „Numerous doctor’s lamented lately about the increase of injuries because of a lack on knowing about the act before the sex happens. Therefore are now the instruction.“


Jim shook his head. „Don’t there exist any textbooks, computer programs and so on for such topics - something more private even?“


„Sure, “ McCoy admitted. „However the bosses obviously think a living physician can do more good in this case.“ He shrugged his shoulders. „I can’t change is, Jim.“


Kirk sighed, somehow his appetite has vanished in the meanwhile and he pushed his breakfast aside. ‚I feel like in the school,’ he though. And he said: “ Then do what you have to do, Bones.“


„Thanks, Jim.  I already prepared the first lesson for tomorrow 1500.  At first the commanding crew and the heads of the departments. Good example, you know.” McCoy rose. 


„A moment, Bones.“ Jim hold him back.  “We shall be also there?“ he asked horrified.


McCoy was able to show his most serious expression although he nearly had laughed aloud about. Jim’s shocked expression. Had his friend suddenly become really prude?  Spock’s face on the other hand was unchanged, but in order to hear even better the Vulcan had bend himself further forward. 


Jim however was really raging. So he hadn’t bet. He himself would attend to this damn lesson, although Bones hardly could tell him something new. But Spock there?  Impossibly! He couldn’t allow the shy and innocent Vulcan to be exposed to something like that. Probably Bones would make one of his sometimes macabre jokes on Spock. He had to protect him.  „I will come if you insist, but please let Spock out of this,” he pleaded. “This order surely don’t apply to non-humans.“


„It is for all male crew-members, Jim. Not only for the humans.  And Spock is a man if I’m not completely wrong. Not to mention that he is half-human,“ McCoy replied. ‘And if you do not notice, WHAT kind of a man he is, my dear Jim, we need to explore your  eyes,’ he added in thoughts. 


„But...“, Jim wanted to protest again, but Spock cut the words off with:  „I will attend Doctor McCoy’s lessons with interest. Surely it will become... fascinating.“ An raised eyebrow signalled real interest and none of the rare volcanic jokes. 


‚Fascinating reaction, ’ McCoy thought.  Was their something coming up for or with the Vulcan?  He vowed to himself to hold this lesson especially careful and good. 




Jim slipped restlessly on his chair.  McCoy had chosen the mess-hall for his report.  In the faces of the other present people Jim could clearly see that the entire thing was embarrassing for most of them. 


„...a good preparation is very important. You should use a big amount of the cream.“ McCoy obviously was the only one in the room, which hadn’t any problems with the intimate subject. At least his voice sounded quiet and calm.


Spock, who sat next to Jim, was fully concentrated and listened the lesson interested as he would do so with the newest report in computer-technology. 


Jim asked himself involuntarily whether Spock did so only out of courtesy or if he was really so interested. If yes, then this was a thought that Jim needed to investigate further. 


„...use your hands to...“


Jim’s look travelled automatically to Spock’s of slim, fine hands, wgich lay motionless in his lap. Jim knew only too well, which power stuck in them, but he also had saw them making incredible difficult repairs with great sensitivity. 


He was not able to prevent his thoughts from wandering away..