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Series: ST TOS

Pairing: K/S, Su/C, U/Ch, Sc/tools, Mc

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Humour

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Summary: McCoy has his special method of entertaining himself


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




Leonard McCoy sighed heavily, as he entered his quarters. Another day full of work was finally over. Slowly he hated any unknown virus in the galaxy. With a fatal regularity he could bet that the away-team was bringing from every new planet a new illness back on board. Only his genius had -- as always – saved the situation and their lives again. He found, he had earned now a good reward for this.


He smiled all over his face as he pulled a small remote control from his drawer. If he had to spend the evening as always alone, he after all could have some fun at least, couldn’t he?


He praised his foresight to visit at the academy this boring courses about medicine technology. And also the long evenings with Scotty when he had to content himself with only a single glass brandy  while he was filling up the chief engineer with alcohol, long had paid back. Not drunk Scotty never would have explained to him how the medical sensors which usually supervised the life functions in any cabin so that they could immediately trigger an alarm in sick-bay if necessary could be modified so that they transferred pictures to his monitor like a camera. His work really had been worth-while. What it all gave to see if people felt unobserved was amazing. After all he was the ships CMO and didn’t he had to know what people were doing all the time, to ensure there well-being, had he? 


He licked appreciatively over his lips as he sat down his armchair, a glass of his best brandy in hand. He pushed his shoes away, put his legs up and opened the zipper of his trousers. Now he was ready to start.


For a moment McCoy studied the blinking indicators which showed a raised hormone level and therefore most likely sexual activities in the cubicles. At random he selected one of the first symbols.


Hm, he knew these long legs only too well. He would have liked too get between them, However, unfortunately, Christine had made it soon clear to him that the only tail which she ever would allow to come into her proximity ever was a fox's tail collar at a real fur coat.


He just wondered who today was the happy girl with her as a dark-haired head appeared in his view, moving down Chapel’s body down. Ah, still Uhura. Seems to be a serious thing between them. What a pity. He cursed quietly. Damn lesbians – they took all the fun away from the men. One didn’t have to wonder if they became gay – or at least bi.


He switched uninterested in their further actions to the next cabin. Chekov and Sulu - together as every evening. The Russian as usual on the top, his mate with widely spread legs beneath him. Couldn't they at least try out for once another position? Probably Chekov thought the Russians had invented this missionary-position? He yawned bored and hopped the next channel.


He wondered for a brief moment if he should switch to the lower ranks on board. The crew had  proved as sexually active but just also as extremely unimaginative. The few women on board got laid sooner or later from the guy who talked sweetest to them and just did spread their legs for him. Missionary-position naturally - how boring.


The remaining men did it made sooner or later to each other because they were bored to death without a date or just couldn’t stand the sexual pressure any longer. Usually they did it from behind – not very stimulating either to him.


He decided to look what Scotty was doing. The chief engineer stood in the middle of his cabin, his trousers down. With his right hand he rubbed along some metallic piece of equipment along his stiff member. The left hand just inserted a long object into his ass.


McCoy shook his head. Scotty and his tools. For a while he had considered the chief engineer as a potential sex-partner but who wanted to compete with a whole spaceship all the time. No, thank you. Scotty probably even would fuck the warp-core if he could.


On to the next. Spock he easily could leave out. The hell would freeze sooner then this green-blooded, walking ice-man of a Vulcan would show any sexual reaction.


He decided finally to look at his all time favourite. If Jim couldn’t screw someone at least any three days he surely was seriously ill. His sensor indication flashes wildly what only could mean that the captain was fully active? His expectations weren't disappointed when Kirk’s ass came in sight, moving intensely up and down.


The doctor sighed. This sexy ass he really would have liked to fuck ... just for once. But Jim was unfortunately the most heterosexual man he had ever met and didn’t even notice his advances at all. And even would have been able to get Jim into his bed surely Kirk never would let someone near or even into his ass. Although if he only was half as good as his reputation, McCoy would also have spread his legs and ass happily for him. But unfortunately…


He wondered who was it this time. Usually Jim let his hands – better say his cock – of the female crew members. Just to make sure he wouldn’t be sued. But they didn't have any passengers on board at the moment therefore he obviously had sacrificed his principles to the needs of the body.


McCoy changed the viewpoint of the sensors as far as possible Jim unfortunately covered his partner totally with his body. Okay the answer had to wait until she would raise. For now it was sheer excitement to watch Jim moving. He only regretted that his sensors didn't transfer any sound. The girl surely was screaming with pleasure as Jim fucked her. He would have liked to hear this.


He grabbed his own, meanwhile stiff cock, stroked it in rhythm with Jim's trusts an the screen. Suddenly Kirk drove his head back and opened his mouth – surely in an ecstatic cry – and obviously came. Too soon. McCoy sighed. Couldn’t he last a moment longer? Then he also would have come.


A bit upset he observed how Jim broke down over his partner. But it only took a brief moment until he raised again, now positioning himself on hands and knees, seductively wobbling with his ass. McCoy licked his lips at this sight.


Then he saw how Jim's partner crawled from under him, lent about him and spread his ass-checks. McCoy gulped. Did this really mean Jim Kirk, the intergalactic stallion, was about to getting fucked? He couldn’t believe his eyes. 


Suddenly he recognised dark hair and pointed ears. Of course he knew them and they surely did not belong to a woman. With a loud and shocked curse the remote control clattered to the ground.