Title:                The end of the game

Author:            Lady Charena

Codes:             K/S, POV, Humour

Rating:             R, ft

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Summary:         An undetected visitor tells us about Jim and Spock – and the end of the game…

Challenge:        look at the end of the story


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. This story is mine and only fanfiction. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights is intended. If you are under age or have a problem with homosexuality, please stay away.


English is not my native language, please be patient with mistakes. My deepest gratitude to T'Len and Lisa for beta. If there are remaining errors, blame me.


Please be gentle with any possible mistakes regarding the rules of strip poker – I’ve invented a special version of it just for Jim and Spock <g>


The end of the game…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena, April 2002




Now look at my boys! Aren’t they sweet? Nestled against each other like two squirrels in their hidden lair, ti-hi. I always knew (really I’ve known all along) they’d come to their senses – one day – and see, how good, how simply perfect they are for each other. It took quite some time till they finally made the last step and talked about their feelings. Or to do even more than speak...


Oh how many times I’ve heard the one or the other sigh: “Why doesn’t he see, how much I care for him?” or “Does he love me too?” At times like that, I’d have liked to bump their heads together till they understand. Or at least shout at them to talk to each other instead of complaining to the deaf walls in their quarters. But then I couldn’t say a word because they don’t know of me. I mean – of course, they know of my existence – but they don’t know that I know, what I know… very confusing, I know. Why… maybe it’s the best if I start at the beginning, don’t you think?


Come on, take a seat, and let me tell you a bit about the things I observed earlier this evening…


* * *


As far as I can tell from their talk I overheard after their return, it all started after they visited a bar… “The white oyster” or was it “The blue dove”? I’m not as young as I used to be. (And the computer of the Starbase wasn’t really helpful. Every time I tried a less technical inquiry, he told me: “Insufficient data does not compute.” Stupid thing. Sorry, I know, I shouldn’t say something like this – maybe it is my long living with humans. But he was really a very simple model.)


Well, to be precise – only Jim visited the bar. Spock followed him later because he started to worry about the Captain’s absence. They had made an appointment to have dinner together but Jim didn’t show up at their agreed meeting point at the right time. So the Vulcan started to worry. He went to the Base’s Info-Section and asked the computer there for places like the ones he knew Jim to prefer. Spock received a long list of names and with a sigh; he started the search for his friend and Captain. Luckily he found Jim in only the third bar he entered. A few minutes later, he steered the (more then a little) inebriated Human out of the inn and onto the fresh air.


It seemed to clear Jim's head to some extend and he started to remember his appointment with his first officer. Very ashamedly he started to excuse for his… but the Vulcan stopped him with the faintest hint of a smile playing around his thin lips.


Finally they agreed to return to their quarters, to eat there and play some chess.


Sounded like plans for a nice, relaxing night, didn’t it? Well, as soon as they entered Kirk’s room I peaked my ears to listen...


* * *


“Please, make yourself at home,” Jim said and gestured to the little table they normally used to play chess. “I’ll be back in a minute.” With this he crossed the room and entered the bathroom.


A good idea, if you don’t mind my saying so. He smelled – not to say he stank – awfully. I observed even Spock wriggling his nose for a moment, as Jim passed him by.


My sense of smell is very much better than even a Vulcan’s and I know what I’m talking about – I had to smell many foully odours in my life.


Well, but back to my little story. Jim vanished into the bathroom but Spock didn’t sit and wait for his return. Instead he moved to get up and started to wander idly through Kirk’s quarters, finally stopping at the overloaded desk. There he picked up a small packet of cards.


He still examined the cards as Jim returned – showered, shaved and with fresh clothes. The imprudent lock, as always falling into his forehead, was still wet and stuck slightly to the skin. He seemed to be more sober, however. His steps were more certain, not shaky as they were as he had entered the cabin earlier. Jim crossed the room to stand next to his vulcan first officer.


“Want to play a game of cards instead chess?” Jim asked lightly, clearly expecting a negative answer.


But the Vulcan regarded him with this certain – I call it “Dare me”–look - in his face. “If you wish so, Jim, I am not averse.”


I’m sure Spock noted and understood the mischievous twinkle in Jim’s eyes as fast as I did.


“You are not averse, well, good, good. Spock, do you play poker?” Jim asked with an expectantly smile on his lips.


“I am familiar with the basics,” the Vulcan answered without hesitation.


“Yes, but I mean – did you ever play poker before?” Jim was beaming at him.


“No, I did not,” Spock finally had to admit.


“Fine, fine.” Jim clearly was heading towards something. “There is a certain type of playing poker on Earth, it’s generally not common knowledge and you won’t find it in a teaching book – but you’re dealing with an expert. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about it – strip poker.”


Spock cleared his throat – well, if I didn’t knew it better, I would have thought he tried to suppress laughter. But Vulcans don’t laugh.


“And you are an expert in playing this certain kind of... game?” he asked with an utterly innocent air. (And without answering Kirk’s question!!)


“Yeah, you can say so,” Jim said smugly. “Do you care to learn it?”


Well, this question clearly revealed to me that he wasn’t as sober as I thought him. Or would a clear-headed person offer to teach a Vulcan how to play strip poker? I expected Spock to turn him down with an eyebrow or one of his lectures about vulcan don’t and does. But instead...


“I do,” Spock answered softly.


If I had been able to I’m sure I’d have fainted hearing that...


But Jim seemed surprised, too. However he hid it quickly, covering up his amazement with a shrug and a gesture to the table.


Spock cleared away the chessboard and sat down with an expectant look in his dark eyes.


Jim started to shuffle the cards. “It’s really pretty easy,” he explained. “We play a quick game. But instead of paying money the looser has to wager a piece of his clothes. And if he looses it – he has to take it off.”


“But why a piece of his clothes?”


“It’s fun, Spock,” the Human sounded almost impatient to start their game.


“I understand,” the Spock answered. “And which piece the looser takes off is at the winners preference, I assume? Because it is... fun?”


“Why... An interesting suggestion,” Jim smiled. “You’re for sure a fast learner, Mr. Spock.” He started to deal out the cards.


* * *


Four rounds later Jim made no more effort to hide his astonishment. He was regarding his first officer with an open look of suspicion. After loosing not only his shoes and socks but his shirt too, he asked: “You’re damn good for a beginner, aren’t you?”


“Is there not a human quote about the luck of the beginner?” the Vulcan answered, meeting calmly the gaze of his Captain. He had lost only his boots so far.


Jim started to shuffle the cards anew. They played – and the Human lost again. Jim’s eyes narrowed. “Well?” he asked after a moment. “Your choice?”


The Vulcan put down the last card he was still holding in his hands. “My choice,” he repeated softly. “You would be my choice.”


Kirk went deadly still. Well, not only he! If I had been able to I’d have held my breath, too...


“I?” Jim said. “You mean...” he stopped and went to his (bare) feet. He paced the room once, then returned to the still waiting Vulcan. “Spock, why did you agree to this game?”


Spock turned to look at him. “To end the game we have already played too long, Jim.”


“I assume you’re not talking about strip poker,” Jim said without meeting the eyes of the Vulcan. He seemed to speak to the walls surrounding them.


“You know I do not.”


Again I felt like fainting. Facing Spock’s bravado – Jim wouldn’t back down now, would he?


“But...” Kirk turned again, his eyes full of silent wonder. “Why didn’t you talk to me? I…”


“You?” the Vulcan repeated as Jim didn’t continue.


I wished I’d have fingernails to bite them down… the air almost crackled with anticipation.


“I’d have told you I feel the same,” Jim said quietly.


“You would?”


Jim went to the Vulcan, kneeling down in front of him. Still this look of amazement in his face he said: “I will tell you everything…” and kissed Spock, leaving him no chance to answer.


* * *


Well, I fear I’ve fainted out of pure relieve. Believe me *I* can do such things… However, the next thing I could see were the boys down on the floor. This fast! Wow. Obviously they think they’ve lost time enough.


I’ve seen a lot in my life, well you wouldn’t believe the tings I’ve seen… but never before such a lovely couple. Of course I didn’t watch all the time. Just for a few minutes.


I watched them shed with the remains of their clothes.


I watched them embrace and kiss. There must have been a failure at the temperature control of the room – suddenly it went pretty hot in here…


At the very end I could see them heading into direction of Jim's bed. Well, of course I could have watched them there, too. But I didn’t. After a last peak around the corner (Jim was busy licking his way down Spock’s body. Just at the moment I looked he took Spock’s cock into his mouth.) I withdrew from Jim’s quarters.


Isn’t life wonderful? I’m so happy for my Captain and Spock I can’t find words enough in my databanks to tell you. For more no ship can ask. But I have to go now, duty is calling…






* * *


Challenge: "Instead of their usual chess game, Kirk suggests strip poker, mostly as a joke, but to his surprise, Spock accepts. First time K/S"