Title:                Down on my knees 1/1

Author:            Lady Charena

Series:              TOS - humour/parody

Codes:             S, POV

Rating:             R

Archive:           Yes


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Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. This story is mine and only fanfiction. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights is intended. If you are under age or have a problem with homosexuality, please stay away.


Summary: Spock's reaction to his new Captain.

Note: Sequel to "The First Night" by T'Len. Please check out this story first, reading mine won't make much sense without. You won't regret it - it's a hot little nicety about the true love of our dear Captain - or what he believed it to be...


English is not my native language, please be patient with mistakes. My thanks to T'Boy for beta. If there are remaining errors, blame me.



>>Q - Spock: Do you believe in true love at first sight? ---*-*--- A - Kirk: Yes, every time I look at myself in the mirror... << well, bad joke, never mind, that's just me and my wicked mind... <g>



Down on my knees 1/1

* * * * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena

July 2001



I allow myself no reaction. After 2.3 seconds of shocked immobility, I move again, nod a greeting, and pass by him on the way to my station. As if seeing my Captain - half naked and masturbating in the command chair - is an everyday occurrence for me.


Like some mystical god of fertility...


I check the computer circuits I had repaired earlier today, that is why I came to the bridge at this late hour- to verify that all will be in perfect order when Captain Kirk arrives. I did not expect him to be aboard already.


But I welcome the opportunity to meet him in this most private manner.


Most of the crew had left the ship during the overhaul in order to spend shore leave on Earth. I did not share - nor understand - their desire for so-called amusement and stayed in my quarters. After finishing an intense period of meditation, I went to the main computer-room to start a thorough check-up of the system.


Only a small part of my attention is now on my work and the series of data scrolling over my screen.


I listen to the soft noises of clothes being put on in haste. The thump of a boot hitting the floor and a low curse in its wake. I can hear his laboured breath - considering the state he was in at my arrival, I guess I interrupted him before he could achieve climax. I wonder if he is still erect or if the shock of my unexpected appearance has deflated his penis.


That would be regrettable...


I can smell him - the strong musky odour of an aroused human male, mixed with sweat and a fainter note beneath - maybe his natural scent?


A most pleasant smell and not without effect on me...


I think about the official pictures of James T. Kirk I found in the library computer. And have to admit that they do no justice to the reality, as far as I can see...


He arouses me...


* * *


"Commander? I... may I have a word with you?"


I am... surprised... as his voice cuts through my thoughts - I did not expect him to address me.


I rise from my chair and turn - to find myself rooted to the floor. "Captain?" I know he is formally not in command of the Enterprise yet, but the use of his rank seems appropriate.


His face is deep red but his eyes do not waver from mine. "I'm afraid I can't provide you with any reasonable explanation for my behaviour," he says somewhat hesitantly.


He is even more beautiful than I had thought after the fleeting glimpse I got at my arrival... I swallow as I look at the still prominent bulge in the front of his trousers. And feel my penis stiffen. A rare occurrence. Most times my vulcan training keeps my body sternly under control.


His eyes follow mine downwards... And a cocksure smile slowly spreads over his face. "I would appreciate it very much if this little incident were to remain a matter between you and me, Mr. Spock," he continues with a seductive voice.


I regain my composure with some effort - and only partly. And there is this tingling sensation in my groin, growing stronger with every moment...


"Of course, Captain," I manage to answer.


"Fine." He still stands next to the command chair, one hand resting on the back of the chair, the other on his hip. "May we start over again?"


"Of course, Captain." I frenetically search my mind for a more sensible answer - in vain. The rate of my heartbeat goes into overdrive as he moves towards me. His gaze inflames my very nerves.


I feel naked. Desire coils in the pit of my stomach. My control lays in tatters around my feet.


"I won't bite," he whispers, still luring me with his smile, his burning gaze. He is now only one step away from me. "Come to me."


The next moment I am down on my knees in front of him and my hand shakes as I reach for the fly of his trousers...


His erect penis bursts free and I lick my dry lips. I have sucked cock - to put it in rude terms - before, Chris Pike had been especially fond of it. I always considered it as a part of my duties. But with him, it is special.


He is a god and I have come to worship him...