Honorable Mention TOS McCoy/Scott.



A donkey rarely comes alone






Series. TOS

Pairing: Mc/Sc

Code: G, humor

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Summary: holiday-“joy”


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T’Lin for the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




"Daddy, I don’t want to walk any more." 


"Uncle Bones, me feet hurt." 


"I want ice-cream, Daddy!" 


“Can I Get [Get I] one, too, uncle Bones?" 


"Me also, Len." 


Leonard McCoy sighed softly. This was his life’s most terrible vacation. Yet Jim’s promises had sounded so sweet. "We take a large house and switch around with taking care of the kids. That way, we all get some time alone.”


Scotty had been so enthusiastic about this plan that he spontaneously agreed without asking his approval. The kids naturally had been equally enthusiastic about the idea to spend the holidays together with their best friends, so he couldn’t do anything but give his approval.


Now he knew he shouldn’t have done so. How the hell did it happen that on those days in which Jim and Spock were responsible for the kids, the sun was always shining, but he and Scotty always got the cloudy days? 


While his friends had to do nothing more than observe the children at the beach, he had already seen every amusement and animal parks around. There was no time for relaxation. He would have liked to play some golf or to swim regularly in the sea. His figure certainly could use a bit more sport-like activity. 


Jim and Spock, of course, thought more of some other sort of „sport“.  Surely they spent the whole day in bed. In the meantime, his feet nearly killed him. And tomorrow, Scotty and he would once again be so exhausted that they wouldn’t be able to think of satisfying each other, sexually. To be honest, they hadn’t done it once during this vacation. 


He sighed and chased a flee away that just tried to sit on his nose. This donkey park was actually the worst place which they had visited. Insects everywhere. And he certainly had smelled better air then here. 


As he thinking about whether or not he could attract the kids with the promise of an extra large sundae, so that they could leave this terrible place, their attention was drawn to a little donkey-foal. 


“Isn’t it sweet?" Scarlett called enthusiastically. "And those large ears it has." 


"Exactly like uncle Spock’s." her brother said and immediately harvested Tommy’s wrath. 


“That’s not true and you’re an idiot," he called with balled fists. Leonard quickly stepped between them. 


"Enough!" he commanded energetically. "Duncan, one does not say something like that. Tommy, your fathers should actually have taught you that one don’t solve dispute with force, and especially not against younger kids." 


Sara had in the meanwhile studied some signs nearby and directed the general interest into another direction.  "Here one can take a cab-drive with the donkeys." 


The other kids were naturally hot for this idea. “Can we do that?"  "Oh, please!" and "Great!" sounded it from all of them. 


Leonard however remained sceptical - especially after he had read the sign himself. "I don’t know. Here it is written that one has to direct the cab by oneself. None of us has experience with such a transportation." 


But obviously, this comment triggered a response in his spouse. “Come on, Len, how difficult can that be? I can fly a spaceship, I certainly will manage a donkey." 




“How difficult can that be?  I can fly a spaceship.” Leonard’s voice was saying half an hour later, full of sarcasm. 


"I don't find that funny," Scotty growled, standing quite helplessly in front of their little donkey-cart. “Damn, go!" he scolded the animal.


Leonard - always having an eye on the kids picking flowers - sits down in the soft grass under a shadowing tree. The meadow had been the premature end of their quite unusual trip over cane and stone. Because it didn’t look like they would soon drive further, he decided to make himself more comfortable. "I doubt that this will help," he noted sarcastically toward his spouse. 


Scotty really was upset now. "Do something to bring this stubborn cattle to move. After all, you are the psychologically educated one here." 


"I’m a physician and not a veterinarian. And moreover, I’m on vacation." He slipped down on his back and deeply breathed the spicy aroma of the grass. For a brief moment he considered telling Scotty that the rear axle of the cart seemed broken. The donkey obviously had noted this and therefore denied any continuation of their trip.


But he decided against it. Certainly sooner or later "Mr. Super-Engineer" would find out and until then he could sweat somewhat. After all, he was responsible for this stressful vacation. A little revenge was due him.


And it was simply too amusing to see Scotty unsuccessfully talking with the animal. Wasn’t it said a donkey rarely comes alone?