The doctor – your friend and helper






Series: TOS

Pairing: K/Mc

Rating: NC-17


Summary: Jim has a problem and McCoy offers help


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charnea for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




"Bones, I have a problem." With a facial expression which only could be described as embarrassed Jim Kirk entered sick-bay.


"What can I do for ..." The question died on Leonard McCoy’s lips as he noticed the impressive bulge in Jim's trousers.


Kirk grinned easily as he saw the doctor’s look. "Exactly this is my problem, Bones. Can you give me something that *he* will subside?”


McCoy shrugged his shoulders. "Usually people come to me with the opposite problem. There is a quite natural solution for this, Jim."


The Captain moaned. "I know but we are still months away from the next shore leave. I simply can't stand it so long."


"Your Yeoman surely would help you gladly and willingly with this," the CMO of the Enterprise suggested helpfully.


"And sueing me afterwards for sexual attack at her workplace." Jim shook his head. "No, thank you. You know the rules, Bones. No screwing around with the crew. But ..."


Jim’s face reddened. "I’m so horny, Bones. All the time. If I don’t find soon a hole I can put my stick in I’ll become crazy. My hand simply isn't enough. If I make it to myself the only outcome is that I get even more horny. I already get hot if I eat a doughnut. And as Spock today talked about black holes, I had to leave the bridge hastily. Please Bones, help me."


A seductive smile darted over the doctor’s face. "Then I should offer you my holes, Jim."


"What!?”  Kirk almost yelled surprised. "You’re not seriousness with this, Bones, are you?”


"I am." McCoy licked appreciatively over his lips. "I ever liked what I saw at my examinations. You really have to offer something, a sexy ass and a big cock. I long for it quite a while to be honest. I would like to have you inside me or to fuck you crazy.”


"Oh God! Bones stop talking so dirty." Jim moaned loudly. Although it seemed impossible he even got more horny to hear McCoy talking like this. His cock was getting harder and harder. "My trousers will burst soon."


McCoy stepped smiling towards the Captain. "Well, I think we must do something against this." He quickly opened the zipper of the trousers and since Jim didn't wear any underwear the stiff member jumped free.


The doctor kneeled down and let his tongue glide playfully around the top of the erect cock. When he wanted to take the member into his mouth, Jim pushed him back.


"Not ... here ...  Bones," he gasped.


McCoy came back on his feet. "You’re right, Jim. The quarantine station is free. Let’s go there."




Kirk hardly realised how the doctor guided him into  the sound- and view-proofed room and locked the door behind them. He then stripped first himself then Jim naked, prepared the captain’s cock and bent then over the next bed, presenting his ass invitingly to Kirk.


"C’mon, Jim! Or do you need an invitation."


"Are you ... really sure, Bones? "


McCoy wobbled invitingly with his rear. "Yes I am and now quit talking and put your thing into me."


Jim didn't need to hear more, positioned himself and entered McCoy.


"Oh yes. That’s it." McCoy’s groan echoed from the walls. "Good boy, Jim. Give daddy all you have. I want every inch of your big, fat cock. You’re good, yeah, so good! I didn't have such a big thing into me since aeons. Push! Yes, harder! Fuck me! Yes, yes… good!"


Jim's hand wandered to McCoy’s own stiff cock but the doctor pushed him aside. "This will stay hard for you Jimmy-boy. I will ram it deeply into your sexy ass later.”




"Bones, oh ... God!! Jim yelled as McCoy moved deep and hard into him rubbing his cock against his prostate gland again and again. "I’m so horny… again ... oh."


McCoy’s hand slid briefly over Jim’s erect member. "Night’s still long, Jim and it promises to became a good one."




"Now rest, Jim." McCoy carefully bedded the exhausted Captain of the Enterprise on one of the beds.


The doctor also felt very tired. How often has they done it? Four, five times, at least? He couldn’t remember. 'I’m getting slowly but steadily too old for such games, ' he thought. Tomorrow he surely wouldn't be able to sit. But this was it more then worth. So good like Jim no one had made it to him since years. His reputation as an intergalactic stallion was indeed true. ‘After all he’s the best choice to get fucked on board,’ McCoy thought. Also to ram his own hard rod into Jim’s sexy ass had felt more than satisfying.


McCoy smiled contentedly at the now sleeping captain. Only one was still missing  into his "collection." He wondered, if his unobtrusive, white, stimulating powder for secretly adding to some food or drink  was also effecting Vulcans.