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Pay the price






Series. TOS

Pairing: Sarek/MBenga

Code: NC-17

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Summary: M'Benga has a visitor

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Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.


If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-sex and relationships, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes.


Thanks to T'Lin, Janet and Lady Charena for the quick beta.







I always knew the day would come when I have to pay. To pay for all the privileges I got. To pay for the honor to be the first human who was granted an education at the medical part of the Vulcan Science Academy.


It was only logical to assume that there was a reason behind my matriculation. Yes I was a brilliant student on Earth and I had the best reputations, but I merely considered it a fruitless attempt as I made an application for the VSA.


I had always been fascinated by alien cultures, especially the Vulcan. And according to the saying no risk no fun I attempted the unthinkable. And I won.


My surprise was very un-Vulcan. Even more surprising was that I was treated with respect from my colleagues and teachers. Yet, I even got more respect then the Vulcans. I got extra lessons to enhance my mental abilities, which were thankfully high for a Human. And my mentor Stark took much time to give me special lessons, especially concentrating on Vulcan males and their special biology.


Yet my whole treatment was very special. And I figured out that there had to be a certain reason behind it. One day I caught the rumor that I had a special patron but I wasn't able to find out more. Somehow it didn't matter to me. I was where I wished to be and I got the education I had yearned for - so why should I question it?


But a Vulcan would never do anything without a logical reason, and so I was sure that someday I would be asked to pay the price for everything. I don't know why I knew, at that moment when the doorbell of my small apartment rang, that this day had come. I always trusted my instincts.


Somehow I'm completely content as I open the door. But as I now recognize my visitor I need my skills in self-control to hide my surprise. Of course, I know him just as most people would. His picture is in the news nearly every day.


He was surely the last person I would have expected. He surveyed me for a few seconds then steps in. I closed the door behind him. “I am honored, ambassador Sarek" I say.


He stops in the middle of the room and turns to face me again. He does not waste time with any greetings. "I have seen the results of your examinations. They are excellent."


"Thank you", is all that I can manage. I still feel scrutinized from his gaze. There is something about his impressive figure, his stern face and especially this dark, fathomless eyes which pull me into his spell. No wonder he is - with this aura - one of the best ambassadors the federation ever had.


"You were specially trained in mental discipline and male biology." It's a statement, not a question.


"Yes." I still wonder why my mentors choose this specialization. I did not ask for it nor would I have disagreed. I was much too happy to be at the VSA. It didn't matter which special branch I choose.


He extends his right hand in the direction of my head. "I wish to convince myself." Again it's not a question.


I nod and, a moment later, feel his fingers at my meld points. I lower the shields I automatically erect when I'm in the company of a Vulcan. I do not wish to annoy them with my human emotions. Although my mind is very well disciplined, I'm, nevertheless, only human.


I feel Sareks mind probe my own. It's only a shallow link but obviously he finds what he searches for. As he let go of mine and steps back he gives me a short nod of approval.


I'm obviously not dismissed yet. "You know everything about Vulcan males" is his next statement


He puts a certain accent at the word everything and I understand. Of course! Why didn't I think about this before? Pon farr! Was this the reason to promote me? But I can see no logic in this. Sarek is a married man.


Suddenly a thought occurs to my mind. His wife was from Earth, this was well known to me. Maybe she couldn't be of service at this special time any longer. Vulcan libido grows stronger over the years, too much, maybe, for a human woman beyond her best years. Sarek most likely never would cast off his wife. So a surrogate was in order, but another Vulcan hardly would agree with such an arrangement. And a male had the advantage of not becoming pregnant. 


Sarek's next question - this time it was really a question - seems to confirm my conclusion. "Do you have sexual experiences with Vulcan males?"


I shake my head. "No, ambassador." I had my fair share of male lovers and I'm sure Sarek knows about that but I never had a Vulcan. It's definitely not a race with which one just screws around a little bit. And I hadn't thought about finding a life-mate so far.


I thought he would like to hear that I'm free but the opposite seems to be the fact. His eyebrows rise. "That is unfortunate. We have to change this."


And then I'm really surprised. "Remove your clothes!" He orders. I know I should object, but somehow I cant. I remember the old Earth saga of the Lorelei nix that spun her magic around the sailors. 


Maybe he had something placed in my mind during the meld so that I cannot feel objection. I really wonder, and I'm surprised about my behavior. The whole situation seems suddenly somewhat surreal to me. I obey immediately and undress myself.


Meanwhile, his robe has fallen to the floor in one heap. I gaze at his naked body. Tall, slim, muscular. His cock is already erect, sheer Vulcan self-control I guess. He is not in Pon farr. I'm positive about that. I would - most likely - have sensed it, like any other Vulcan male. Vulcan pheromones at that time are so strong and signal others it is best to go out of their way.


I have no time to wonder further. He turns me easily around and places me against the table. The tube I had seen in his hand shortly before obviously contains some type of lubricant. I feel him grease something cold around my orifice. Then he pauses for a moment, in which he surely prepares himself, and then he enters me in one swift movement and without any further foreplay.


I grasp the edge of the table and I need all my self-control to hold still. I wasn't prepared for this. He is big, both in length and size. He hadn't looked that impressive before he entered me, he must have increased his size inside my body.


I surely had a few cocks up my ass before, but no one was nearly as large as his. But I absolutely feel no pain. I'm thankful for my mental training. It makes it easy to control my body and relax my muscles. Sarek pulls out my body, and then thrusts in again. A third time he pierces me powerfully with his hot rod then he remains quietly inside my ass.


I feel his right hand travel to my meld points again. He established a new meld but only a shallow one, not deep enough to bear the risk of forming a permanent link between us as it usually happens between supposed mates during sexual intercourse. He does not speak to me, not with his mind, not with his voice. He just starts to fuck me with slow, deep thrusts. Over and over again.


I feel the Vulcan double ridges stroking my prostate. The feelings this provokes are nearly unbelievable. I'm aroused like never before and it seems to be my own reaction, not one provoked by his mind.


I need all of my self-control to stop myself from groaning with pleasure and ecstasy. He thrusts quicker, then harder and I can feel the orgasm build up inside me. Soon, yes soon I will come. I grasp the edge firmer, pushing instinctively back at the steel rod inside me. Another thrust and maybe yet another and...


Suddenly he stops. I catch my breath, fearing Sarek will pull out and end this now - so near the completion and without satisfaction. I bite my lips, trying to stop myself from groaning with frustration. He is still in my mind and I do not wish to give him the satisfaction seeing any human weakness in me.


But then he rams again into me with full force, pressing me on the table with his heavy weight and I'm coming, I'm coming…now…


Soon reality returns. I do not feel him any longer behind or in me. He hasn't come I know this for sure. Still slightly shaken I straighten myself and turn around. He is just about putting his robe on again. His cock is flaccid now. Vulcan self-control is really an amazing thing.


He observes me when I dress myself. Then he breaks the silence. “You have passed the test. Your control is amazing for a human. You have fulfilled my expectations and you will suit well in my plan.”


"May I ask..." I think it's about time that he tells me what all this is about.


He nods. "You have heard of my son, Spock?"


I nod. Of course I have heard of him. How could I not? He is almost such a legend like his father. The famous first officer of the Enterprise, the first Vulcan who ever served in fleet, a successful mission under Pike and now his journeys with Kirk, which had already become legends. But what has this to do with me, my study and my connection with Sarek?


The explanation follows immediately. "My son has a preference for male partners. Human males to be correct. This was already detected, as he was a little child. I had assumed an early link with a woman would render this. Unfortunately, I was wrong."


I had heard about the nearly disaster in which Spock's mating-ritual with TPring had ended. A spectacular and so far unheard act in Vulcan history, considering the fact that Spock's human captain was chosen as the opponent.


Sarek continues. "My son would need another partner. Logic commands that this has to be someone who can serve with him - as he is not willing to leave fleet yet - who also has a suitable mental training."


“And you think I am the one?" I nearly can hear the “click” as my thoughts fall in place. Ambassador Sarek as matchmaker for his son - who had thought of this?


"I have been looking for a suitable mate for many  years – to be prepared in case Spock's connection to TPring may fail. You were the most logical solution."


I wonder if this is meant as a compliment. I can see the logic in Sarek's plan but there is one point he can't anticipate. "How can you be sure, Spock would agree to your choice? Supposing  we ever met?"


"You will be transferred to the Enterprise soon," he answers.


I feel honored. To be doctor on the flagship really is an honor for a young man like myself. But this ship has a doctor, a very famous one. "What about Doctor McCoy?"


"You will be his assistant. Doctor McCoy is a capable man but no expert in Vulcan medicine. Several accidents made clear that the ship needs an expert. Starfleet was agreeing to my arguments regarding the health of me son."


For a brief moment I believe to see a shadow crossing the stern face. "During the journey to the Babel-conference I was detecting a certain affection between my son and his captain. Kirk is an unacceptable partner for my son. He will not serve his needs well. They may arrive earlier then thought again because Spock's time was interrupted unconsummated. You will be ready for him when he needs you."


His behaviour and his voice make it clear that he does not accept  any rejection of his plan. But somehow I'm not even thinking about that. How much I'm still the master of my free will? I really wonder.


"But will your son accept another choice made by you?" I have my doubts. After all the facts I have heard about him, Spock is a man with his own, strong will. I guess he will not like the idea that Sarek had sent me for him. Not to mention the fact that I just had sex with his father. Although it had not meant anything to Sarek, Spock probably will not be amused about this.


"He will not know" Sarek answers.


"He will see it in my mind" I reply. “If we are supposed to be mates, there will be no secrets between us.”


Sarek raises his hand. "I will erase your memories about this event. You will only remember that you belong to Spock and have to serve him in his time of need, but you will not remember this meeting or the connection to me."


For a brief moment I think about escaping. But where shall I go? Sarek surely has the contacts to find me everywhere. That is, supposing I'm able to leave this room. With his superior strength he would catch me easily.


Fear rises in my mind, but, again logic wins. And so I submit myself to the unavoidable as he reaches for my head and darkness claims me.