Title: A Dark, Deep Secret (1/1)

Author: Tyberios

Series: TOS/DS9

Pairing: K/Kai Winn

Rating: R

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Summary: There isn't really one.

Notes: Don't take the following too seriously. It's really silly, I fear.

Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy it.

Additional Notes: English isn't my native language, so I'm aware there may

be some errors in it. Please forgive them!

Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing some characters for this and I'm

making no profit out of this.

Beta: Many thanks to T'Len.


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A Dark, Deep Secret



The Kai strode along the station's long main corridor. It was always very

exciting to visit Deep Space Nine, especially one place on it. Winn's mood

enlightened as she saw the open doors of the Quark's, which were her goal.


With a dignity appropriate for her position as Kai she entered the

establishment and looked around until she caught sight of the little

Ferengi running this place. He made his way to her.


"Kai", he said respectfully and servile, "I'm honoured by your visit, as

always. What can I do for you?"


Now she wouldn't have to wait much longer.


"The usual", she whispered, excited by the expectation of the coming.




They made their way upstairs to the holosuits, which she visited as often as

possible to enjoy her secret passion. First, she had come here to see what a

distasteful place this was, but then she had first seen him. Now she must

always return to him, because he was unique to this place.


Fortunately, the Ferengi was very discreet about the purpose of her visits.

She had to fear nothing.


"Everything is ready for your pleasure, Lady." Quark bowed slightly as he

guided her inside a separate holo-cubicle, which was only used for his

private and special guests.


The door was closed behind her and the images suddenly went up out of the

darkness. There he was!


Standing before her was a perfect holo-replica of Starfleet's most famous

Captain, James T. Kirk, wearing some rather baring clothing of an exotic

leather costume and holding handcuffs in one hand and a short whip in the



He grinned demonically. Winn felt a hot rush in her, as the Holo-Kirk

stepped nearer.


"Ah, finally you've returned."


Winn felt seldom pleasure flash through her body. The Holo-Kirk stepped

nearer, his high boots reflecting the suite's blue light. His face was

hidden beneath a black mask.


Winn stretched out her hand to touch him.


"Have I allowed you to touch me?" The whip lashed out.


Oh, yes, she was definitely going to enjoy herself.




Quark knew what holo-program his famous Bajoran guest was enjoying. He had

often enough watched her with the hidden camera in the suite. Also today he

was sitting in his office and looked occasionally at the monitor on his



He had a variety of holo-programs featuring Captain Kirk but he for himself

thought this one was one of the weirdest. Many people were interested in his

programs with historical persons. He assumed the Kai had really a fixation

with that Kirk. But that wasn't his problem, as long as he was filming her

visits in his holo-suites.


Maybe some day it could be very useful to have the holo-cubes of her

encounters. If he needed her to do him a favour.


He looked at the screen. This demonical version of Kirk was fucking the Kai

and she was screaming with delight. If he hadn't seen it he wouldn't have

thought her capable of screaming with ecstasy.


The activities on the screen were rather rough, but worth a look. It was

more than obvious the Kai liked it rough. He grinned at the thought and continued

to stare at the screen.




As the Kai left two hours later Quark guided her downstairs and treated her

a drink. Service was important, wasn't it? Especially in well paying guests.

Delighted he thought of the quantity of latinum she had given him.


"I'm looking forward to your next visit, honourable Kai." He said as she

stood up to leave.


"As I am."


She left the establishment as if nothing had happened and strode down the

main corridor.