2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place TOS Kirk/male


 2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place (tie) Overall Best Story






Title: Dark Moon rising 1/1

Author: Arcana <arcana2002de@yahoo.de>

Pairing: David Marcus/m

Code: NC-17, ft

Archive: yes


Summary: A meeting in a bar with surprising end…


Well... Star Trek's not mine, but belongs Paraborg/Viacom. I just (mis)use the characters and I won't promise I will not do it again. You're under age? Or do you have problems with gay guys? Sorry, you're wrong here. Seek another story - please.

You'll notice, English is not my native language - please be gentle with errors.




Dark Moon rising

an alternative to “Silver Moon" (posted already on ASCELM in March 2002)

Arcana (April 2002)



… and a dark moon rises, casting his shadows over barren land. Smiling blindly down to those, who hate…






The swaggering little snoop he wanted hire to shadow the Admiral actually dared to show indignation, as he learned, whom he should seek out. However - his newly discovered conscience had calmed down surprisingly fast, as he threw wordlessly another couple of credits onto the untidy table in a similar shabby office. He felt like the “bad guy” in one of those old movies his mother loved dearly. But he didn’t mind the money, he knew he had found the right man for the job...




* * *


David’s eyes searched the room as he entered the only dimly lit bar and discovered the man, of whom he refused, to call him (even in his own thoughts) otherwise as with his rank. One could think an admiral would have better taste then to spent his nights in a bar like the “Silver Moon”


The Admiral was sitting alone at one of the tables, a glass in his hands. He didn’t’ look into his direction but stared sadly at a male pair at the far wall, deeply absorbed into a kiss. 


David waited a moment at the door and watched the Admiral more closely.


Hardly to believe, that he should be someone that special. He didn’t look for the legend at all, which he was alleged. A man who approached the fifties, his hair brown and curled – did he think he would look more youthful this way? – casually clothed in jeans, shirt and jacket. It was obviously he had neglected more than only his clothes in the last time - for the man he watched, showed little similarity with the pictures, he had seen earlier. His feet stuck in shoes with absurdly high heels. Did he try to look larger? Vanity fitted with the little he know about him...


David crossed the room, still far from being overfilled at this early hour. "May I?" he said with a smile to the Admiral, standing in front of the table. 


The Admiral started from his thoughts and winked surprised. Only then he appeared to understand and gestured with one hand invitingly to the empty stool beside themselves. "Yes - naturally."


David ordered something to drink and considered his neighbour from the corners of his eyes.


A network of fine wrinkles lain over the Admiral’s pale face and his eyes seemed glassy. He was obviously not having his first drink tonight.


He smiled contently. That made it more simply. He had just to find a way to make some conversation with him...


"You’re here for the first time, aren’t you?" the Admiral inquired. 


Not particularly imaginatively, old man. "I am in San Francisco for the first time in my life," David answered not completely truly. "Only passing through Earth." He brushed back his hair and grinned. "I don’t even know where to sleep tonight." Too fast... for a moment he was sure he had spoiled it all... 


However - the Admiral smiled and nodded. "I understand," he meant. He looked at the ring at David’s middle finger, the young man was turning around continually, without ever noting. "A present?" he asked curiously.


Yes, for you – but not now... "Something similar," David answered. At least he knew now, that the Admiral didn’t recognized that special piece of jewellery. Bastard.


* * *


They talked about San Francisco for a while, insignificant skirmish to give the whole at least a touch of being more than a simple “attach” with following “towing”. 


David watched from the corners of his eyes how the Admiral’s gaze travelled down his body, over the bare skin, which flashed from the carelessly buttoned shirt and down his close-fitting trousers. His eyes stuck again and again at the significant bulge in the front of David’s pants. However - he made still no move to approach him. David suppressed a sigh and ordered another two drinks.


The Admiral sipped only at his glass. If they continued this way, they would still sit here tomorrow morning… 


It was a chance, that helped David - the Admiral left to for the rest rooms. 


David looked around. Nobody paid attention to him. He pulled a small vial out of the trouser pocket, cracked it in the middle and broke it apart over the glass of the Admiral. The clear fluid dripped in the drink and mixed instantly with the liquor. The drug would be tasteless - and very effective. Appropriately dosed it should even bring the blood of a Vulcan alight and should made him simultaneously as tamely as a kitten. He had keep the dose low, because he only wanted to... encourage the Admiral. Open him up for certain ideas.


Carefully David swung the glass to ensure that the drug had dissolved completely, then he carefully set it down at his previous place. 


A moment later he returned and David watched him over the edge of his glass, as the Admiral finished his drink with one large gulp. He smiled contently.


* * *


The Admiral soon afterwards put his right hand casually on David’s thigh and started to move it in small circles.


David smiled again but said nothing. It appeared to encourage the other man to progress. The circles became gradually larger, slowly travelling higher. David spread his legs a little wider.


Nobody paid attention to them, there were several couples around. Still if somebody had noticed - the drug would ensure that it didn’t bother the Admiral, even if he might put otherwise more value on discretion. 


David laid his hand onto the thigh of the other man and watched him closely. A most unnaturally, almost euphoric shimmer gleamed in the brown eyes. He smiled and the Admiral answered it dumbly. David pressed his palm against the bulge in front of the jeans and the other closed the eyelids, groaning softly. 


"Why don’t we disappear from here?" David asked seductive. "Somewhere where we can talk undisturbed..."


"We can’t go to my place," the Admiral meant hesitating. "I... I don’t live alone."


Liar, David thought. I know your Vulcan lover left you half a year before… He smiled. "No problem. I don’t mind." Presumably he worries I could discover his identity, if he took me to his flat... "There is surely a hotel or something like this nearby?"


"Naturally. We can take my aircar." A little unsteadily the Admiral rose and looked at him with an obviously seductive meant grin.


* * *

David drew back his hand as the aircar landed. The drug had reached now its full effect and the other was heavily aroused. The Admiral’s trousers had to be painfully tight by now, his hands trembled. Fortunately the autopilot had taken over...


After their landing, David inquired at the reception about free rooms and soon got an electronic key handed over. 


As the doors of the lift closed behind them, David pressed the older man to the wall, spread his legs and pushed his own knee between them. Both hands on the left and on the right side of the head of the other man, he bent forward to kiss him hard. The Admiral groaned in his mouth and rubbed himself helplessly at David. 


* * *

The room they headed to was clean, even though somewhat shabby. But the furnishings interested David not at all. He pointed to the bed. "I’m back in a minute,” he meant. “Make yourself comfortably." And stepped in the small bathroom, which joined to the room. 


He threw himself with both hands cold water into the face. Then he lifted his head and grinned disdainfully at his own reflection in the mirror above the sink. He took a small tube from the pocket of his trousers to put it handy beside the basin and undressed. Still grinning, he started to look through tubes and bottles in a shelf next to the shower. 


As he returned, the Admiral tried to shed his trousers. His movements were sluggish, almost dreamy.


David wrinkled the forehead. Perhaps he had chosen the dosage too high? He threw the tube with lube he had brought with him between the pillows, stepped to the other to steer him to the bed. "Sit down," he ordered and freed the Admiral quick from his jeans. 


Then he receded a step to examine the older man. David almost felt pity as he watched the swollen cock of the other, his restless moving on the sheets.


David smiled, as the Admiral put his own fingers around his cock and started to stroke himself. So impatiently, old man... He threw himself onto the bed, next to the Admiral and grabbed for Kirk’s hand to loose his fingers and to put them suggestively on his own, still flaccid, cock. 


Immediately the other started to stimulate him. His experience cannot be denied, thought David sarcastically, as he hardened under the touch in no time.


Time for a small experiment to check if the drug still worked... "I want your mouth," he ordered. With fascination he watched, as the other at once stopped his handling, moved to get up and bowed his head over David’s abdomen to take his cock into his mouth. 


He groaned as soon a finger was carefully pushed into his body. This stuff had really been worth its price...


After some time David pushed the Admiral away to sit up. He didn’t intend to come this soon – or this way. He watched the other man, who sat motionless next to him, obviously waiting for his next order.


"I wants to see you masturbate," David demanded.


And the other closed his fingers around his own cock and started to stroke himself, with the free hand lightly pressing his testicles. His mouth opened and he groaned.


From under half-closed lashes David observed him. As the muscles of the older man strained and the movement of his hand became quicker, he commanded him to stop. He considered the red and swollen cock of the other with satisfaction. Then he groped between the pillows for the lube. 


Finally he found the tube and looked thoughtfully at it. Then a cruel smile appeared on his lips and he threw it onto the floor. "Come here. Kneel over me."


Eagerly the other followed his order and knelt over his legs.


"Come down on me. But slowly."


The Admiral grasped with a hand behind and spread his buttocks, putting the other around David’s cock. Then he slowly sank down onto David’s erection. Pain distorted his face, the fine layer from saliva and sweat on the hard shaft eased the penetration only little. As he finally had taken him completely into himself the pain had damped his arousal, his cock started to soften. 


David smiled. "Arouse yourself again. I’d like to come us together," he meant with the imitated ring of a worried lover in his words. He threw his head into the nape and laughed, as the Admiral followed his wish at once...


* * *


"And now start to move!" David groaned "Yes, yes... more quickly."


However - the other suddenly stopped. He was pale and bathed in sweat, trembled furiously. His breath was erratic, as he lifted himself to his knees. 


David slipped from his body and rolled to the side. "Damn, what’s now, old man?" He had been this close to come.


The Admiral sunk back into the pillows. 


Anger rose in David and he slapped him into the face. And again. He showered slaps on the motionless body. "Damn, not now!" He turned the other onto his stomach, penetrated roughly into him and pushed into him hard, until he reached with a triumphing cry orgasm. 


* * *


David felt more than satisfied as he left the shower and dressed. He pushed the small tube with the remainder of the drug into his pocket. It had not been necessary to distribute a second dose.


As he stepped from the bathroom, he started to hum softly. David threw an uninterested look at the bed and at Jim Kirk, who still had not moved since he had left him a little while ago. He pulled the ring of his finger and took a crumpled envelope from the trouser pocket. David took a leaf paper from the envelope, scribbled some words on it and threw both on the pillow beside Kirk’s head. "Hope you enjoyed it too," he meant mockingly. Then he left the room. 



* * *


As Jim opened his eyes, he looked in the anxious face of Leonard McCoy. "Bones? What are you doing here?" He yawned as he looked around. That wasn’t the hotel room... it looked more like a hospital? "Where am I?" he asked confused. 


"In my hospital. Could you please phone the next time and save me so a shock at late night? I am no more the youngest," the doctor answered dryly. "Besides I just wanted to go."


Jim examined him uncomprehendingly. "What happened?"


“You had an allergic reaction. Jim, I thought you old enough not to experiment with drugs anymore."


"Drugs?" Kirk echoed.


"We had to filter the stuff from your blood. An aphrodisiac, mixed with other stimulants and any shit to make you practically as strong-willed as a newborn kitten. And a lot of alcohol. You lost consciousness as your circulation collapsed."


"Was I… was I alone?"


"Yes," McCoy answered shortly. "He simply left you."


Jim rubbed with both hands over his face. "Damn, I can hardly remember of what has happened. Everything is blurred."


"He fucked you, if you don’t mind me saying so," McCoy threw in coldly. "And he hadn’t too carefully. No tears, no internal haemorrhage – but you will be a hell of sore for the next days." He watched the other man blush. "Jim, what’s happening with you?" he asked urgently. "I understand that the separation form Spock has taken along you, but what about using drugs and what kind of fellow have you had there around, for heavens sake? A sadist? You have bruises all over."


Jim was silent for a long moment. "It was a young man... I... I do not know his name," he finally said. "We drunk somewhat together and I found a hotel room for him..."


"And he paid you for your “friendliness” with blows?" McCoy threw in coolly. "The chambermaid found you. You should be grateful, that not only any machines clean the rooms there. Who knows, what the drugs would have done to your body if you had not been found in time!"


He received no answer, Jim had fallen asleep again. He bowed over his friend and brushed back his hair from the forehead. "If I only knew what had happened to you."


* * *


The next day McCoy had shooed him home. There had been no reason to keep him in the hospital. Now Jim sat in his dimly lit apartment and tried to remember, what in that questionable night two days ago had happened… Absent-mindedly he touched the discoloration at his cheek - testimony of the slap he received. He surely was not prim in bed - however he had no taste in violence.


At least he knew now how the drug was dispensed onto him - it must have been in his drink. He had left the glass only once unattended, to go to the toilet. Soon after this he couldn’t remember much. There was no sense in the single pictures in his memory - the young man, smiling, the kiss in the elevator, his cock in Jim’s mouth... 


"He wanted to watch me masturbate," he murmured softly to himself. He had been so aroused, so needful - almost how then as he lived with Spock through pon farr... Jim winced. He did not want to think about Spock. 


He decided to take a shower and undressed. The mirror in the bath showed him the bruises on his chest, stomach and hips. With the fingertips he touched them. They were doubtless there. However - he could not remember how he had received them.


* * *


"Just a moment." Jim slid with wet feet and almost fall to the floor. "Of course, every time I take a shower…"


McCoy was standing in the doorway.


"You have dismissed me, Bones - already forgotten?"


"*You* have forgotten something", the doctor answered dryly. He rummaged an envelope from the pocket. "That was found at the hotel. They have sent it to the hospital, because they thought, you would still be there."


Jim took it without examining it further. "It is not from me."


"But your name’s on it."


Jim turned the envelope and saw his name. He opened the letter. A single sheet of paper fell from it - and a ring. He picked up the leaf - it was overcast with a handwriting that occurred him vague familiar. In a corner he found the date  - the letter had been written almost twenty-one years ago. 




"I know, that I will never send this letter to you. At least I feel as if I had told you… I am pregnant. After everything, which occurred between us - and since I know, that you just used me to take your revenge at Gary– I won’t “burden” you with an unwanted child. You will never know of him. He will be my son alone – my David. Perhaps I will tell him one day about his father. If he asks me. Well, where ever you are now – I don’t hate you, Jim. I lost a lover, but gained a son. Not a bad trade. Carol."




“Carol Marcus?" he whispered. 


"Jim? What’s about her?" McCoy knew the whole history, had gotten it out of Jim after Garys death. 


Wordlessly Jim handed the letter to him. 


The doctor whistled through the teeth after reading the short note. "You have evidently a son, Jim."


Jim stared at the ring. He had given it Carol to her birthday. But he remembered... he had seen it at the young man’s finger…


"Jim?" The doctor sounded alarms. "Look, there is more on the reverse side of the paper."


With uncertain hands Jim took the letter back. The hastily thrown down letters dissolved. "I hope you had fun to be fucked like a whore, Daddy. To be used like you used my mother. You made it damn easily. I wish, I had never asked, who my father is. I wish, you were dead. David."


Jim gave a suffocated sound. The letter slipped from his fingers. His own son... 


McCoy fetched him just in time as his knees yielded.