Place (tie) TOS Kirk/Spock Vignette,


  Third Place TOS McCoy/Scott






Coitus Interruptus






Series. TOS

Pairing: K/S

Code: NC-17, Humor (Tuppertrek)


Summary: Fresh air, sex and…


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T'Lin for the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




„I don’t know, I do not think that is a good idea.“ Leonard McCoy’s voice sounded sceptical. 


„Don’t always be so pessimistic, darling.“ Montgomery Scott pressed himself closely to his husbands back as they reached their new swing in the garden. 


His hands reached for the uppermost button of Len’s shirt. „You've said we need to take some risks in our sex-life.  After all the stress with the moving and so on.“ Two more buttons were opened. 


Len sighed..„But you know, whenever we've tried this it has ended in catastrophe.“


The last button was opened. „What will happen? We are in our own garden, and it is in the middle of the night. No one can see us.“


„But if someone hears us?“


The first sleeve was stripped down.  „Who should hear us? The children are deeply asleep and their rooms are on the other side of the house as I may remind you.“


„And the neighbours...“


The shirt felt to the ground. „Our only neighbours are Jim, Spock and their kids. All are escorting Mrs. Kirk back to Iowa and will not be back until Sunday evening.“


Scotty suppressed a sigh - sometimes this really could be unnerving, especially when he - Scotty - had planned such a nice, romantic evening under the stars on a warm summer-night. He pressed even closer to Leonard. This always helped in the past.


And so it did this time. „I want you. I want you. Here and now,“ he breathed into the right ear, then softly bit into it. He pushed his partner a bit toward the swing. „Knee down, love!“


McCoy did so but remained sceptical. „I don’t know… this thing wobbles so much.“


Tenderly, fingers played around his quickly hardening nipples. „That’s why I wanted to do it here. Imagine how the swing will match the rhythm of our thrusts.“ He emphasised his words with some pushing movements with the lower part of his body. 


In the meantime, his hands travelled to Leonard’s thighs. Len moaned with pleasure but he still wasn’t convinced that his partner’s idea was so good. The gust, which in that moment blew out the candles Scotty had placed around the swing, gave him a new argument. 


„Now it’s too dark“, he protested. 


„Oh, I have something that will give us enlightenment.“ Scotty’s hands left Leonard’s thighs, shortly they were in front of Leonard’s eyes holding an illuminating, long object. 


McCoy squinted, confused, then he suddenly understood what it was. An artificial penis. „Is mine not enough for you”, he snapped, then tried to rise. 


Scotty pressed him back into the soft cushions. This evening really wasn't coming along as palnned. And he had had such nice imagines. „Of course you are enough for me,” he assured his partner quickly and let his left hand find the way into Leonard’s pants. 


„However we cannot enter each other at the same time, can we? And as I recently walked by this Be-At-Euhse-shop - very accidentally of course - I though... Just imagine how it will feel when you take me and while being filled at the same time. And I will imagine it is yours, which is deeply into me, when my cock is pushing into your sexy ass.“


Leonard groaned. „Gosh, you know how horny it makes me when you speak so... dirty... to me. I think my pants will bursts if you don't do something immediately.“


Scotty quickly opened the zipper of Leonard’s trousers and pushed them down. Finally, things were going the right way. He stepped slightly back and began to remove his own pants. No simple task in the darkness, especially because his love was wobbling so seductively and invitingly with his bare backside showing. 


„Your have such a sexy ass. It makes me so horny.“ Scotty gasped as he finally managed to pull his pants down to his knees. He switched the vibrator on and let it softly glide between Leonard’s ass-cheeks. 


Leonard groaned again. „More Scotty! Tell me more. Are you hard?“


Scotty threw the vibrator on the cushions of the swing and spit into his hands. This was certainly not the right moment to tell Len that he had forgotten, in all his careful plans, to bring a lubricant along. His spit just had to do it for now. 


He rubbed his hands over his erect cock, then pressed closely to Len. „Hard like titanium,“ he assured him. „I can hardly wait to push into...“


„Pscht, be quiet,“ Leonard ordered suddenly.


Scotty squinted, confused over this abrupt change. „I thought, I should tell...“


„Quiet!“ Leonard said again. „There is someone next door. I have heard a sound.“


„Who would be there?“ Scotty was really upset about this interruption. He wanted to reach his goal.


„Burglars.“ Leonard just voiced this as they both heard a creaking sound and a soft curse. 


McCoy pushed himself off the swing and pulled his pants on again - not very easy because he was still erect. „We have to do something.“


Scotty - resigning himself to the inevitable - also fumbled with his pants. “Shall I go into the house and call the police?“ he asked.


„Nonsense. By the time they'll get here, the burglars will be long gone. We have to catch them by ourself. We have fought often enough with Klingons and Romulans that we should get along all right with a burglar or two.“


„But then we had our phasers,“ Scotty protested.  “Now we have nothing.”


This didn’t stop McCoy. He pressed the vibrator into Scotty's hand. „Take that.“ He armed himself with a water-bucket he had filled from the rain barrel nearby. Then they silently crept into the direction of the neighbour's garden. 


Again they heard the soft groaning as they climbed over the low fence between their half of the garden and Kirk’s. „It comes from the beach chair,“ Scotty whispered to Len and pointed in that direction. 


„We approach it from the side,“ Leoanrd answered. „And then...“ He swung his water bucket. 


Quietly they crept nearer, let themselves be guided by the groaning and creaking sounds. As they reached their goal, McCoy quickly burst in front and dumped the contents of his bucket. 


A frighten scream was the answer. Scotty also burst forward, the illuminating vibrator in his hand. „Don’t move,“ he yelled. 


But the furious voice which answered sounded unpleasantly familiar. “Are you crazy, or what?”  scolded a naked Jim Kirk who was extracting himself from the chair. Next to him emerged an also naked and dripping Spock, holding a little silk cloth over a certainly part of his body. Very obviously the Vulcan had gotten the most of McCoy’s water. 


„Err we thought you were burglars,“ the physician stuttered. „What the hell are you doing home again already?“


„We couldn’t endured my mother one more day,“ Jim explained. He examined his partner in the light of the stars and Scotty’s „toy“. He couldn’t hide a grin. Somehow he just had a Deja vu experience.


"But what are you doing in the garden? At this time?" Jim asked.


"Err," Scotty stuttered. "That is a. err a longer story, but I guess the same as you."


"Be assured that this was the last time. in the garden I mean," Leonard noted with an icy voice.  "I have enough of your  good" ideas."


"Remarkably, I am of the same opinion as you.", Spock spoke up for the first time since there "collision".  "If you would  lease excuse me, I require a towel."


He grasped for his dripping clothes and went in the direction of the house.


Jim looked after him, sighing. "That's what one calls a true coitus interruptus, doesn't one, Bones?"