Series: ST TOS

Pairing: K/S

Rating: R

Part: New 1/1

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Summary: A boring dinner at HQ


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"Jim". Leonard McCoy nudged Jim Kirk, sitting to his right hand, and hissed: "I have asked you something.Ē


ďIím sorry,Ē the Captain of the Enterprise mumbled. "Iíve been thinking."


"Didnít I notice," McCoy replied.


Jim grinned apologetically and thought: ĎYes but you don't have any idea, where I was with my thoughts.' He was just about to put his hand on Spockís - who was sitting to his right - thigh, something the Vulcan commented with a cocked eyebrow.


"What did you want to know, Bones?" Kirk asked. He hoped the doctor would turn his attention soon to something else and he could turn his interest towards other, more important things again. There was hardly something more boring than the Christmas reception Starfleet gave in the headquarters, he thought. Unfortunately the Enterprise was in the space-dock for an overhaul and the crew on leave. So of course one had expected in the highest ranks of Fleet that the Captain and his command crew would come as guests. He, Spock, Bones and Scotty sat already since an eternity, how it seemed to him - in reality it was only an hour Ė together at a table and listened to the different speakers more or less attentively. Rather less in Jim's case. He really hardly could expect to start his holidays. The first with Spock since they were together and he was firmly determined to not waste any second of it. Far away from their usual duties he wanted to show Spock some earthly Christmas traditions, particularly that one with the mistletoe branch.


"I wanted to know if after another will speak,Ē Leonard answered.


Jim skipped with his left hand -- the right wandered in the meantime under the table Spockís leg further up -- in the agenda which lay on the table in front of him, printed on thick, old-fashioned paper. "Heís the last one," he finally said.


"Thanks to the Gods, Iím already starving," Scotty whispered.


"If he continues to tell the whole history of the Fleet further, he will need hours," McCoy remarked.


Jim didnít hear this and let his hand already bravely go here non other hand ever gone. Spock raised his second eyebrow and whispered a warning "Jim" to his partner.


But Kirk wasn't impressed by this. He was bored. He wasnít interested at all in the Fleet Commanderís speech. He wanted finally to start his vacation -- and to enjoy it. After all he had earned this. Instead he had to sit here. About their mental connection he sent a picture of the first things he intended to do with Spock when this reception was finally over, to his partner.


Spock winced briefly, then Jim felt the Vulcan raising his mental shields and blocked out his mind with that. His hand was then pushed gently but determined, back on his own thigh. Jim whispered "Spoilsport," Spock didn't gave him attention at all. He seemed to listen to the lecture fully concentrated.


Unimpressed of that, Jim put his hand back on the Vuncanís thigh and tried to penetrate the mental barrier simultaneously. He could receive a slight whiff of annoyance about his behaviour from Spock for a short moment, then the shields were intact again. Jim didnít mind. He finally knew too well, which passion slumbered under the so self-controlled mask of the Vulcan. Getting to see something of this now seemed to be the right challenge to him to overcome his boredom. Of course he was aware that he played a bit with the fire and Spock might be annoyed with this provocative behaviour of him. But he wouldn't have been the youngest Captain of the fleet history, if he shunned the risk. In addition, he knew, that Spock could never be upset with him for long. To lure Spock a bit out his reserve -- here in due public Ė was just an idea too seductive.


He let his hand wander again till Spock put it aside once more.


Suddenly Jim felt like something tickled along his leg and then wandered upwards. He thought Spockís hand? No, both lay crossed over each other on the table. Jim peeked carefully under the tablecloth and saw how the Vulcanís foot was shoved under his leg. How did he make it, Jim wondered. Spock stared with a motionless face straight forward and seemed to listen concentrated to the talk. But his foot wandered higher till he finally pressed himself exactly against Jim's groin. Kirk breathed in deeply.


Suddenly an image was formed in his head. He and Spock naked in bed, making love. The imaged changed, showed them under the shower, then on an isolated beach. Jim started to feel hot and he dragged at the collar of his uniform which suddenly felt damn tight.


The foot stroked him tenderly and particularly the trousers became tighter quickly. "Spock," Jim whispered, ďstop that." But the Vulcan didn't look at him at all instead looked further straight ahead. Jim received in the meantime more erotic pictures. He desperately tried to remember the mental protection methods Spock had taught him. But in vain. The Vulcan just was mentally much stronger then he and projected his pictures furthermore.


Jim started to squirm restlessly on his chair and to avoid the stroking toe. But Spock pressed himself obstinately against his becoming more and more stiff member. Jim was sweating and bite down hard on his tongue, in order to prevent himself from moaning out loudly. "Spock, damned," he whispered desperately. If the Vulcan didn't stop soon, either he would have to drag him immediately to the next toilet or he would have to explain an embarrassing spot on his trousers, because he would come here and now.


Applause started and Jim looked around. Movements arose everywhere. Nogura had finished his speech and declared the buffet open. Most guests now walked to this. Hungrily. If there was something really special about the Christmas-Reception it was the buffet with meals and drinks from almost all worlds of the Federation.


McCoy and Scott had also already risen. "Youíre not coming along?Ē the doctor asked. Jim shook hastily his head. He couldnít get up now, by no means. The bulge in his pants couldnít been overseen.


"Go! Iíll wait till the first crowd is over, I donít want to wait in line," he said.


As both were out of hearing range, he hissed to Spock, who had removed his foot in the meanwhile and put on his shoe again: "Are you crazy to make me so hot here? I nearly would have come in my pants."


Spock cocked his eyebrows. "I do not understand why you get so agitated, Jim. I only have used an old earth saying: As you do me, so I will do you."