Curiosity is the Cat’s Death






Series: SK Kölsch

Characters: Jupp Schatz, Klaus Taube

Rating: G

Codes: Humor


Summary: Jupp is curios and makes the wrong comclusion.


Disclaimer: This story’s mine, but I do not intend to touch the rights of the owner of the characters I’ve used. No moneymaking, no offence meant. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




"Can you bring it already to my apartment. It isn’t heavy. I have quickly to get something more," Jupp Schatz repeated the words of his friend sarcastically while he was climbing up to Klaus Taube’s apartment with five big plastic bags in his hands. Klaus obviously had used the lunch-break for an excessive shopping-tour with Jenny and after this returned to the office like a overburdened donkey. Because Jupp, as usual, had driven Klaus home after work, he suddenly had found himself involuntarily in a carrying role. Earlier he really had thought the bags belonged to their blond colleague but obviously this had been a mistake.


"I really would like to know what the hell he’s buying?” Jupp wondered aloud as he had arrived in front of Taube’s apartment. "No man needs so much things.”


With great effort Jupp managed to hold all five bags in one hand while he fiddled with the other the key into the lock. "Really, when women go shopping,” he growled, pushed the door open with his elbow and just made it  though it before the door closed loudly behind him. Unfortunately one of the bags got hanged at the door handle, torn apart and the content poured out and onto the ground. Something coloured got stuck tightly between the door and the frame.


Jupp cursed, put down the remaining four bags and began to gather the spilled things. The coloured something, which he lifted up after opening the door again, turned out to be a miniskirt. What the hell did Taube want to do with this? Jupp Shook his head astonished.


Then he lifted two paper bags which had fallen out from the great plastic bag. "Marina’s undergarment shop" was written on them. Really strange, where Taube is going shopping, Jupp thought. But now as anything was anyway torn open he could actually take a look at the content. Not that he was curious, not at all. But soon Klaus had his birthday and he for himself not the slightest idea what to give to him as a present. Perhaps he liked a special label, something like Calvin Klein, as he in general was such a distinguished person, Jupp justified his decision to spy at the content of the two bags. In addition, he could also look for Taube’s size.


From the first bag he fished black panties. Surprised Jupp looked at them. Really Klaus and such things? He surely never would have expected this. This somehow looked more like something for a woman.


Jupp, who still stood between door and frame, opened the second bag and pulled out a black bra. He horrified stared at that thing. Taube wouldn't, would he?


"You’re welcome to try it out, if you like," Klaus’ voice suddenly came from behind him. Startled Jupp dropped the bra. "Do you have to frighten me?" he growled.


Klaus bent down and lifted the bra.


"You... you don't wear something like that?", Jupp stammered and showed the panties to Taube.

"Would you like me to wear it for you?" Klaus asked with suggestively lowered voice and moved past Jupp into his apartment, for a quick moment pressing his body narrowly to Jupp’s.

"You’re crazy," Jupp replied intensely and followed him inside. The door fell shut with a loud bang.


In the corridor Jupp noticed how Taube hung a white, short blouse, which he had carried over his arm till now, on a wardrobe hanger. Then he went into his bedroom and started to unpack the other bags he had fetched from the floor. With widely opened eyes Jupp, who had followed him, saw like Taube pulled out a pair of tight jeans from the first bags and laid it onto his bed. White leggings, two tight, coloured tops and a couple of high-heeled sandals followed. A make-up-set was pulled out the last bag.


"What do you think, will it suit me?" Taube asked smiling and held one of to the tops out to Jupp.


"I don't know," Jupp replied rather dumbfounded. Klaus didn’t really want to wear the things he had unpacked, would he?


"I thought, I try out, for once, something new. Suits are so warm and uncomfortably in the summer, " Klaus declared calmly.


"You ... you don't want to got to work in this… this…,” Jupp stammered.


"Why not?” Taube asked back and then he couldn’t stop himself any longer from laughing.


"Don’t worry, Jupp. My niece turns 18 in two weeks and has wished for some modern outfits. My sister and my brother-in-law were rather strictly regarding such things so far and hardly permitted her anything. She also got little money so she couldn’t buy much for herself. So I thought I do her the favour as a present. I think young girls today wear such things, at least Jenny said so."


“I don’t know,” Jupp replied. "Thankfully I have a son and don’t have to care about such things like make-up and fashion.”


“The one doesn't necessary exclude the other,” Klaus replied.


"Don’t paint the devil on the wall,” Jupp answered intensely. "When I ever catch Flo in such fag…” He stopped as he saw how Klaus’ face darkened. “Hey, never meant, but would you wear such things? As a guy? I mean.”


Taube shrugged with his shoulders. "Perhaps I should lend me something from my niece for once and try."


As he saw Jupps horrified look, he had to laugh again.