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This is the archive of the brettanddanny-yahoo-group. A group dedicated to Lord Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde from the 70ties British TV-series The Persuaders. As the stories below are mostly slash (you know what that means, I hope – a man with another man) – so if you feel offended or are under age please look elsewhere for your entertainment. But if you think that there is more then mere friendship between his Lordship and Danny then enjoy the reading, leave feedback for the authors and join the group.







Be careful with the things you start     (txt-version)


Die 2, Danny/Brett, PG-15, Humor. Brett should be careful. Things could backfire


Danny-Boy                                                 (txt-version)


The Persuaders, Danny, Brett, G, Humor, Danny is shocked.


Priorities                                                      (txt-version)


The Persuaders, Danny/Brett, PG-15, Humor, A true Lord has his priorities


Talking is...                                                 (txt-version)


The Persuaders, Danny/Brett, NC-17, Humor, How to stop Danny?


Dreamily                                                      (txt-version)


The Persuaders, Danny/Brett, PG-15, A night, Danny will not forget






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