Breakfast in the bed

 T'Len and Lady Charena





Series. TOS

Pairing: K/S

Code: NC-17, Humor (Tuppertrek)


Summary: Breakfast with obstacles


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T’lin for the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




“Jim!?” Spock squinted at his bondmate, who just woke him with a steamy kiss.  Green stockings came into his vision, encasing a pair of strong legs that belonged, no doubt, to his t’hy’la. 


The Vulcan let his eyes travel higher and noticed that Jim was clothed entirely in green, right up to a little green hat on his head. Spock arched a brow.  “Jim, what is this about?“


Kirk proudly twirled around his axis. „I’m Robin Hood, the avenger of the poor.“


Spock allowed himself an unvulcan mental sigh. Jim’s preference for old books and historic figures was well known to him. From various experience he knew what now - unavoidably - would happen.


Mentally resigned, he asked himself which part his t’hy’la had planed for him this time. If he remembered right, in the book there also appeared a monk and... a woman. Jim wouldn’t, would he...? 


He didn’t have to wonder long. Jim swung a costume before Spock’s eyes that looked somehow like a mixture of fur and leather. 


„Unfortunately, they didn’t have any other Hood-character in the costume distribution,“ Jim explained. „That’s why I brought Hercules along, Zeus’ son.“ He bent down and let a hand suggestively travel over Spock’s naked breast. „You are my strong warrior, you know.“


He quickly kissed Spock, the straightened himself again  „I will quickly make us a breakfast and then we can enjoy our last day without the kids.“


Spock nodded and felt a tingling anticipation raising. Tommy and Sara had been on vacation for two weeks with Jim’s mother in Iowa.  So, entirely alone for the first time in years, he and Jim have had  a lot of… fun.


Jim hurried to the door. „I eagerly await my dessert,“ he said over his shoulder to Spock - and slipped out the door. 


Spock looked at the night table where Jim’s newest second-hand conquest laid. He took the book in his hand and read the title: „The corpse in the bus.  “ He asked himself which role-play Jim would probably pull from this one . 




„SPOCK!!“ sounded the cry from the kitchen. 


The Vulcan let the book fall and sat upright. Used to each shade in the voice of his mate, he knew that *that* sound promised nothing good. Spock slipped into his robe and hurried to the kitchen. 


At first glance, he didn't notice anything unusual. No mice. No smoke out of the old toaster that Jim unconditionally wanted to have.  No inundation because someone had once again forgotten to turn off the water tap correctly.  Only the dirty dishes from yesterdays evening meal were still in the sink. They had had better things to do than cleaning. 


„Jim?“ he asked - but his bondmate was absent. 


„I’m here. In the garden. You have to look at this yourself,“ came the answer.


Following the voice, Spock stepped through the back door into the garden. Jim stood at the boundary to their neighbour, Belinda Kuri’s home, and gazed through the hedge. 


„What happened?“ Spock stepped to him. „Jim if Miss Kuri catches you...“


„Nonsense“, interrupted Jim. „She started her vacation with Jacqueline yesterday.  Don’t you remember? Sara was disappointed, because the girls originally had planned to spend the summer holidays together.“


„Yes, I remember.“ Spock pulled the gown more closely around himself. Although it was summer, the morning was too cold for his taste. „But what is the trouble? Why do you not make breakfast as planned?“


„As I went into the kitchen I saw something flash on her land. So I went out to look and now… look yourself."  Jim pulled the hedge apart with his hands so that the Vulcan could see through it.  „There - on the terrace. A tree with golden apples. Can you believe that? Perfectly tasteless.“


„That is certainly a question of taste,“ the Vulcan reciprocated carefully neutral. „However Jim, can we now go back into the house for breakfest?“


The last thing that Spock was interested in today was another endless discussion over their neighbour, who obviously had set herself the task of surpassing Jim in anything - however tasteless it may be. The preliminary highlight now was that she had answered Jim’s newest acquisition - a golden garden dwarf (Spock hadn’t been able to stop Jim from buying it - as much as he had tried) - with this tree with golden apples. 


Unfortunately his bondmate wasn’t so easily distracted. Therefore Spock grabbed a... stronger..  argument.  He slipped his hands into the rear of the tight green pants. 


„Mmmmhhhhmmmm...“ Jim purred.  And suddenly hurried back into the house. 




“You know what?" Jim whispered as he let go of  Spock’s lips in order to breath. „Why don’t we eat in bed? You dress in the Hercules-costume and then we test how much you know about Greek love.“


After a moment of hesitation, Spock nodded his approval. Of course he would have preferred Jim’s plan without the costume. 


„Wonderful,“ Jim said enthusiastically. “Can you take the Dannon Yogurt out of the refrigerator? I will make the tea.“


Spock did as asked. Yoghurt in bed - he really hoped that the costumes were easily cleaned. He spooned out the yoghurt into two small bowls - since yoghurt was made of soja-beans instead of animal milk he had developed some preference for this product. He placed the bowls on a tray and laid two spoons beside them, which would surely remain unused, as they so often were. 


„We don’t have any clean cups,“ Jim sighed. 


Spock’s gaze travelled to the pile of dishes in the sink.  He really wasn’t surprised to hear that. 


„Well, I will quickly clean two. But before I put the toast...“ Jim stuck the bread in the outmoded toaster then grasped for the cups. He hummed softly as he bent forward, opened the water tap and began to clean the first cup under the spray.   


„Yiiiieeekkk!“ he squeaked as he was suddenly pressed against the sink, his hand with the cup jerked and got the water everywhere. „Do you have to frighten me so much?“


„Forgive me, t’hy’la,“ Spock whispered into a round ear, cuddling even closer. „These green pants are really very tight…“ He bit tenderly on Jim’s ear. „And as you bent over the sink… I just had…“ Jim turned his head around and kissed his love. 


So it happened that they noticed the smoke that rose out the toaster somewhat belatedly. 


„Damn, the toast is burning.“ Jim freed himself hastily of the embrace - and put out the fire. With the cup he still had in hand he poured water over the flames. Sparks sprayed out of the soaked toaster - and Spock finally came to help, pulling the plug out. With a fork, Jim pulled the blackened bread out, then sadly observed the remnants of his beloved toaster. 


„Jim, I...“


Accusingly, Kirk lifted the fork with the bread. „My pretty toaster is destroyed. Do you know how difficult and expensive it was to find a functional model?“


„Jim, I am really sorry.  I did not intend...“


„Do me a favour, Spock,“ Jim interrupted him. „Please wait in the bedroom for me.“




A half hour - and now replicated toast - later, most of the chaos in the kitchen was removed and Jim walked, with a well filled tray in the hands, into the bedroom. 


„Breakfast is ready! “ he called out. 


A soft snoring was his answer. „Damn!“ Cursing and fearing all his nice plans for a special breakfast were gone, Jim set the tray on the night table. Then he intended to bend down to Spock and wake him with a kiss. 


At the last moment he decided otherwise. Spock lay on his back, presenting his naked torso quite seductively.  Jim couldn’t miss this chance. 


Quietly he grasped for one of the bowls with yoghurt and for a spoon, then he dripped the creamy fluid on Spock’s nipples. First on the right, then on the left - ‘exactly 38 drips in the second’, he thought enthusiastically and meant in fact in the minute. 


Jim observed, satisfied with the results of his work - Spock looked good enough to eat - yet he still wasn’t awake. Suddenly a human tongue shot forward and licked over the white mass. Except for the quiet breaths of the sleeping Vulcan, there was nothing to hear. 


Annoyed by the lack of response - especially considering the fact that the Vulcan had been nearly unable to control himself earlier, leading to the catastrophe in the kitchen - Jim moved onto 'harder' actions.


This time human teeth cut through the yoghurt until they reached a green nipple and bit it not too tenderly. 


"Jim!"  Now that had caused the hoped reaction. Spock was awake and after he had realised the current situation he pulled his bondmate to his body. 


Jim answered the kiss by rubbing himself closely to Spock, but suddenly he felt something damp on his body. He realised what it was and hurriedly jumped off the Vulcan.  „You have ruined my costume,“ he protested. „Do you know what the cleaning will cost? Can’t you be careful?.“


Spock, always practical, offered the simple advice. „Then take it off.“ Jim saw the twinkling in his eyes and didn’t hesitate long. 


He was just about to pull his pants down when the door chime sounded.  He sighed. „Who can that be? “ He looked at his mate. „You have to go. I can’t".  He pointed to the bulge which was clearly seen in his pants. 


Spock pointed quietly at his smeared breast. Jim sighed again then quickly threw a morning coat on. „Don’t go away. I'll be back immediately. And do not continue without me! “ he ordered. 




In front of the door stood… 


...his mother, with the kids in tow. 


„Hello, Jim. Tommy and Sara were so longing after you. That’s why I brought then back a day earlier.“