2005 ASC Award: The newsgroup would like to recommend: Featuring Kirk


 Sweeter the bells never ring





Series. TOS

Rating: G

Codes: K, Mc, Tuppertrek (humor)

Summary: Who has the best Christmas decoration?


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Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T’Lin for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.



„Well, you are early this year with your Christmas decorating.“ Leonard, who just had came home from work, stopped at the garden fence curiously looking at Jim Kirk, who stood on a ladder with a string of lights in hand, in order to decorate the tree in front of his house. It was just was December 1st.


Frightened, Jim almost lost his balance and grabbed for the tree when the ladder swayed under him. Leonard quickly stepped over to him and steadied the ladder. 


„Thanks,“ Jim said and climbed down. „You can’t began early enough to get some Christmas spirit. Don’t you agree? Just look upwards!“


Len did so and had trouble believing his eyes. On the roof of Jim’s house stood a larger than life Santa Claus including his reindeer and sleigh. 


On all the windows of the house, and the trees in the garden, hang lights. Len looked around the corner of the house and saw that even this horrible pink flamingos were decorated. „Don’t you think you are exaggerating a bit? “ he asked Jim. 


Jim connected the string of lights with a power cable, then shook his head. „This year I swear to you I will win the decorating-competition. In our old neighbourhood this dumb Belinda always won. But not many people live here who can outdo me.“


He smiled proudly and pointed at his creation. „I will get a couple of inflatable snow men and perhaps I can find a real reindeer for a couple of weeks.“


Leonard sighed mentally. Why the hell had they moved into Jim’s neighbourhood? 


„Let’s see if everything works.“ Jim hurried into the house and a moment later Len believed that he was looking directly into a supernova. Quickly he covered his eyes as everything around him was lit up. 


„Isn’t it lovely,“ Jim called as he came out of the house. In that moment there was a crack somewhere, then the light extinguished. Leonard breathed but Jim immediately ran back into the house in order to turn his illuminations on again. After a few minutes he came out with a disappointed look. „It seems as if the power has gone out. Nothing is working anymore,“ he explained. 




„Why are you dismantling your display already? “ Leonard asked, astonished, as he came home the next day. 


Jim, who nearly fell from the ladder again, nodded gloomily. „I have to,“ he explained. „My illumination apparently strained the power supply of the entire quarter. The energy privoder forced me to shut it down.“