2004 M’A’S’H Slash Award: Second Place (tie)

Outstanding Dialogue




Bedtime Chat



„Trap? “


„Yep, Hawk?! “


„Did you know how amazing this would be ?“


“Nope, but I think it is because you’re so gorgeous, love.”


“I don’t think so, Trap, I mean, it must be because you’re so full of tender skilfulness.”


“Hey, little stupid, then it’s because I love you.”


“Oh, I love you, too, Trap, always.”


“I know, but now be quite and come here, snuggling time.”


“I love snuggling with you, hmm.”


“Same here.”


“Trap, I’m so sleepy.”


“Then goodnight, BlueEyes and sweet dreams.”


“Night, Curly, sweet…”