A dog is a dog is a dog…                                   Lady Charena


Amazonian Amoureuse                                     Lady Charena


A night in prison                                                Lady Charena


Babyalarm                                                          Lady Charena


Beautiful Stranger                                              Lady Charena


Beauty is only skin deep                                    Lady Charena


Bis zuletzt                                                          Lady Charena


Breakfast Impossible                                         Lady Charena


Be my valentine                                                 Lady Charena


Camp Hannibal                                                  Lady Charena


Close your eyes                                                  Lady Charena


Con-ferenz                                                         Lady Charena


Crazy Man with invisible Dog                          Lady Charena


Curtain Call                                                        Lady Charena


Das Spiel                                                            Lady Charena


Dear Uncle John                                                 Lady Charena


Der Bulle und das Monster                                T’Len


Distant Memories                                              Lady Charena


DMV – A place to belong                                  Lady Charena


DMV – Confessions of a dangerous mind        Lady Charena


DMV – Confessions of a dangerous mind 2     Lady Charena


DMV – The new assignment                             Lady Charena


Ein echter Klassiker                                           Lady Charena


Ein Haar in der Suppe                                        Lady Charena


English Ladies and Mad Pilots                          Lady Charena


Everybody Loves the Quarterback                    Lady Charena


Falling for you                                                   Lady Charena


Falscher Hase nach Art des Hauses                   Lady Charena


Family Secrets                                                   Lady Charena


Family Ties                                                        Lady Charena


Fliegen                                                               Lady Charena


Flyboy und Stuntgirl                                          Lady Charena


Fly me to the moon                                            Lady Charena


Fools Rush In                                                     Lady Charena


Friendly Fire                                                      Lady Charena


Geburtstagsüberraschung                                  T’Len


Gold                                                                    Lady Charena


Good things come for boys who wait                Lady Charena


Grün ist deine Glücksfarbe                                Lady Charena


Having faith                                                       Lady Charena


Home for Christmas                                          Lady Charena


How long?                                                          Lady Charena


How to handle a Murdock                                 Lady Charena


Hundstage                                                          Lady Charena


Ich will Feuerwehrmann werden                       Lady Charena


It’s in the papers                                                Lady Charena


Joining the unit                                                  Lady Charena


Kalte Pizza und heiße Dates                              Lady Charena


Keep bleedin                                                     Lady Charena


Kleider machen Leute                                        Lady Charena


Like peaches and cream                                     Lady Charena


Little girls with big mouths                               Lady Charena


Lost Boys: Wozu ist Familie da?                           Lady Charena


Lovers to friends                                                Lady Charena


Manchmal ist ein Hund nur ein Hund               Lady Charena


Mein Name ist Hase                                          Lady Charena


Moments of Peace                                             Lady Charena


Muffins á la Babette                                          Lady Charena


Neue Anfänge und alte Wunden                        Lady Charena


New York Intermezzo                                        Lady Charena


Night before Christmas                                     Lady Charena


Nights of travel                                                  Lady Charena


(No) Messing with the rules                              Lady Charena


No more rabbits in my hat                                 Lady Charena


No sneaking out after curfew                            Lady Charena


Nur eine Uhr?                                                     Lady Charena


One happy family                                              Lady Charena


One wrong turn                                                  Lady Charena


Operation Skirt                                                  Lady Charena                        


Party for two                                                      Lady Charena


Pizza and Death                                                 Lady Charena


Pretend and say goodbye                                   Lady Charena


Pretty Boys are hard to kill                                Lady Charena


Ready to go                                                        Lady Charena


Romeo’s bleeding                                              Lady Charena


Schnappschüsse                                                 Lady Charena


Schrammen                                                        Lady Charena


Sleep, Perchance to Dream                                Lady Charena


Someday at Christmas                                       Lady Charena


Taboo                                                                 Lady Charena


Tawnias Frage                                                    Lady Charena


The blue-eyed boy                                             Lady Charena


The Cure – Die Behandlung                              Lady Charena


The Day After The Night Before                       Lady Charena


The good and the bad crazy days                       Lady Charena


The house at the Beach                                      Lady Charena


The Long Way Home                                         Lady Charena


The mysterious Lady in the blue Van               Lady Charena


The new pet                                                        Lady Charena


The Pain Inside                                                  Lady Charena


The past is done                                                 Lady Charena


The right Man to Punish                                    Lady Charena


The Sun Ain't Shining No More                        Lady Charena


The terror of the airwaves                                 Lady Charena


The way the human mind works                        Lady Charena


The wedding of my dreams                               Lady Charena                        


They shot Bogey!                                               Lady Charena


Things that can’t be fixed                                  Lady Charena


Traveling On Skid Row                                     Lady Charena


Tripping over Dreams                                        Lady Charena


Two of a kind                                                     Lady Charena


Und die Kuh sagt Muh                                       Lady Charena


Visiting Hours                                                    Lady Charena


Vom Himmel hoch                                            T’Len


Von Bleienten und Mickey Mäusen                  Lady Charena


Walk the Dog                                                     Lady Charena


Watch the Dog!                                                  Lady Charena


Weihnachtswünsche                                          Lady Charena


Whilst the world laid dreamin                         Lady Charena


Will you release me with a kiss?                       Lady Charena


Wo der Bigfoot heult                                         Lady Charena