A taste of paradise 1/1


Author:           Lady Charena <LadyCharena@aol.com>

Series:           TOS, post-ST IV

Part:               NEW 1/1

Rating:           NC-17

Codes:           K/S

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Summary: Kirk and Spock spend some time on Hawaii - and meet an old acquaintance.

Note: This is the promised sequel to "How I come to love Mondays", which was inspired by T'Lens marvellous story "Aloha Hawaii" from the KFF. I think, this is a story for you, my dear beach-and-sea-loving friend... :-D


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. I borrowed a small part from it, to have some fun with the Boys. The story is mine and fanfiction - no moneymaking or offence of copyrights intended.

If you’re under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-relations and -sex - sorry, you've picked the wrong story for your entertainment. Please be patient with any errors - English is not my native language. My deepest gratitude to T'Len for beta.

Note: This was not beta-read by a native-English beta. For errors blame me.


A taste of paradise 1/1


by Lady Charena

September 2000


Spock watched mesmerized the eternal lapping of the waves on the white shoreline beneath the veranda. The gentle breeze, which ruffled his hair, filled his sensitive senses with the sweet fragrances of exotic fruits and flowers from the lush garden behind the cabin.

He could taste salt on his tongue, like everywhere. Even on Jim's skin. A well-hidden smile flickered in dark orbs, as Spock remembered the first night after their arrival, three days earlier...

* * *

There had been a curious feeling in Spock's stomach, as he gazed over the king-sized-waterbed. The surface rippled with every movement Jim made.


"Don't say a Vulcan can get seasick, do you?"


This teasing remark startled Spock from his silent scrutiny.


"By the way, what do I have to do to lure you in this bed?" the human asked, watching his lover from beneath lowered lashes.


Spock's eyes travelled the length of the relaxed body, clad only in a tight T-shirt and white shorts. Jim licked his lips, running a finger across his chest, outlining already erect nubs under the thin material.


"I think you do quite fine, t'hy'la. Please go on."


Kirk grinned as he heard the sudden tension in *his* Vulcan's voice. Locking his gaze to Spock's, he started to caress himself in earnest. It had been a long week since their first night together in Yosemite. So there was little needed to turn him on...

With McCoy's nearly full-time presence, there had been no chance for more than a few kisses. They would eventually break the news of the change in their relationship to their friend, but not now. First, they had to get used to the idea themselves. The last week of their leave they would spent in Yosemite, so would be enough time to pass it to the physician in private, before they returned to the ship.


Sliding his hands beneath the shirt, Jim discarded it slowly. He would have enjoyed this even more, if it had been Spock's hands - but the Vulcan seemed enthralled from the sight. Wetting the tip of his finger, he drew it lazily around one nub, imaging Spock's tongue instead.

Soon the shorts were too tight to be comfortable and he slid one hand down over his belly and into the waistband, to relieve at least some of the strain. Strong, hot fingers closed around his wrist and stopped him.


"Allow me, Jim," the deep voice made him shudder.

He closed his eyes, as the shorts were gently eased over his straining erection and down his legs. Soft lips touched teasingly the head of the stiff organ and he moaned helpless. This was sweet torture. A hot hand sneaked between his legs, to part them wider, fondling heavy balls.

His eyes snapped open, as a fingertip travelled deeper to rub slightly over the entrance to his body.


"Take this stuff off, Spock," he whispered hoarse. "I need to feel you in my arms. Now!"


The Vulcan shed his clothes without much care, tossing them beside Kirk's shorts onto the floor. But then he hesitated again.


Jim smiled. "What's it? Just a little water beneath the sheets - you'll see, it's fun." He spread his legs a little wider, brushing casually his erect cock. "Or is it me you fear?" he teased. Spock lifted one eyebrow, but slid cautious onto the yielding surface of the bed. And found himself entangled in human arms.


"See? Not too bad." Spock stifled the chatter with a kiss. At some times Jim talked too much! There were better things to do...  He pulled his lover on top of him, cupping Kirk's face with both hands, as he thrust his tongue into a cool, willing mouth. They kissed hungry, fuelling the fire between them.


Coming up for air, Jim pushed his erection against Spock's thigh, feeling an answering hardness against his. Placing a sucking kiss under the Vulcan's chin, he slowly worked his way down the tense body, flickering with his tongue over erect nipples, and diving into the shallow navel. Burying his nose in the dark curls of pubic hair, he calmed his ragged breath, listening to the soft moaning from his lover.  

It increased considerable, as Kirk's lips parted, to take the hard penis into his mouth. Jim smiled, sliding his hands beneath the Vulcan to cup the firm buttocks, lifting him partial from the bed, to drive him deeper in.


"Jim... as far as I know... this can be mutual..."


Without releasing the penis, Jim turned, giving his lover access to his own needful cock. The smooth movement of the water beneath, leading them into the age-old rhythm, bringing soon the relief of orgasm.


"Shameless seducer," drifted after a while lazily through the silence.


Jim laughed, turned and snuggled up to his lover. "Some kind of sweet-talk you have, Spock." He planted a tender kiss onto a gaunt cheek. "I love you, too."

* * *

"I can't believe it. Did I just catch you day-dreaming, Mr. Spock?"


Setting his silent reverie of the past aside, Spock turned to greet his t'hy'la.


Jim held a Lei in his hands - looking slightly embarrassed and excited at the same time. "It's compulsory for a proper welcome," he said. "Even if I'm a little late with it." He smiled, as he put the Lei around his lover's neck, planting a swift kiss on his lips. "I want to welcome you like this every day in my life. But I fear, it will be difficulty to get a Lei, if we're back in space again..."


Spock stopped the chatter with a gentle kiss, his arms coming around the human's waist. "Jim, we have not spoken of any commitment yet. Do you..."


"And we don't have to speak right now about it, okay?" the human cut in, his smile diminished. "First I have to clear away my purchases in the kitchen, before we can have breakfast."

With this he slipped out of Spock's arms and disappeared in the cabin. It had been well stocked, but only for the needs of a weekend. They wanted to stay the whole week, so Jim went to the town in the morning.

Spock gazed for a moment at the Lei, lush blue and golden flowers woven into a delicate work of art. Then he went into the cabin too, to help Jim preparing breakfast. Pushing the thoughts about Jim's refusal to discuss their future aside. Maybe later would arise a more convenient moment to speak about this...

* * *

"What do you think about a walk along the beach for starters? I'd like to swim in the Pacific."

Spock put his teacup back onto the table. "What ever you want, Jim. A walk would be agreeable."

He watched as the human bit into a last slice of one of the fruits they gathered earlier in their little garden behind the cabin, licking absently a trace of juice from the corner of his mouth. The Vulcan had never before seen so much sensuality in such a simple task like eating a fruit. Jim with his sensuous being seemed nearly to blend into the lush nature surrounding them.


"Spock? Everything all right with you?"


The question startled him from his musings. Spock lifted his head and met puzzled hazel eyes. "Yes, Jim. I was just... thinking."


Kirk sized him a moment longer, but pushed his chair back and got up. "Okay, let's go for a walk." He started to leave the veranda, where they had have breakfast. "Come with me?"


"T'hy'la - wait." Jim turned - and found himself in strong vulcan arms. Without a further word, Spock bent his head to kiss the human, enjoying the sweet flavour of the fruit mingled with Jim's unique taste; he came to love those last days.


"I take this as an affirmative," Kirk laughed into the mouth of his lover.

* * *

Jim stepped out of the water and accepted the towel from Spock. "The water is fantastic. You're sure, you don't feel like swimming?" he asked, as he flopped himself on his back, next to the sitting Vulcan.

Spock bent over him, to smooth the ever-obstinate curl on Jim's forehead back to order. "No, Jim. I do not feel like swimming," he explained patiently - and for the third time today.


The human pulled his head down for a swift kiss. "In San Francisco you would have done good to shy the water, too," he teased. "Would have saved us a lot of trouble and explanations."


Spock got up. "Jim, it was necessary to communicate with the whales."


But the human smothered every further protest with another kiss. Limbs entangled, lost in a playful wrestle, they rolled from the blanket and into the sand.


Lying now side by side in the warm sand, Jim had to fight with a lazy feeling of tiredness.


"What do you think about going to the town for dinner tonight?" he asked, stifling a yawn.

"We can take a stroll to the old harbour afterwards." Placing his head on Spock's shoulder, he drifted into peaceful dreams...

* * *

It had been definitely one of his better ideas to take the Vulcan to a trip to Lahaina and to the harbour. After a delicious dinner they went down the Front Street. Like he had supposed, Spock was fascinated from the old houses, looking today exactly like they did centuries before. He showed Spock the big old Banyan tree and watched with silent amusement, as his ever-curious Vulcan started to explore the tree.

Later they walked down the quay, both admiring the beautiful old ships, resting there.


They were lost in a quiet talk, as a known voice startled them.

"Good evening, Captain."


They turned in unison.


It was Gillian Taylor, standing on the gangway of a small, private yacht. A duffel bag in her hand, she stepped down to the couple, noticing the Vulcan only now. "Good evening, Mr. Spock."


But her attention was clearly focused on Kirk. "May I have a private word with you... Jim?"


But Spock was already lost in a closer inspection of a sailing-ship a few steps away from them. His ever-polite Vulcan...

Jim knew he would have to do some explaining.


Gillian's voice startled him from his musings and he turned to her. "I'm on a 24-hours-leave," she said suggestively. "And I'd like to hold you to your invitation..." 


For a moment, he was heavily tried to laugh. First she turned him down - and now the reverse. "I'm sorry, but I have already a date with Spock."


Disappointment shone in her face. "And this cannot be postponed?"


"No, Gillian. It can't." He smiled. "There is something I should tell you. Spock and I are lovers since last week. And I think I have to thank you, Gillian. If the weekend had run off like I planned it, I would never even considered Spock as a lover."

He sized the obviously surprised woman. "He is very precious to me. I think, he was so for a long time, but I never really knew."

He could see her pale beneath the suntan of her face - then blush.


"I don't know, what to say. I...", she stopped short. "I never thought you'd be..."


"Gay? A homosexual? I never did quite myself." He shrugged, but saw her embarrassment at the nearly casual sound of his words. His eyes were on Spock, as he continued. "But I love him, Gillian. And real love is no matter of the gender."


She seemed not *too* convinced from his statement, but she tried to smile, putting herself back to order. "Then I think, the proper thing to say is - I wish you well. Both of you." She picked her bag up, suddenly in an awful hurry. "I'm sorry, but I have to go now, it's late. Goodbye, Captain." Without waiting for a reply, she turned and went away. 

* * *

He heard Spock stepping to his side. "I told her the truth," he said, without looking at him.


"I've heard you. But do you really think, what you stated?" There was a strange tone in the Vulcan's voice and Kirk turned to face his lover.

"You didn't really think, I'd cancel our leave to spent time with her, did you?" There was no answer. "Hey," cupping Spocks face in both hands, he tipped his head up. "You've forgotten a little something. This is past. I love you."


Spock's gaze searched his. "And you feel no regret about her and other... encounters like..."


Jim stilled him with a kiss. "No regrets. No second-thoughts."

There *was* no regret, as he thought about her. Not with this eager and not-at-all shy Vulcan in his bed. And in his heart. He smiled, trying to lighten the sudden very sober mood. "At least she didn't run away screaming - but wished us well."


"She is amazingly open-minded for a human from her century," Spock answered after a moment.


"Yes, she had to be this way, to survive in a entirely new world." Slowly he released the Vulcan. "Let's go back to the cabin, okay?"


They kept an uneasy silence, as the followed the quay back to town, till Jim suddenly stopped. "You know, Spock - we can take this always as an rehearsal for McCoy."




* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hmmh, I think it's *my* catholic upbringing, that leads to *their* saving *it* for the wedding night... <g>

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