A night at the beach 1/1


Author:           Lady Charena <LadyCharena@aol.com>

Series:           TOS

Part:               NEW 1/1

Rating:           R

Codes:           K/S, first time

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Summary: A night at the beach, when love blooms under a sky full of stars...

Sometimes I'm really a hopeless case of a romantic. :)

Note: I wrote this for K/S, but if you like, you can put in your favourite couple, too.


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. I borrowed a small part from it, to have some fun with the Boys. The story is mine and fanfiction - no moneymaking or offence of copyrights intended.

If you’re under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-relations and -sex - sorry, but you've picked the wrong story for your entertainment. Please be patient with any errors - English is not my native language. My deepest gratitude to T'Len for beta.

Note: This was not beta-read from a native-English beta. For any errors blame me.



A night at the beach 1/1

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

by Lady Charena




Aside from the eternal, soft whispering of the waves, further down the shoreline, our steps are the only sound in the night's silence.


We have already been here earlier today.

Walked side by side through a crowd, covering then the beach.

What a difference to now... no laughter, no music...


Only silence.

Only you and me.

And all I can hear is your soft, steady breath.


The moon - high over the calm water - is full. A burning globe in the midst of another sea... a sea of stars.

So familiar to me, like the stars above the planet of my birth.


Silver moonlight flows over the beach and the sand beneath my feet holds still the warmth of the passing day, as we follow its path.


"There is the right place," your voice cutting suddenly through the silence. Your hand pointing to a section of strand, which seems - in my eyes - to be the same as we already left behind.

But as you stretch out your body in the sand, your arms crossed beneath your head, I sit down next to you.


It seems impossible for me, to loosen my gaze from your face, while you watch the sky. You look still so young, so unbelievable young, like the day we met first.


"Tonight is a magical night," you said, as we left your apartment earlier this evening. I am not sure, if I will ever wholly comprehend, what you meant with those words - but something... something seems to happen - now, between you and me.


The tip of your tongue flickers over your lush lips, now gleaming in the silver moonlight.

And I feel like a kiss of those lips could kill me...


You turn to me... and I know suddenly, tonight my eyes will tell you the truth.

I see your gentle smile.


"Come over there," your voice a mere whisper. "Lay with me."

I never followed more willingly a word from you.


* * *


I look at you, as we lay - now side-by-side - in the warm sand, as moonlight plays over your body.

I look at you and understand there will be no future moment like this.

And I understand, that this moment is not to waste.


Suddenly, somehow, I know, you feel the same...

...as your hand touches my face, cool like the breeze this morning, coming from the sea.

...as you guide my face to yours, until there is just the space of a heartbeat between us.


And as our lips met, I feel a part of me dying.

The world around me seems unreal and I exist only, where your touch made me alive.


Tremors run through me - like waves crashing on the shoreline.

As I feel your hand on my naked skin...

Your fingers, your lips - touching me, playing me, till I tremble with need.

Helpless, weak - I drown myself in your mouth...


Control is lost, every barrier crashed down...

I see stars burning out in your eyes.


As I was reborn in your arms.


* * *


The gentle breeze - now coming from the sea - cools our bodies.

As we lay there, entangled, on the bedding of our clothes.


Your skin touches mine, your mouth whispers into my ear, telling me all your dreams.

And I know, I will never again allow you to dream alone.


Even if the price will be my soul.

You own it already, since the day my eyes met yours for the very first time.