title:                  ancient knowledge

author:              Lady Charena

fandom:            Kung Fu – the legend continues

codes:              pre-P/P, Lo Si, PG


sum:                 After “Dark side of the ch’i” – Peter is confronted with a truth by Lo Si, he don’t want to hear…


Disclaimer: This story’s mine, but I do not intend to touch the rights of the owner of the characters from KF-TLC I’ve used. No moneymaking, no offence meant.





…I want you and I'm hatin' it
Got me lit like a candlestick
Get too hot when you touch the tip…



As soon as we leave the “Delancy’s”, Lo Si turns to Cheryl and after a few whispered words, she heeds into the opposite direction we’re walking. “A bit in a hurry, hm?” I ask. There is no answer and I turn to face Lo Si. ”Okay, tell me, why did you drag me away from Pop? What’s so important?”


Lo Si stops and looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “Drag you away?” he echoes with an air of puzzlement in his voice. “I was not aware you were reluctant to accompany me.”


“Oh, quit it, will you, Lo Si?” I run my fingers through my hair, trying to take the sting out of my words with a weak smile. “Sorry… I didn’t mean to yell at you. It’s just… I’m still…”


“You are still very upset, young Caine. This is reasonable. After all the life of your father was in fatal danger not so a long time ago.”


Gnarled fingers interlaced, his wise, ageless eyes study me until I have to look away. I clear my throat. “You don’t need me to get your precious herbs, Lo Si. Cheryl would be more of a help. So what is it you want from me?”


“I must talk to you, Peter. Alone. It is very important.”


A feeling of anxiety creeps up my spine and I answer crosser than intended: “We’re alone, so spill it.” I want to get over with this, so I can get back to Pop.


“Peter, your father needs you.”


Lo Si’s words come like an echo to my thoughts and I look sharply at him. “But… why… I’d be with him this moment if you didn’t…” I stop and take a deep breath, struggling down the rising panic. “He’s safe, isn’t he? Wiseman’s gone, Pop’s not in danger anymore, right? Damn, talk to me, Lo Si!”


“I will explain, young Caine, if you may stop speaking for a moment.”


He smiles innocently at me and I feel a blush creep up my face. Clamping shut my mouth I indicate with a nod that I’m willing to listen.


Lo Si’s eyes drift aside for a second, much like Pop’s do when he’s about to say something he already knows I won’t like to hear.


“Your father will soon have to face a dangerous challenge. Then he will need your help and your love. Tell me about your feelings for your father, Peter.”


“What?” I’m out of words for a moment. “But of course I love him,” I answer, pushing my hands into the pockets of my pants. “You know that much, Lo Si. He’s--“ …everything to me… “-- my father.”


“You do deceive yourself, young Caine.”


Lo Si’s knowing smile sends a shiver through my body and I cross my arms in front of my chest, feeling suddenly very cold. “I don’t think I understand.” Don’t I? He can’t talking about… No. no one knows…


“Your love for Kwai Chang Caine extends the… normal… feelings of a son for his father.”


Heat rushes into my face and my anger explodes. “I don’t know the heck what you’re talking about, Lo Si. Look, why don’t you go keep my Dad company? He should be at home, resting, anyway…”


“Do not attempt to run from the truth, Peter.”


An ancient hand reaches for me to pet my cheek and I almost jerk away my head. What’s wrong with Lo Si, implying that I… woah, stop there. No way to even *think* about it.


“Seek your heart, Peter,” Lo Si says. “Seek to know the truth of your feelings. Your father needs your love.”


Needs *me*, crap. “Yeah, sure… that’s why he… why he kissed Skalany. The fuck he needs me.” The bitter words tumble out of my mouth unplanned. The wave of jealousy, that exploded in me when I came up on them kissing, threatens to swallow me again. “Sorry, I’m outta here. I don’t have the time for… games. I’ll… see you.” I start to walk away but a surprisingly strong grip around my wrist stops me.




I refuse to face him. “Look, I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me, Lo Si. Anyway you’re wrong; I do love my father – but only as a son. I’m no…” I lick nervously my dry lips. “… I’m no pervert.”


“Seek your hearth, young Caine and do not fear the feelings you will find in yourself.”


Finally he releases me. As I lift my head he’s gone. Shit. The old guy’s flipped; the trip into Pop’s bardo must have been too much for him. Accusing me of… yeah, I know, he didn’t actually accuse me of… lusting after my father, but that’s what I heard.


Someone jostles against me and I’m startled from my thoughts. For the first time I’m aware I’m still standing in front of the “Delancy’s” and of all the people around me.




Pop. I stifle a groan and turn slowly to meet the concerned eyes of my father. “Hi, Pop,” I say weakly. Gently fingers cup my cheek and can’t resist leaning into the touch. It feels so good. And I’m still scared I came so close to losing him…


“You are troubled.”


“Shouldn’t you stay at home, Pop? Get some more rest.” Hopefully I can divert his attention to something else…


“I am… rested. Peter.” Releasing me, he steps back a little to look at me with an intensity that causes me to shiver. “Tell me what troubles you, my son.”


“It’s nothing, Pop. Just…” I stop, searching for something to say. “It’s just… it came too close to losing you for my liking this time.” I can’t meet his eyes.




Strong arms pull me in the familiar safety of his embrace and a sharp pain shoots trough my chest. I shiver as I feel the warm breath of my father brushing my cheek, his lips barely touching my skin. I cling to him, but all too soon he starts to pull back. As if sensing my reluctance, Pop smiles and rubs my shoulder. Warmth spreads from his touch.


“You are very tense, my son. Come home with me.”


Obviously he takes my silence for a yes, ‘cause he starts to walk towards my car. After a moment I follow him. Pushing aside the confusion I pretend I’ve never heard Lo Si’s words…