A gift of love 1/1


Author:           Lady Charena <LadyCharena@aol.com>

Series:           post-TOS, pre-TWOK

Part:               NEW 1/1

Rating:           NC-17

Codes:           K/S


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Summary: Kirk turns 50 this day. Spock has a surprise for him.


Note: This is taking place shortly before Khan's showing up. And yes, I know what will follow - as you surely do, too - but the two guys doesn't. And please don't tell 'em yet - I'd like to see them just a little bit longer as happy as they are now...


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. I borrowed a small part from it, to have some fun with the Boys. The story is mine and fanfiction - no moneymaking or offence of copyrights intended.

If you’re under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-relations and -sex - sorry, you've picked the wrong story for your entertainment. Please be patient with any errors - English is not my native language. My deepest gratitude to T'Len for beta and her never failing support.

Note: This was not beta-read by a native-English beta. For any errors blame me alone.




A gift of love

* * * * * * * * *

by Lady Charena

August 2000



"Jim? I *know* you are awake."


A gentle touch on his shoulder, but he pretended not to feel it. Like he pretended not to hear. To be honest - he hadn't slept at all, since Spocks mind brushed his the first time, as soon as he entered Earth's orbit aboard the Enterprise.


"Don't be sulky, Jim. I came here as fast as possible. You know, I had to attend the meeting with Admiral Nogura first."


Kirk opened a single eye and looked accusingly into direction of his mate. "You've been over four weeks gone. What's about your *meeting* with me?" he asked.


Spock smiled with his eyes. "I am here now, Jim. And for the next twenty hours I am yours to command."


The human's frown broke into a wide, beaming grin. "Twenty hours?" he echoed, grabbing Spock's shoulders. "Twenty hours! Well... that sounds... good, Captain Spock, Sir."

Pressing the Vulcan flat onto the bed, he straddled him. "Very good. I think, that'll be enough - for starters." He dropped his own shielding and embraced his mate.


//I missed you...// Their lips met in a hungry kiss.


//As did I, Jim... t'hy'la.// Suddenly very impatient, strong Vulcan hands shoved the T-shirt aside, to touch cool human flesh.


Kirk moaned into the eager mouth of his lover. //I see, what you mean...//

* * *

They parted only long enough to shed their clothes, before returning into their embrace. Spock pulled Kirk on top of him, revelling in the feel of the cool, muscular body of his mate in his arms. Jim was not the only one affected from their separation. As much as the Enterprise once was his home - it was now in the heart, the soul, and the mind of his beloved, where he belonged.


Soon kisses alone weren't enough.

Jim's lips travelled down the long, slender body of his mate. Knowing every spot to touch, every caress, which would Spock drive to screaming arousal. Not to mention the pleasure he found for himself in this...


His lips teased Spock's navel, as he kissed reverently the flat stomach. "You smell dazzling," he whispered, burying his face in the tousled pubic hair. "Sometimes I think I could eat you alive..."


"Jim - I suppose, this was not meant literal..." Spocks sentence ended in a soft moan, as Jim took his erect cock into his mouth, licking up and down the hot shaft. His hands were busy stroking the inside of trembling thighs, playing with heavy balls, flickering a fingertip over the entrance to his lover's body.


He smiled - or tried to do so - as Spock arched against him, mumbling Vulcan syllables.


He relaxed his throat, taking him deeper into his mouth until he nearly took him wholly in. He loved doing this to his calm, controlled mate...




He heard the need in the tense voice and settled to suck in earnest now. Knowing, Spock was near the edge, he slid his finger into the tight opening. With a strangled cry, the Vulcan came, arching against him.


Swallowing greedy, he draw the last drop from the softening organ.


There was a faint gleam of sweet on Spock's forehead, as he kissed his way back to the beloved face.


"Well, what do you think?" He breathed the words into the open mouth. "Was this a proper welcome?"

* * *

Later they talked.

..."But why, Jim? As I understand, is this a very important date for humans." Spock sized his agitated mate.

Jim had left their shared bed. Watching the naked body of his beloved, still glowing after their lovemaking, was a leisure; he indulged shameless. Hugging the sheets around his knees, he got up.


Jim turned, a deep frown crossing his face. "It's only a sign, that I'm getting old." He stopped Spock's protest with an impatient gesture and came back to the bed, sizing the Vulcan with his best lascivious glance. "It's settled. I will not mention it anymore, if you stop pumping me about my birthday tomorrow. Deal?" Without waiting for an answer, he launched himself onto the bed and into Spocks waiting arms. "We can always have a nice, quiet evening together..."

* * *

Jim had tried to persuade him to go for a walk after their midday meal at the next day, but Spock had refused. So the human went alone for fresh air, sullen over the unexpected refusal. And the fact, that Spock kept his shielding up. Like a sulky kid, he strolled hours through the town, feeling a bit pity for himself.


As he finally decided to go back - at late afternoon - the apartment was dark and empty. Spock was maybe needed on the Enterprise or on the academy. Tomorrow would be the Kobayashi-Maru-testing for his cadets... He reached to activate the lights, as he heard a shuffling sound - like a chair slipping back on the carpet. He froze, straining his ears and eyes to gaze into the darkness, and his senses heighten.

"Spock?" he asked carefully.


In this moment went the lights on. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"


They were all there. Members of his former crew - Uhura, who was the fist to hug him. McCoy - grinning evilly, what made him very suspicious and who had been here earlier this day, to deliver his congratulations. He had been in an awful hurry... Scotty, Sulu, even Christine Chapel. Only Chekov was missing, but he wasn't on Earth now. Old Friends from HQ were although there.

For the next hour, Jim was very busy - receiving presents and congratulations, talking to friends.

* * *

Spock kept himself out of his way, enjoying the happiness radiating from his mate's mind. Soon Scotty involved him into a discussion about some experiment he was carrying on... until a strong, cool hand closed around his upper arm. Jim smiled at him, as he turned, but the human's eyes were unreadable.


"Scotty - excuse me. But I think, I have to talk a bit with the *initiator* of this little party."


The Scot grinned sympathetically into direction of the Vulcan, then nodded, and left them alone.


"Jim, I would like to explain..."


But Kirk shook his head. "Not here." He grabbed again the Vulcan's arm and ushered him into the kitchen.

Leaning against the table, he sized his mate with his best angry look. But seeing the embarrassment and insecurity of his beloved, he couldn't hold any longer onto his charade. Laughing he opened his arms. "Come over there, silly." He hugged his lover. "This was your idea?"


Spock shook his head. "Of course not. Actually, it was McCoy's. But he persuaded me to participate in this - he named it this way - *conspiratory*. You do not approve?"


Jim pressed his forehead to his Vulcan's. "Of course I do. But I thought we could have a nice, quiet evening for us alone. It will not be the same on the ship - even if we have three whole weeks to be together."


There was some regret in Spock's voice, as he answered. "You are right, t'hy'la. At least we will have tonight. After they are gone..."


Jim sealed his lips with a branding kiss. "Just a little foretaste for later. Now I have to go back to entertain my guests."

But he made no movement to release the Vulcan. "Sorry, but you deserve that much punishment for your conspiration with McCoy."


Somebody cleared his throat.

"And you'll never know, what it cost me, to persuade him that far." It was McCoy, standing in the doorway. "Sorry for disturbing you, guys. But there is somebody searching for you, Jim."


Kirk released his mate with a soft sigh. "Okay. See you later." As he passed by, he punched McCoy grinning into his side. "Bones, you old traitor," he said laughing, as he left the kitchen.


McCoy sized the Vulcan. "Everything all right with you, Spock?" he asked gently, without any scorn in his words.


Spock turned to him. "How should it be otherwise? He is happy." This was a somewhat evasive answer - but the smile, which shone in the dark eyes, put McCoy at ease.

* * *

They walked McCoy - as the last remaining guest - together to the door. He turned, smiling at his two best friends.

"Good night, guys," he said. "And don't overdue it, you have to get up early tomorrow..."


His smile widened into a grin, as Spock did his best to look completely innocent - and Jim burst into bubbling laughter.


"We will do our very best, Dr. McCoy," replied the Vulcan smugly. "But Jim has not received his birthday present yet."


"Oh, I'm sure, it's a gift of love." With this ambiguous remark, he turned and disappeared into direction of the lift.

The giggling human grabbed Spocks hand, *hauling* him nearly back into their apartment.

* * *

For a moment, they stood only in the midst of the room and hugged. Then Spock released his lover and took his hand, to guide him into the bathroom.


"I thought, we'd be good boys and go straight to bed?" Kirk protested half-hearted.


Spock shook his head. "You are always so impatient," he said. "We will - later."


"Impatient - me." Jim snorted. "Look who's talking..." he mumbled as he entered the bath, thinking of last night... Spock was almost naked - and this blew every other thought from his mind.


"I thought, you might enjoy a shower first," his lover said, stripping off the last remains of cloth.


"With you? Always." Jim's hands flew to the opening of his shirt, but Spock was a bit faster, shoving his fingers aside.


"Allow me." He undressed his mate slowly, kissing every available spot of the cool, slightly salty skin, as soon as it was revealed.


Backing Jim up to the wall, Spock went to his knees, pushing down Kirks trousers. "I want to show you my love tonight, t'hy'la," he whispered. "But this must not be hurried..."


Hot fingertips caressed the head of the straining cock through the thin material of the briefs.


"Spock... please, I can't take this long."


The Vulcan shook again his head. "Always so impatient." But he slid his fingers into the waistband of the briefs, pushing them slowly down over the erection, jutting from Jim's groin. The humans head lolled against the wall, as Spock took him into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the hard, cool shaft.


He teased the organ to full arousal, before he released it and came to his feet again, to slid in Jim's embrace.


"You're still driving me crazy, after all those years," whispered the human, seeking his mouth. "Don't dare to stop ever..."


Nearly without breaking the kiss, they managed at least to step into the shower.

Hot water poured down onto them, parting like an invisible curtain from the world outside.


Spock reached for the soap they both preferred, spreading it onto Jim's chest, while he nibbled at the soft skin of the throat. Smiling - as he felt the vibration from Jim's moaning against his lips - he moved to caress the chin of his lover. His fingertips playing with hard nubs, poking through the foam. His hands were trapped between their bodies, as Jim's arms came around his waist, crashing them together. Spock shivered delighted, as cool fingers slid down his back, stroking his buttocks.


"You won't get much of a long loving night," Jim whispered. "If we don't stop. I'm an old man now."


Spock made a disapproving sound. "You are not old, Jim."

But they drew apart, reluctantly so.


As Jim stepped out of the shower, he found himself enveloped into a towel - and warm vulcan arms. Drying was done without words, but with tender touches and sweet kisses, holding the need for each other in bay.


"Would you now care to see your last birthday present?" Spock asked mischievously, as they laid at least in their bed. His gentle, dark eyes glowing with love and desire, as they met sparkling hazel ones.


"I've waited the whole evening to hear you saying those words..."


Sliding onto his mate, Spock kissed him, while he arranged his fingers over the meld-points in the humans face. He opened his mind completely and the bond-link fused them into one being. The meld was so deep, so intense, like none since the day of their bonding, during Spock's first pon farr.


Spock's love swept through him, filling his mind, his heart, his very soul - leaving no part of him untouched. And Jim gave himself gladly up, drifting in his Vulcan's mind, until their bodies more immediate needs made themselves known once more.


Jim spread his legs a little wider, allowing more contact with Spocks genitals. //Come into me, love...// he whispered/thought.


Slightly dazed from the intense meld, he watched Spock leaving the bed - and returning after a moment.


"I need you, love." Drawing his knees up to his chest, he held himself open, as Spock knelt between his thighs. Soon Jim shuddered from the effort, not to come yet, as one of the warm, oiled fingers slid into his body, to prepare him for his lovers entry. Then a second, a third.


//Like I do, my t'hy'la. Like I burn for you// Spocks words seared through his mind, through the bond, leaving them both shaken and trembling. His eyes never leaving Jim's face, Spock poured more from the oil onto his cock, spreading it over it's whole length.

Slowly his hands came under Kirks buttocks, lifting him onto his tights. Jim closed his eyes as he felt the hot pressure of Spock's erection, entering him carefully. Sheathed fully, Spock arranged Jim's legs around his waist. He bent his head to kiss the cool, damp chest, feeling Jim accelerated heartbeat under the silken skin. Then he started to thrust into the welcoming flesh.


Joined in body and mind, until they lost themselves.

* * *

He slid drowsy into the waiting arms of his Vulcan.

"This was the best birthday I've ever had in my live. Thank you for this, my love," he whispered, laying his head on his lovers shoulder. "Promise me something, Spock?"


"Yes, Jim." Spock hid his gentle smile, as he pressed his face in Jim's hair. "Everything."


"Be always with me like now."


Hot fingertips caressed lovingly a human-cool cheek. "I will, t'hy'la. Thee art my life."