Alternate-Generations-Universe-series – AGU-Serie (Star Trek): 


English                          Deutsch


To Ease the Pain                                         (txt-version)


TOS/VOY, Spock/Tuvok, NC-17,  Spock grieves after Kirk’s “death” in “Generations”


                                               Den Schmerz lindern                       (txt-version)


                                               TOS/VOY, Spock/Tuvok, NC-17,  Spock trauert um Kirk


A New Beginning                                         (txt-version)


TOS/TNG, Kirk/Russell, NC-17, Jim survives Veridian III and searchs for a new life


                                               Ein neuer Anfang                             (txt-version)


                                               TOS/TNG, Kirk/Russell, NC-17, Jim sucht sein neues Leben


Living Legend                                              (txt-version)


TOS/VOY, Kirk/Kim, NC-17, Harry Kim meets his hero


                                               Lebende Legende                           (txt-version)


                                               TOS/VOY, Kirk/Kim, NC-17, Harry Kim trifft sien idol


2001 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place DS9 Bashir/O’Brien


A Pair of Helping Hands                             (txt-version)


DS9, B/O’B, NC-17, POV, Miles’ and Julian’s first time


                                               Helfende Hände                               (txt-version)


                                               DS9, B/O’B, NC-17, POV, Miles’ and Julian’s erstes Mal


2001 Silver Labia Award: First Place

Best Single Trek Variant – Non-Voyager (tie)


Another Pair of Helping Hands                  (txt-version)


DS9, D/KO’B, NC-17, POV, Jadzia’s and Keiko’s first time


                                               Noch mehr helfende Hände                       (txt-version)


                                               DS9, D/KO’B, NC-17, POV, Jadzias und Keikos erstes Mal


A Night at the Bureau                                  (txt-version)


DS9, B/O’B, NC-17, POV, A night in Sisko’s bureau


                                               Eine Nacht im Büro                                     (txt-version)


                                               DS9, B/O’B, NC-17, POV, Eine Nacht in Sisko’s Büro


2000 Golden Orgasm Award: Second Place DS9 Bashir/O’Brien


Triple with Tribble                                        (txt-version)


TOS/DS9, Kirk/Bashir, K/B/Tribble, B/O’B implied, NC-17, Jim has some fun with Dr. Bashir and a Tribble           


                                               Dreier mit Tribble                                        (txt-version)


                                               TOS/DS9, Kirk/Bashir, K/B/Tribble, B/O’B implied, NC-17, Jim hat Spaß mit einem Tribble


Talks and Tribble-ations                             (txt-version)   


DS9, B/O’B, B/O’B/Tribble, NC-17, They have to talk but play with the Tribble instead


                                               Gespräche und noch mehr Tribble            (txt-version)


                                               DS9, B/O’B, B/O’B/Tribble, NC-17, Miles und Julian müssen sich unterhalten


At Home                                                       (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, NC-17, Jim and Spock are finally together again


                                               Zu Hause                                                      (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, NC-17, Jim und Spock sind endlich wieder vereint


Celebration of Love                                    (txt-version)   


TOS, TNG, K/S, OCC, m/m, m/f, NC-17, Jim and Spock participate on an old Romulan festival


                                               Festival der Liebe                                       (txt-version)


                                               TOS, TNG, K/S, OCC, m/m, m/f, NC-17, Einem altes Ritual


Destiny’s Irony                                              (txt-version)


DS9, Ez/KO’B, Ez/B, D/W impl., B/O’B impl., NC-17, Taking place after the end of the series


                                               Ironie des Schicksals                                  (txt-version)


                                               DS9, Ez/KO’B, Ez/Ba, D/W impl., B/O’B impl., NC-17, Geheimnisse


Take your Second Chance                         (txt-version)


DS9, B/O’B, Ez/KO’B, NC-17, Ezri finally speaks out a few truths


                                               Nutze deine zweite Chance                       (txt-version)


                                               DS9, B/O’B, Ez/KO’B, NC-17, Ezri enthüllt die Wahrheit



After-Mudds-Passion-Series – Liebeskristall-Serie (Star Trek):

(Stories dealing with the Animated Series episode “Mudd’s Passion –

Storys mit Bezug auf die Zeichentrickfolge “Der Liebeskristall”)


English                         Deutsch


2001 ASC Award: The Newsgroup would like to recommend:

TOS Kirk/Spock Story


Jim                 (txt-version)


TOS, K, PG-13, Jim’s POV


                                               Jim                 (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K, PG-13, Jim’s Sicht der Dinge


To be continued - Fortsetzung folgt



Baby-Universe – Baby-Universum (Star Trek):


English                         Deutsch


2001 ASC Award: The Newsgroup would like to recommend:

TOS Humor or Parody


Two Men And A Baby          (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, PG-13, humor, Spock wants a child and Jim has to carry it          


                                               Two Men And A Baby          (txt-version)  


                                               TOS, K/S, PG-13, Humor, Spock möchte ein Kind und Jim hat es zu bekommen


Jimborella                             (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, PG-13, humor, Another fairy tale


                                               Jimborella                             (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, PG-13, Humor, Star Trek trifft die Gebrüder Grimm


To be continued - Fortsetzung folgt



Coma-Series – Koma-Serie (Star Trek):


English                         Deutsch


2006 ASC Award: The newsgroup would like to recommend: TOS General Pairing


Great thinkers have the same thoughts                (txt-version)


K/S, S/Mc impl., R, Humour, Spurs have infected Spock but Jim offers a special help


                                               Große Geister                                  (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, S/Mc, R, Heimlich erfüllte Sehnsüchte


At your service                      (txt-version)


TOS; K/S, NC-17, Humour, Spock was not as unconscious as Kirk thought


                                               Stets zu Diensten, Captain (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, NC-17, Fortsetzung zu „Große Geister“, Spock war nicht so bewusstlos.



Easter-Series – Oster-Serie (Star Trek):


English                         Deutsch


2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Second Place TOS Drabble

2002 ASC Award: The newsgroup would like to recommend:

TOS Drabble:


Egg-Quest                                                    (txt-version)              


TOS, K/S, PG-13, humor, Drabble, Eastern


                                               Eiersuche                                         (txt-version)              


                                               TOS, K/S, PG-13, Humor, Drabble Ostern


2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place (tie) TOS Humor

2002 ASC Award: The newsgroup would like to recommend:

TOS Humor or Parody:


Always this interferences                            (txt-version)                          


TOS, K/S, NC-17, humor, A tete-a-tete between Jim and Spock does not take the desired course


                                               Immer diese Störungen                  (txt-version)   


                                               TOS, K/S, NC-17, Humor, Jim und Spock beim „Picknick“



Gedanken-Serie (Star Trek AOS – Film 2009):         




Gedanken 1                                     (txt-version)


AOS, K/S, PG, Kirk POV, Jim macht sich Gedanken über sich und Spock


Gedanken 2                                    (txt-version)


AOS, K/S, PG, Spock POV, Spock denkt über seinen Captain nach


Gedanken 3                                    (txt-version)


AOS, K/S, PG, McCoy POV, McCoy beobachtet Jim und Spock



Love-Series (Star Trek):         


English                         Deutsch


What we do for Love                       (txt-version)


TOS/TNG, K/S, NC-17, Spock saves Jim from Soran, but he has a secret


                                               Was wir aus Liebe tun                    (txt-version)


                                               TOS/TNG, K/S, NC-17, Spock rettet Jim vor Soran, aber er hat ein Geheimnis


Afterthoughts: Spock                       (txt-version)   


TOS, K/S, PG-13, Spock has to deal with the outcome of his actions


                                               Nachgedanken: Spock                   (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, PG-13, Spock muss sich mit seiner Strafe auseinandersetzen


Why?                                                 (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, PG-13, An alternative unhappy ending


                                               Warum?                                            (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, PG-13, Ein alternative, unglückliches Ende


To be continued - Fortsetzung folgt



Pill-Series (PillenSerie) (Star Trek):       


Deutsch                        English


Der Arzt, dein Freund und Helfer                           (txt-version)


TOS, K/Mc, NC-17, Jim hat ein Problem


                                               The Doctor – your friend and helper                     (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/Mc, NC-17, Jim has a problem


Pech gehabt, Doktor                                               (txt-version)


TOS, S/Mc, NC-17, Mit Spock verläuft nicht alles nach Plan


Aller guten Dinge sind drei                         (txt-version)


TOS, K/S/Mc, NC-17, Und nun alle drei…




Tuppertrek-Universum (Star Trek):               Einführung          Introduction


Deutsch (Humor)       English (humor)


Ein Esel kommt selten allein                                  (txt-version)   


TOS, Mc/Sc, G, Urlaubs“freuden“



                                2003 Golden Orgasm Award: Honorable Mention TOS McCoy/Scott.


                                               A Donkey rarely comes alone                    (txt-version)


                                               TOS, Mc/Sc, G, holiday-„joys“


Ein neues Hobby                                                     (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, NC-17, Jim hat ein neues Hobby


                                               A new Hobby                                               (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, NC-17, Jim has a new hobby


Gekonnt ist gekonnt                                    (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, PG-15, Jim hat bestanden. Fortsetzung zu „Ein neues Hobby“


                                               A natural Talent                                            (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, PG-15, Jim has his diploma. Sequel to „A new Hobby“


Frühstück im Bett                                                    (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, NC-17, Frühstück mit Hindernissen


                                               Breakfest in the Bed                                   (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, NC-17, Breakfest with problems


Hoppy X-Mas                                                           (txt-version)   


TOS, ?/?, PG-13, Gedanken im Winterwald


                                               Hoppy x-Mas                                    (txt-version)


                                               TOS, ?/?, PG-13, In the winter-wonderland


Eine Katastrophe kommt selten allein                  (txt-version)              


TOS, K/S, G, Das Silvesterchaos geht weiter


                                               A Disaster rarely comes alone                  (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, G, Chaos at Sylvester


Immer diese Überraschungen                               (txt-version)


TOS, Mc/Sc, PG-13, Auf McCoy wartet eine Überraschung im Bett


                                               Always this surprises                                  (txt-version)


                                               TOS, Mc/Sc, PG-13, A surprise for McCoy


Koitus Interruptus                                                     (txt-version)              


TOS, Mc/Sc, K/S, NC-17, Frische Luft



                                2003 Golden Orgasm Award: Second Place (tie)

                                TOS Kirk/Spock Vignette, Third Place TOS McCoy/Scott


                                2003 ASC Award: The Newsgroup would like to recommend:

                                TOS Humor


                                               Coitus Interruptus                             (txt-version)


                                               TOS, Mc/Sc, K/S, NC-17, Fun on the air


Morgen Kinder wird’s was geben                         (txt-version)              


TOS, K/S, Mc/Sc, PG-13, Auf der Suche nach einem Weihnachtsgeschenk


                                               Tomorrow, Kids....                           (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, Mc/Sc, PG-13, Search for a Christmas-present


Pretty in Pink                                                (txt-version)


TOS, K, Mc, G, Humor, Jim hatte einen Unfall


                                               Pretty in Pink                        (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K, Mc, G, Humor, Jim has a problem


Scotty, der Heimwerkerkönig                                (txt-version)


TOS, Mc/Sc, NC-17, Ergebnisse der Bastelleidenschaft



                                2003 Golden Orgasm Award: First Place (tie) TOS MCcoy/Scott.

                                First Place (tie) TOS Slash Vignette


                                               Scotty, the Handyman-King                        (txt-version)   


                                               TOS, Mc/Sc, NC-17, Home Improvement


Tausend und eine Nacht                                         (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, NC-17, Verführung der orientalischen Art


                                               Thousand and one Night                 (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, NC-17, Seduction of the oriental kind


Tuppergames: The winner takes them all (txt-version)   


TOS, K/S, m/m, NC-17, Eine neue olympsiche Disziplin


                                               Tuppergames: The winner takes them all (txt-version)   


                                               TOS, K/S, m/m, NC-17, A new Olympic discipline


Von Fröschen und Prinzen                         (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, PG, Märchen Marke Kirk


                                               About Frogs and                      (txt-version)   


                                               TOS, K/S, PG, Jim tells a fairy-tale


Fortsetzung folgt – mehr Tuppertrek gibt’s auch hier, hier, hier, hier, hier, hier (more also in English)



Valentins-Serie (Star Trek):          Deutsch


Valentinstag                                                             (txt-version)              


TOS, K/S, PG-13, Am Valentinstag erleben Jim und Spock eine Überraschung


Nach dem Valentinstag                                          (txt-version)   


TOS, K/S, PG-13, Jims und Spocks Liebe wird bekannt


Für immer vereint                                                    (txt-version)              


TOS, K/S, PG-13, Jim und Spock binden sich für immer



Drabbles, Limericks etc. (Star Trek):


English                         Deutsch


An Interesting Question                               (txt-version)                                      


TOS, K/S, PG-13, Featering a scene from “What are little girls made of”                   


                                               Eine Interessante Frage                 (txt-version)


            TOS, K/S, PG-13, Inspiriert durch eine Szene in “Der alte Traum”


2001 ASC Award: First Place TOS Kirk/Spock Drabble


Checkmate                                                   (txt-version)                                                             


TOS, K/S, PG-13, Spock “loose” not only a chessgame                                           


                                               Schachmatt                                      (txt-version)


            TOS, K/S, PG-13, Spock “verliert” nicht nur beim Schach


2001 ASC Award: The Newsgroup would like to recommend:

TOS Generel Drabble


Headline                                                       (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, PG-13, humor, A headline and its consequences


                                               Die Schlagzeile                               (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, PG-13, Humor, Ein Zeitungsartikel uns seine Folgen


2001 ASC Award: Third Place TOS Kirk/Spock Drabble


It Doesn’t Fit                                                 (txt-version)                                                  


TOS, K/S, PG-13, humor, Guess where about they speak                                                    


                                               Passt es?                                         (txt-version)


            TOS, K/S, PG-13, Humor, Ratet selber, worüber die Zwei sprechen


Just a Limerick                                            (txt-version)


TOS, K/S, S/Mc, NC-17, humor, A Limerick as the title says


                                               Nur ein Limerick                              (txt-version)


                                               TOS, K/S, S/Mc, NC-17, Humor, Die Übersetzung des Limericks


Recently on the message bord                  (txt-version)   


TOS, PG-13, humor, Looking for someone


                                               Neulich am Schwarzen Brett          (txt-version)


                                               TOS, PG-13, Humor, Suchanzeigen




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