Title:                Replacement 1/1

Author: Lady Charena

Series:              A/R-TOS (Mirror)

Codes:              S/Mc

Rating:             NC-17, non-con


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Summary:         Dr. McCoy of "our" Universe intrudes unintentionally into the relationship of Spock and McCoy... (*No* prelude to "Deep down in my dreams")



Warning: Contains the description of S trying to rape McCoy. Please do not read further if you won't read this.


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. This story is mine and only fanfiction. No moneymaking or no offence of copyrights are intended. If you are under age or have a problem with homosexuality, please stay away.


English is not my native language, so please be patient with mistakes. My thanks to T'Len and Janet for beta. If there are remaining errors, blame me.


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* // * // * marks a change in time and/or place (memories)




Replacement 1/1

* * * * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena, (Oct. 01) Jan. 02




"How is the Captain?"


McCoy winced as the voice of the first officer of the ISS Enterprise interrupted his musings. "Hell, Spock - don't sneak at me like that!" He turned to face the Vulcan.


Spock leant against the doorframe; arms crossed in front of his chest and watched the human. McCoy behaved in a strange way ever since his return from the Halkans. He seemed to avoid the Vulcan but had been repeatedly observed talking with the Captain in a very intimate manner. Considering the usual hostility between Kirk and his CMO this was really something else. He started to wonder what had really happened down on the planet.


"I did not *sneak*," Spock answered dryly. "It is always dangerous to miss the opening of a door, Leonard. Especially at this late hour. You are alone in sickbay."


"Where's the nurse on duty?" McCoy asked, rousing from his seat. "I asked her to check the stock of the..."


"Stay. She left sickbay half an hour ago with two of your orderlies, Leonard," the Vulcan interrupted. "I have already seen for her punishment. She will suffer a ten minutes session with the agonizer for her neglect of duty. I left the orderlies in custody of security - they are waiting for your orders."


"I'll... decide in the morning", McCoy answered hesitantly.


The first officer lifted one eyebrow in astonishment. "Of course there is no need to rush their punishment," he said. "But it seems like you are losing control of your department. After your return from Halkan, you even dismissed the guard I left here to see for your safety. And you are sitting alone in sickbay at night - a sure target for Kirk's assassins." Spock left his place at the door to stand in front of the sitting physician. "Something happened down on Halkan, am I right? You have been seen with the Captain afterwards, talking and even... laughing." He added the last word with a clear tone of distaste. His dark eyes pierced McCoy's. "Are you planning to deceive me, Leonard?" he asked tensely, his voice cold and dangerous.


McCoy stared at the Vulcan. "Of course not,“ he finally managed to say. "I was just... trying to find out why he spared the Halkans. And I dismissed the guard because I needed to be alone for some time."


Spock relaxed visibly. "I... see," he said. "Did you succeed in gaining any information from the Captain?"


The physician shook his head. "No. He told me nothing at all." McCoy switched off the computer he had been working with. "It's late - time for me to get some rest."


"Do you still feel the need to be alone, Leonard? I would like to spend the night with you" the Vulcan asked in a mocking voice. "And I will not take a 'no' for an answer."


McCoy gulped. He had spent a great deal of the evening reading the private log of the 'real' CMO of the ISS Enterprise he found in the physician’s office, the computer tapes only safeguarded with a voice-lock. He knew from the recordings that the other McCoy and the First Officer shared a kind of relationship. "I do not,“ he finally said. "But I am tired, Spock."




* // * // *


"Co-operate with everything as far as you can, Bones," Jim told him after he informed Kirk earlier that evening about Spock and the CMO of this vessel. "I don't want him to get suspicious." 


"Are you telling me to bed Spock if he wants to?" he remembered his own sarcastic comment.



There had been a long silence. Then Jim lifted his head to look into McCoy's eyes. "If there is no other way - yes. I cannot order you to do it. But the Vulcan is a very dangerous man. He may look like the Spock we know - but he lacks his integrity, his loyalty to the Captain. Every time I met him, I feel like he is searching for signs of weakness, ready to attack me. If he becomes suspicious I don't know what will happen."


McCoy didn't answer. He avoided the eyes of his Captain. "Don't you think he will notice a difference?" he finally managed to say. "Remember I'm a doctor, not an actor."


"Bones... have you ever been with a man before?" Jim asked.


At that moment, Marlena interrupted their conversation by arriving in Kirk's quarters and spared McCoy an answer. But it would have been 'no'...


* // * // *




The Vulcan went around the desk to stand in front of the physician. "I already told you I will not take a 'no' for answer,“ he repeated coldly. "I observed your reluctance to come to my bed for some time now and I am getting tired of it. Do I have to remind you that you are bound to serve my needs, Leonard? I own your life - how dare you to deny me the use of your body?"


Again dark, burning eyes pierced his and McCoy had to force himself not to avoid the gaze of the Vulcan. He licked his dry lips. "I don't," he said. "I just feel... exhausted. Spock, listen, I cannot be of much use to you if I..."


"Are you making excuses, Leonard?" the Vulcan interrupted and his voice was dangerously low. "I will not tolerate any of it. You are mine to do with to my liking and you had better remember your place. Even the CMO of this ship is replaceable. I heard rumours about M'Benga - he would kill you to get your position. As far you are under my protection..." He stopped to watch the reaction to his words.


McCoy felt like he had been stunned. He gulped, searching in vain for something to say.


"I await you in my quarters in ten minutes. I expect you to be showered and prepared." With that, Spock turned and left McCoy's office.


McCoy reached for his communicator to signal Jim - but the Captain didn't answer. With a curse, he dropped the useless device onto the desk and his face into his hands. "I can't do that," he whispered. "But if I don't... if I refuse to... serve... him, I fear he is able to... rape me or even kill me."


For almost five minutes, he tried to think of a way out. He knew he had only one choice - he had to outwit the Vulcan. If he'd be able to administer a sleeping drug to Spock before the first officer became too suspicious, he could escape without risking their return. But how? He jumped up to search through the stock of medicines in his offices. There - a strong sleeping drug. It would subdue the Vulcan for several hours, hopefully even long enough for them to make their escape from the ship. He loaded the drug into a hypo and decided to hide it in the sleeve of his tunic.


He left his office and went to his quarters - followed by one of Spock's guards.


* * *


With a sign of relief McCoy noted that the guard waited in front of his door as he entered his quarters.


Three minutes left. He dropped his clothes and went into the shower.

Less then two minutes left as he went out and slipped into fresh garments. He hid the hypo carefully in his sleeve again. There was almost no visibly bulge and it would be quick at hand. He didn't dare to think about what would happen if he couldn't stun the Vulcan in time.


With less the one minute left he slipped out of the door and went to Spock's quarters. His guard lined up to the Vulcan's own sentinel.


* * *


His eyes needed a moment to adjust to the dim lit room. He had seldom visited Spock's quarters - 'their' Spock's quarters - but the room bore surprisingly much resemblance to the one he knew. Red drapings on the walls and a collection of very old and very deadly looking weapons. The rest of the room was sparsely furnished. Just something bothered him...  there was no 'Guardian' - this stone-what-ever Spock kept in his quarters.



Spock was seated at his desk, only wearing a dark robe. "So... you decided to come after all." He moved to get up and crossed the room to stand in front of the physician.


McCoy licked his dry lips and felt unconsciously for the hypo in his sleeve. "I'm here as ordered," he answered stiffly.


Dark eyes narrow suspiciously. Spock took another step closer to the human - and reached for McCoy. Before the physician could move to escape, the Vulcan's fingers clamped down on his wrist, drawing him still closer to Spock.


"Secrets, my dear Leonard? I think I am disappointed," the first officer mocked as he took out the hypo from McCoy's sleeve. Long fingers played with the gleaming device for a moment.


McCoy broke free from the Vulcan's grip and stepped back. "I... I can explain..." he started.


"No excuses! You are famous for your little 'tricks', Doctor McCoy - but they never worked with me. I thought you would have learned this by now."


Spock closed his fingers around the hypo and for a moment, the physician thought he would administer it to him - but instead the Vulcan crossed the room to put it into the disposal slot.


"Do not try anything that stupid again or you will spent some time in one of the agony boxes." Spock again approached the human. "Take off your clothes. I am tired of this games."


McCoy stared at the Vulcan and felt panic raising its ugly head. He could not... do that. But at the same time - as if it was an independent creature - his hand moved to open the hidden seam of his tunic. He drew it over his head and stopped again.


Spock crossed his arms in front of his chest, his eyes narrowed again. "Go on!"


The physician tried to stall by peeling off his boats slowly and awkwardly.


As he straightened, again the Vulcan went to him. Steely fingers closed around his wrist, drawing him near to the other man. Dark eyes pierced his. "What happened to your earlier readiness to share my bed?" Spock's voice tripped with sarcasm. "I remember a time you begged me to take you."


"I... I am exhausted," McCoy whispered, he could not think of anything else to say.


After a moment Spock pushed him away and he almost stumbled and felt to the floor. "Go on and take off your clothes. And get into the bed,“ the Vulcan ordered coldly. "I can call my guards to help you, if you should prefer."


Shell-shocked the physician obeyed. His hands shook as he opened his trousers and pushed them down to step out. Naked he stood in front of the Vulcan.


"Get into the bed."


McCoy slowly turned and retreated to the bed to set down on the edge. His heartbeat increased and he felt sweet covering his forehead and chest. He tried to prepare himself for what would come. And failed. As a doctor, he knew the techniques of anal intercourse and of some other homosexual practices but he never felt like trying out one of it. He also knew vulcan males were built very generously. He shivered thinking of the pain the penetration would cause.


The Vulcan watched the trembling human as he opened his robe and shed it, then approached the bed.


The eyes of the physician widened. He had seen Spock naked during examinations and at landing missions. But he had never before seen him getting aroused. The heavy, greenish cock lifted seemingly out of Spock's will, not needing direct stimulation. The two ridges on the tip flared, glisting wetly in the dim light.


Dark eyes bore into McCoy's. "Are you refusing me?" the Vulcan asked coldly.


Unable to speak McCoy shook his head. Spock pushed him down to lay on flat his back and he knew better than to fight him. Instead he slid up on the bed and turned to kneel. He couldn't stop trembling and tried in vain to relax a bit so it would hurt lesser. A bitter taste filled his mouth as he waited like this - a moment - an eternity... Then a finger probed the virgin opening to his body and he bit onto his lower lip to prevent a moan.


"I told you to be prepared." Spock withdrew his hand and reached for a nearby bottle.


McCoy gulped. "There... there was no time."


A bottle was shoved into his hands. "Do it no!"


McCoy's finger shook violently as he opened it and squeezed some of the lube onto his palm. Following a clue, he turned to face Spock and reached for the Vulcan's cock instead of preparing himself first. Keeping his eyes down, not daring to watch him, McCoy spread the lube onto the stiff, pulsing rod, stalling for time. If he could finish the Vulcan this way, he maybe...


Spock pushed him back. "Enough! I will enter you."


Again McCoy went to his knees. Sweat poured down his brows and burned in his eyes. The Vulcan pushed his legs apart to gain better access and the next moment the physician felt something hard and hot nudging his anus. No foreplay to loosen the cramped ring of muscles only a steady pressure and a sharp pain jutting through his body. He closed his eyes and clutched at the sheet. There seemed not enough air in the room, he could nearly breathe.


Suddenly the pressure was gone and the Vulcan pushed McCoy down to lay flat on his belly.


"Who are you?" he hissed, his mouth next to the human's ear.


McCoy managed a shaky laugh. "Are you trying to crack jokes? Now?" The next moment Spock left him and he was turned around.


"You have never been with a man before. Who are you?" the kneeling Vulcan repeated.


Panic rose in McCoy's chest. "Leonard McCoy. CMO of the Enterprise," he whispered.


"Liar." Spock reached for his face. As he entered the human's mind McCoy passed out.


* * *


The noise of his communicator woke McCoy. He opened his eyes and groaned. His head hurt. With a curse he grabbed the device and answered. "McCoy here."


"Bones, are you okay?" Jim asked.


"I slept," the physician answered curtly.


"Okay. Scotty is ready to beam us home. We meet in transporter room one in ten minutes. And Bones - hurry. Kirk out."


Home. Relief flooded McCoy as he went up and reached for his clothes. He couldn't remember going to bed. He knew he had talked to Spock in sickbay - but afterwards? There was no time to think about this know.

He finished dressing, fastened the communicator to his belt and left his quarters...