One-night-love 1/1









Author:           Lady Charena <>

Series:           TOS (pre-series)

Part:               NEW 1/1

Rating:           NC-17

Codes:           K/S, first time

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Summary: A young Vulcan seeks shelter from the rain in a bar. There he meets a young human.

Note: What more do I have to say? <g> There it goes...


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. I borrowed a small part from it, to have some fun with the Boys. The story is mine and only fanfiction - no moneymaking or offence of copyrights intended.

If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-relations and -sex - sorry, you've picked the wrong story for your entertainment. Please be patient with any errors - English is not my native language. My thanks to T'Len for beta. And my deepest gratitude to my kind T'Boy, who did again a great job to correct my mistakes. If there are any left, blame me.



One-night-love 1/1


by Lady Charena




The Vulcan hesitated, standing just inside the entrance, looking through the small window built into the door. This was none of the locations he usually visited.

The room was grey with smoke, music flashed from time to time through the steady flow of chatter and laughter. The heavy aroma of alcohol filled his sensitive nose - like the scent from at least three different drugs.

A gust hit him in the back, forcing him further in the entrance and reminded him vividly, why he even considered seeking shelter in this bar.

* * *

After their arrival in Earth's orbit, shore leave was granted for the crew, until the new Captain would arrive. The former Captain of the Enterprise, Christopher Pike, was promoted to HQ at the end of their mission. He had already left the ship. Spock knew, most of his comrades had planned for weeks for these free days - but he had put off doing so too. There was no one who would ask the young science officer to join in, after his refusals in the past. He was known for his disinterest in human amusements. Spock usually stayed on the ship during such periods, to meditate or play chess against the ship's computer. But this time it was impossible - the ship would be uninhabitable for at least four days. So he went for quarters in one of the spacedock-hotels. Although his mother was a human, he had no intention to visit Earth.

But after two days of enforced passivity in the little room, he hungered for fresh air - and took a shuttle to the surface of the planet. He had spent two years in San Francisco, studying at the Starfleet academy - so he was somewhat familiar with this town. Going straight to the beach, which was deserted in autumn, he found as much peace and silence as he wished to indulge himself with.


Lost in thought, he forgot time and space - the cold air of the approaching dusk took him nearly by surprise. And on his way back to town, the rain started.

Chilled and wet to the bone, he sought shelter in the old harbour of San Francisco and this bar. Tremors run through his body, convincing him of the logic to go in.


The chatter stopped, as the new guest was noticed - but only for a moment. Spock sought his way through the smoke, the faint lighting guiding him. The elderly barmaid gazed at him with little interest. His request for coffee - he dared not ask for tea, which he usually preferred - was answered with a sarcastic grin. But a few minutes later he held a cup of the bitter stuff in his hands - grateful for its warmth.

* * *

"Got caught in the rain?" a voice suddenly asked.


Spock turned and found himself confronted with the attention of a young man, smiling at him. The Vulcan nodded - wondering what seemed to be *that* amusing with his present condition.


The human took the stool next to his, reaching for the glass, the woman had served without a request.


"You're visiting Earth?" the young man asked, taking a sip of his drink. Spock kept his silence, unsure how to react to the blunt curiosity of the human.


"Oh, I see - I forgot my manners. My name is Jim." The blond man seemed to sense his uneasiness and waited patiently for an answer.


"Spock," the Vulcan replied after a while. "I am on shore leave for the time during the refit of the ship I serve." He wondered about himself, explaining this to the human...


Enthusiasm shone in the eyes of the other. "You're from Starfleet? Which ship?"


Spock only nodded, never hearing the second question. Directly over them was one of the brighter lights spaced sparsely around the rest of the foggy room and he got lost in the golden vision before his eyes. The bright hair seemed to glow - and an obstinate curl, fallen onto a slightly tanned forehead, only confirmed the boyish smile on the lush lips. Hazel eyes met and held his with an intensity, which made him uneasy.

Nothing in his life had prepared him for this moment. Or for this man.


He tore his gaze free - to see the half amused, half ironic smile, playing around the human's lips. His eyes travelled the length of the muscular body, broad shoulders, sculptured legs in tight jeans, hiding nothing.

The young Vulcan reached for his cup, gulping more from the bitter coffee, to hide his embarrassment over his improper scrutiny. His heartbeat was accelerated, a sinking sensation in his stomach.

Another tremor run through his body - and this one had nothing to do with his wet clothes.


"You must be freezing. Take this."


Spock lifted his head, as something soft and warm came around his shoulders. It was the human's jacket.


"Better now?" Jim asked and smiled at the obvious confusion in the Vulcan's eyes.

'This smile...' Spock felt a strange fire trailing through his body, ignited from the dazzling eyes, the smile - and the scent of the human.


The Vulcan was sitting there, his forgotten cup in both hands, fighting for control. His mind was a turmoil of impressions, of feelings, he could not recognise.


As the human took his cup away, he closed his eyes. As a cool hand touched his cheek, he gasped for air - but refused to look at the man.

A fingertip circled teasingly his lips. "Won't you look at me at all?"


He did.


Hazel eyes sparkled. "I have an Aircar outside the bar. What do you think about a little trip? To a place we can continue this fascinating... talk..."


Spock knew, he should now leave the bar or reject the proposition of the human. But he did neither... instead he found himself nodding his consent.

* * *

Ten minutes later he followed the human to a hotel. He did not know which - and he did not care. It was warm in the luxurious suite.


"First, you have to get rid of this wet stuff."

The human started to open Spock's tunic. But suddenly he stopped. 'Too fast...' He was always ready for a challenge - and to approach a Vulcan was *really* a challenge - but this was something else. He couldn't name it, couldn't explain the sudden desire, which had flashed through him with the first look at the dripping man in the door-frame.


He met dark eyes, unsure and dazzled. The neat black hair had lost its properness and framed the Vulcan's face like shreds of midnight silk. The human yearned to slid his fingers through it. Reaching out to the Vulcan, he touched the shining hair, brushing the tip of a pointed ear.


Spock gasped, closing his eyes, as a shudder ran through his body.


Jim learned the handsome features with his fingertips, tracing the thin lower lip, revelling in the heat of the slender body - igniting a similar heat in his groin. He always had a weakness for beauty and this Vulcan was exquisite. But this was more...

After that thought he quit thinking.


With a last caress he stepped back. "Do you still feel cold?"


The Vulcan nodded, averting his eyes.


Jim pushed him in the direction of the bath. "Then take a hot shower, it'll help."

* * *

Spock shed his clothes with mechanical movements. He could still feel the brush of cool, human fingers over his skin. And he just began to understand the turmoil of sensations assaulting him...


Hot water poured over his chilled body. Spock closed his eyes, as the tension slowly vanished, leaving him with a sense of well-being. He stopped the fruitless struggle with his emotions - without asking why...


A cold gust startled him. As he turned, the human stood in the door of the shower stall. Naked.


Jim slid into the cubicle. "I thought, you might need help...", he said.

And smiled, as Spock backed up another step - he was now cornered, standing outside the spray.


Taking some soap into his palms, Jim started to work it to a rich foam.


Spock closed his eyes, as human-cool hands spread the soft foam over his shoulders, his chest. Brushing over already erect nubs. Then back to the arms, soaping each from shoulder to the slender, elegant fingers.


Jim lifted his head to find the Vulcan's gaze on their joined fingers. He pressed Spock's palms - covered with his hands - against his own chest, gasping about the heat, seeping from them and through his skin.

Lifting his hands slowly away, the Vulcan's remained...


Suddenly giving up his passivity, Spock started to stroke the smooth, muscular chest. He brushed pinkish, hard nipples with the pads of his thumbs, savouring the groan he tore from the human.

Just a moment later he found himself enveloped in human arms, cool lips touching his for the first time.

Crushing their bodies together, Jim rubbed his abdomen against an answering hardness. The kiss broke as both men had to gasp for air.

Jim pulled the Vulcan back under the hot spray, stepping behind him. Taking more soap in his palm, he spread it over Spock's back, massaging the last remains of tension out of the thin shoulders.

Drawing a fingertip down the Vulcan's spine, he enjoyed the soft moan of his lover. He pushed his finger in the crevice between the buttocks, brushing the hidden orifice.

The Vulcan stiffened.


"Hush, let me. I won't hurt you," Jim whispered in a pointed ear, nibbling at the soft, hot flesh behind. His free hand slid around the Vulcan's hip, to touch his erection for the first time. He traced the exotic double ridges with a fingertip, which earned him a gasp. Closing his fingers around the hard cock, he started to milk him slowly.


Spock braced himself against the shower wall, spreading his legs slightly. A tremor ran through him, as a cool, slick finger entered. He pushed back, as the human sank his teeth in the soft flesh of his neck...


His head lolled on Jim's shoulder, as he came, his lips searching the sweet human mouth.


Spock turned slowly. His eyes sparkled, as he cupped the human's face, kissing him. He drank the strangled cry from slightly swollen lips, as the human finished himself.


They left the shower after a quick wash, dried and went into the bedroom.

Jim straddled the Vulcan on the spacious bed. "Something intensive like this... never happened to me before..." he whispered. "You have to believe me..."

Spock silenced him with a kiss, pulling him down onto him.

* * *

Jim woke, as a hard, hot body snuggled up to him. The dusty light of the morning oozed through the windows, as he opened his eyes.

Turning his head, he gazed at the sleeping Vulcan beside him. A strand of the dark, silken hair - fallen over the relaxed features. Thin lips - slightly swollen. A bruise on the soft flesh of the throat.



He remembered...


A movement beside him startled him from his silent reverie, a few minutes later.


The Vulcan stretched his body, but stopped, as his foot impacted with a cool human leg. He opened his eyes - and for a moment shone mere confusion in the dark orbs. Then he turned his head, to met the human's gaze.


Reaching out with one hand, Spock traced the cool lips, the now familiar features. He brushed the ever-obstinate curl back to order. Saying goodbye.


Jim smiled. "Good morning," he said teasingly. "Do you still feel cold?" Without waiting for an answer, he sealed the soft lips with a gentle kiss.


But Spock backed up, shaking his head, to clear out the last remains of sleep. Then he got up.


Human eyes followed every movement, as the Vulcan disappeared in the bathroom, to pick up his now nearly dry clothes.


"What's up? You don't want to leave this early, don't you?" Jim demanded to know, as Spock entered the room, now fully clothed.


The Vulcan averted his eyes from the naked man, sitting on the edge of the bed. "I have to," he said voiceless.


"You said, you're on leave, right? So why don't you stay and we can talk? I want to tell you..." Jim got up, too.


But Spock cut in. "No, Jim." For the first time he used the human's name. "This is a useless discussion. I have to go." He turned away. "I am... sorry."


Jim's voice stopped him on his way to the door.


"If you step through this door, I won't see you again, will I?" he asked quietly, with final certainty.


The Vulcan nodded, once. Then he opened the door and left.

* * *

The human stared at the door.

He felt suddenly very cold inside and returned slowly to the bed. He could smell the Vulcan in the rumpled sheets, the pillows.


'It shouldn't be like this' he thought. 'It should mean nothing. Just another one-night-stand...'

But he had fallen for the Vulcan like a moth for the flame... and burned his wings. Jim closed his eyes.


After a while he got up. The suite seemed much too small, too confining. Containing too many memories. He decided, he needed fresh air.


As he passed the reception, the clerk called him. "Captain Kirk?" He went to her.

The young woman smiled at him. "Good morning, Captain. There is a tape for you."


He took it from her hand - his grateful smile false, projecting a warmth, he did not feel - and inserted it into the slot of a terminal.

It was a message from Admiral Nogura. The refit of the Enterprise would be finished earlier. He was supposed to take over command tomorrow.







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