Series: Kung Fu – The Legend Continues

Pairing: Strenlich/Blake,

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Humor


Summary: Sometimes monitoring someone can be fun


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




"What’s this about?” Peter Caine asked astonished as he entered the 101st precinct and heard the kissing noises coming from the loudspeakers.


"Blake obviously has put his current bugging operation through to us," Mary-Margaret Skalany explained.


The sound became louder, accompanied by a groan.


"What he’s doing in there?" Peter wondered. "This almost sounds like..."


He was interrupted by Kermit Griffin. "Exactly, T.J. fetch us some coffee, please, and a couple of bagels. Roger shall help you to carry it."


"Why did you send them away?" Jody Powell asked surprised.


"Because, if soon happens what I think will happen none of us would wish our resident greenhorn and the son of the commissioner to hear it."


"What do you think will happen?" Peter asked.


"Look, what I have for you. As I saw this at Macy’s, I simply couldn't resist. You will look terrific in it," sounded Strenlich’s voice out the loudspeaker.


"Oh Frank, what a terrific skirt," Blake answered.


"Exactly this," Kermit replied unmoved.


"Strenlich?" Peter asked astonished.


"Oh yeah," came the answer from Kermit.


"Does give Blake femal clothes?"


"Oh yeah."


"This at least explains why I constantly meet him in my preferential boutiques recently, although he is separated from his wife since months," Jody remarked.


"He had to be very lonesome, if he now makes a pass on Blake," Peter commented.


"Don’t we all have our little, dark secrets, do we?" Kermit looked at him with a penetrating gaze and Peter blushed.


"I knew, your sexy ass simply looks fantastic in this. I can’t wait to get into it."


"Sexy ass? Blake? I think I’m going to get sick," Skalany moaned. "Even if he would be to last man on Earth I never would..."


"Oh Frank, you know how horny your talking makes me if you say such words."


"They must have accidentally switched on the transmitter," Jody wondered.


"Surely not with purpose or do you think they wanted to deliver us a bit conversation topic for the evening," Kermit answered her cynically.


"I have something more for you, something quite big and hard."


"Oh Frank ... Gosh ... you know I’m still on duty."


"I don't want your ears, honey."


“Surely not.” Peter grinned. "But the chief ever should dare to say I would constantly make extra-tours."


"Come on, Henry. We’ve not done it since already eight hours. I can’t stand it any longer."


"Eight hours?" said Jody and Mary-Margaret at unison and glanced at each other with open envy? "He gets it every eight hours?"


"Don't you want to ride on my bar a bit? Feeling the whole 24 centimetres in you?”


"24 centimetres?" Jody whispered doubtfully.


"Happy Blake," Skalany sighed.


Kermit loosened his tie.


"Put it in me, Frank. Deep in me."


"Immediately, baby, immediately."


"Only that I get this right," Peter said. "And that this here isn't a macabre joke of yours, our chief actually fucks Blake after he has put him into a skirt?"


"Oh yeah."


"The world is crazy."


"Has someone ever said something else?” Kermit was cynical as always.


"Do you feel how it drives into you, baby? Up to the root?"


"Yes ... yes.... talk further, Frank. It turns me so on, if you talk dirty with me, " Blake begged moaning.


Kermit mumbled: "Not only you, baby," and opened the two topmost buttons of his shirt.


"Feel you too hot?” Skalany asked Jody. She only nodded.


Peter squinted restlessly on the desk on which he had put himself up.


"I fuck you, till you see stars and don't know your name any more. I screw you till tomorrow morning and then I’ll begin again."


"Oh yes... yesss ..."


"I fuck you till... Henry, what for is the signal light on your desk?”


"Damn! This is the connection to the precinct, I must have fallen on it as you kissed me so passionately after your arrival. Damn, do you know what this means?"


"Yes, you idiot. Switch it off. Immediately!"


The connection was interrupted. For a moment there was only silence in the room.


"Pity," Kermit mumbled, "Now we don't hear how it ends."


"I’m afraid there will not be happen between them much more today, I mean after this shock," Peter replied and slipped of the desk. "I’ve got to go now. I have an appointment with Pop."


"Wait I come along!" Kermit and Skalany called at once but Peter had already stormed out the room.


"Hey, Kermit, what do you think about supper by two?” Jody scrutinised him interestedly. “Or by three," she added when Mary-Margaret tugged at her sleeves.




The next morning.


"You somehow look worn out," an obviously cheerful Peter remarked to Kermit.


He shrugged his shoulders. "Let’s say I was invited for supper and I was the dessert. Twice."


"Say, how long have you been here yesterday evening?" Strenlich asked as he entered the precinct.


"Long enough," Kermit answered. "Good work, Chief."


Jody clasped Blake, who tried to take seat at his desk as unobtrusively as possible, friendly on the shoulder. "You must be a very happy man, honestly."


Blake blushed.


"Really 24 centimetres and every eight hours?" Skalany asked and Blake dwindled apparently a bit.


Strenlich bundled all his authority together. "If someone only says another word I will take care that he or she goes patrol till eternity," he announced and vanished into his office.


"It seems that yesterday happened really interesting things here, It nearly sounded as if the chief and Blake... and we had to fetch bagels which then none wanted any more,” Roger Chin said.


T.J. clasped on his shoulder, smiling. "Don’t worry,” he said. "I had switched the recorder on before we went out and have taken the tape on me last night." He showed it to Roger. "If you like, then come this evening to a small private show to me. And then...," he smiled, "we can see further."


Roger also smiled. "This seems to become an interesting evening."