Title:            Love's a bird... 1/1


Author:           Lady Charena

Series:           TOS

Rating:           NR

Codes:            K/S, Drabble

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Summary: none...


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns all Star Trek. I borrowed just a part of it to play. The story is mine - no moneymaking or offence of copyrights intended.


I love my two Boys and I love them most when they're together. So if you're underage or offended by the idea of m/m-relations and -sex, please move on to a more suitable story.


Please be patient with any errors, English is not my native language. My thanks to my dear beta T'Boy.




Love’s a bird…

Lady Charena


Love’s a bird she needs to fly.

Let all of the pain inside of you die.

ã Madonna, Frozen



There were no tears,

no outward sign of grief.


Just a stillness like death itself in the slender body.

No spark of life in the dark eyes.


Gentle hands opened the lid of the box.

For the very last time.


Slowly he opened his fist

and let the winds blow the ash from his palm.



For a long time he stood on the edge of the

ragged cliff.


Watched the eternal rhythm of the waves,

down on the shore.


Then he slowly turned.

To continue his life.



But his soul joined his mate’s to soar free amongst the stars...