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 Please read the rules carefully




  1. Okay, we changed the rules a bit. So actually you do NOT have to contribute a story or something similar to the fest if you like to join the list. Although of course we strongly encourage you to let yourself get inspired by one of our scenarios and phrases and write something. In addition we welcome arts, photomanips, poems, drabbles and what ever else your muse will give you. That will still be archived here and we would welcome a exclusivity for one month after a wave’s deadline. Later you may post where ever it suits you. And of course our authors and artists appreciate feedback very much. So please also join the list if you just want to tell them something or if you like to discuss the relationship between Captain Kirk and his CMO.    
  2. Deadline for the 4th wave is November 30, 2005. Until then stories will remain exclusively to the mailing-list. After this we ask you to have them exclusively for the website for one additional month. After that you may post them wherever you like. You may post non-exclusive stories etc. to the list but this will not be archived here.
  3. The main-focus of the list is Kirk/McCoy. Other pairings in a story are allowed (this goes also for Kirk/others and McCoy/others and Kirk/McCoy/others).
  4. It should be slash but how explicit is up to you. Anything from G till NC-17 is allowed, pre-slash also.
  5. Non-con-sex, bdsm, rape, character-death etc. are allowed but should be properly announced in the header.
  6. The header should read like this:












The story is part of the KirkMcCoyFest at


  1. Please send the finished stories as text-file or word-doc to for archiving.
  2. This is an English-fest but because the admins are Germans and very much like to have more German fanfiction on the net we highly encourage Germans to participate, too.






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If you need some more inspiration see also Acidqueen’s K/Mc-Links



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