by Jimaine


My very first M*A*S*H creation and it's...a drabble!!! (jumps for joy)



Rating: PG

Pairing: Hawkeye/ ? (Trapper, B.J., whomever you prefer)

Archive: mash-slash, if you want it. T'Len's & Lady Charena's place, too.

Disclaimer: M*A*S*H and the characters belong to other, more influential forces, I wouldn't dream of making any money off them. However, if you got some change to spare, I'll be grateful.





The morning finds us waiting.



Not the reveille, not the choppers bringing in more wounded, but…


As long as they remain unspoken, it's safe.

Safe for them, our loved ones, families, friends, patients, and safe for us.

Another Korean dawn in your arms.


Safe kisses and touches in our comfort zone of casual intimacy that nothing in this war could destroy, only words.

If I said them, there'd be pain.

If I said them, you'd matter.

If I said 'I love you', I would mean it.

And you might believe me.

You would.

So I don't.