Title:               healing hands

Author:            T'Elsi <TElsi2230@aol.com>

Series:             TOS

Rating:            PG-13

Codes:            K POV, [K/S]



Summary: Sometimes hands heal…


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Kirk and Spock. I borrow them to write this story. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights is intended, no no.


Well, this is a piece of trek smut - so you know you have to say bye-bye if you're underage or don't like homosexual love in all its facet's.


I hope my English isn't too bad - it's not my native language.


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healing hands




It’s past time to sleep.

But I cannot. I feel cold, I feel tense.

Every muscle in my body seems to be knotted.

And I am unable to relax.


Too much happened today.

Too much was left unsaid.


Like so many times before you saved my life.

And brought me back aboard the Enterprise in time.



Bones gave me his usual lecture to hide his relief, after checking me over twice.

And shooed me into one of his sickbay beds, ignoring my protest.

I hate to spend more time in sickbay as absolutely necessary.


I hate to be separated from you.

Even for a short time.

There is so much I could not tell you…




Suddenly steps breaking the nightly silence. A visitor at this late hour?



I open my eyes.

You. Ah, I should have known...


I open my mouth to ask you, why…

…as your forefinger touches my lips to silent me.




The dim light from the lamp over my bed casts shadows over your face.

I cannot read the look in your eyes.

But the ghost of a smile plays around your lips, I swear, for a moment I saw you smile…




Just like this, just my name. But it feels good.

No one ever said my name like you.


Again I try to open my mouth – to tell you about my feelings…

…but again your finger stops me.


“There is no need for words, Jim. I understand.”


Do you really?


“You are way too tense to sleep. Let me help, Jim.”


I am almost tempted to ask for a good night kiss… but this is no time to make funnies.

So I only nod my approval. What ever you want, my friend. I trust you.


I think you’ve read the answer in my eyes… There – again this almost invisible smile.


“Please turn around.”


Your next words startle me from my silent musings and I almost start.

But I obey your request, curiosity rising inside of me.



Cool air caresses my skin as you turn down the sheet to my waist. Some time I got rid of the sickbay overall, so I suddenly remember my nakedness…


But the touch of your hands upon my bare shoulders brushes away this thought.

So hot…


I never thought it would feel this way to be touched by you.

But I maybe dreamt of it…


Your palms are incredibly soft, sliding like silk over my skin.

Your strong fingers digging almost painfully into my tense muscles and I cannot suppress a soft moan.


Slowly I feel my body relax beneath your gentle and skilful ministrations.

It’s not by far the first massage I receive, but one of the most… caring. Almost loving.

I wonder how it your feel if you allow your hands to travel a bit deeper…


Oh, stop this thoughts, J.T. This is Spock, remember? Your Vulcan friend.

But still I wonder…


Suddenly your hands stop.


You’re a telepath by touch – is it possible you received my last thought?

I hope not.


“I think this is enough. You should be able to sleep now.”


I slowly turn to face you. “Thanks, Spock. I feel much better.”


A soft glow lit your dark eyes. “You are welcome, Jim.” And with a silent nod you turned to go.




And before sleep claims me I think of your healing hands… Maybe they could heal my heart, too?