Title:               Circles

Author:           T'Elsi <TElsi2230@aol.com>

Series:             TOS, poem

Rating:            G

Codes:            K POV, [K/S]



Summary: separation and hope


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Kirk and Spock. I borrow them to write this story. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights is intended, no no.


Well, this is a piece of trek smut - so you know you have to say bye-bye if you're underage or don't like homosexual love in all its facet's.


I hope my English isn't too bad - it's not my native language.


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Circles by T'Elsi




It seems like the hardest thing in my entire life…

to let you go again.

But then I see no way to hold you back.

I do not know why you are leaving.


Maybe I am too scared to ask.



A long time ago I had to watch you walk away.

The first time... not the last.

Then you went to Gol and tried to get rid of me.


No, that's not fair, that’s not why you left.



We were much younger then.

More insecure of our own feelings.

But I was as much in love with you as I am now.


Now I am much older, but not much wiser…



So I stand by watching you walk away.

And try to believe you will find a way back to me.

Because our life follows circles.


And I know… love will take you back to me.

One day.