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English, Star Trek, mostly K/S


A gift of love                                      (txt-version)

Jim Kirk turn’s 50 this day. Spock has a surprise for him

post-TOS/pre-TWOK. K/S, NC-17,


2003 Golden Orgasm Award: First Place (tie) TOS Slash Novella,

Second Place (tie) TOS Het Novella, Second Place TOS Spock/female,

Second Place (tie) TOS Novella, Third Place TOS Kirk/Spock Novella


All the things she said                     (txt-version)

T’Pring calls Spock to Vulcan

TOS, S/T’Pring (K/S), AR, NC-17


A love supreme                                (txt-version)

They meet, they fall in love, they part and meet again...

TOS, K/S, NC-17, AU, ft.


A night at the beach                         (txt-version)

A night at the beach, when love blooms under a sky full of stars...

TOS, K/S, R, poem


A rainy night in Georgia                  (txt-version)

Spock’s return changes everything

TOS, K/Mc, K/S impl., NC-17, AR-TOS, post-V’Ger


A summer in Shi’Kar                       (txt-version)

Sybok initiates his younger brother into sexuality

Sequel to T’Len’s “A summer in Iowa

Prä-TOS, S/Sybok, K/S impl., NC-17, AU, ft, incest


Bondage                                           (txt-version)

Reality or strange dream? Or maybe just hidden fantasies? Who knows…

TOS, K/S, R b/d, d/s


Dear Diary                                        (txt-version)

Somebody makes an entry into a dairy…

TOS, ?/Ch, K/S implied, R, POV


2001 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place TOS Spock/McCoy


Deep down in my dreams               (txt-version)   

McCoy has to deal with his encounter with the Spock from the Mirror-Universe

TOS, Mirror-S/Mc, POV, R


Doctors Recommendation             (txt-version)

Kirk believes McCoy totally heterosexual, but McCoy is not.

Kirk/McCoy, ST-TMP, PG-13


Down on my knees                          (txt-version)

Spock's reaction to his new Captain

Sequel to T’Len’s “The First Night

TOS, S, R, POV, Humor


Give it a try                                        (txt-version)


TOS; R, K/S, humour, Drabble


His father’s son                                (txt-version)

Doctor McCoy experiences that David truly is “his father’s son”

TOS, Mc/David, NC-17, AR (ST II)


How I come to love Mondays          (txt-version)

On their camping trip to Yosemite Kirk has to face some - after all not *that* quite surprising - news

Sequel  to T'Len’s "Aloha Hawaii

TOS, K/S, NC-17, post-ST IV


A taste of paradise                          (txt-version)

Kirk and Spock spend some time on Hawaii - and meet an old acquaintance

Sequel to: “How I come to love Mondays”

TOS, K/S, NC-17, post-ST IV


For the night… and forever             (txt-version)

After the “little” trip to Nimbus III…

Sequel to “ A taste of paradise”



I lay in darkness                               (txt-version)

Omicron Ceti III - while influenced by the spores, Spock betrayed his mate

TOS, K/S, R, AR, non-con,


Like champagne                              (txt-version)

Waiting four you...

TOS, G, K/S, POV, Drabble


Like the sun                                      (txt-version)

Kirk has very disturbing dreams after the mission on Exo III.

His dreams continue to show him another version of the events

TOS, K/S (non-con, angst) NC-17 ft, TOS post-series “What are little girls made of?”


2002 Golden Orgasm Award: First Place Misc Het


Love is no crime                              (txt-version)

How do I tell my daughter? How do I tell my father?

TOS; S/Mc (ER), Mc/M, Mc/F (impl.), R, ar


Love’s a bird                                    (txt-version)

None summary

TOS, K/S, R, Drabble


Lost dreams                                     (txt-version)

Jim and Spock try to deal with the end of their relationship - and the reasons for it

References to the episodes "Operation Annihilation", "Amok Time" and to STMP.

TOS, K/S, NC-17


Longing                                             (txt-version)

An unexpected guest on Kirk's wedding party

Sequel to "Lost dreams"

post-TOS, K/S, R


The call                                              (txt-version)

V'ger joined them. But was it really V'gers call, which made Spock leave Gol?

Sequel Longing"



Consumation                                    (txt-version)

Shortly after V’Ger Spock entered pon farr

Sequel to “The call”

TOS, K/S, NC-17, post-STTMP


Lost in the light                                 (txt-version)

Spock’s death

Sequel to “Consumation”

TOS, K/S, NC-17, Post-TOS, ST II


Say my name                                   (txt-version)

After Spock’s fal tor pan

Sequel to “Lost in the light”

TOS, K/S, R, post-ST III


Made of stone                                  (txt-version)

Spock’s thoughts during his captivity on Sigma Draconis VI – see TOS-episode “Spock’s Brain” for details

TOS, K/S, G, POV, poem


Medical orders                                 (txt-version)

Spock and McCoy are discussing a new order from the medical department of HQ.

TOS, PG 13, S/Mc, Drabble


Moments                                           (txt-version)

Spock proposed his Captain

TOS, K/S, ft, R


2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place (tie) TOS K/S Single-Part-Story


My sweet sixteen                             (txt-version)

Well... just a bit of love at first sight.



One in a million                                (txt-version)

Doctor McCoy pays a house call to the Horta.

TOS, Mc/Horta (Mc/S). R


One-night-love                                  (txt-version)

A young Vulcan seeks shelter from the rain in a bar. There he meets a young human

What more do I have to say? There it goes...

TOS, K/S, pre-TOS, NC-17 ft


Playing games                                 (txt-version)

Reunion aboard the Enterprise...

Sequel to “One-night-love”

TOS, K/S, NC-17, a/r


PS: The Weather is fine                  (txt-version)

Just a bit of shore leave pleasures...



Replacement                                    (txt-version)

Dr. McCoy of "our" Universe intrudes unintentionally into the relationship of Spock and McCoy...

TOS (Mirror), S/Mc, AR, NC-17, non-con


Shore leave                                      (txt-version)

Shore leave, a sunny day, a lake and two lovers... More would spoil the fun



Stranger things happen                   (txt-version)

Somebody is dreaming of an unreachable lover

TOS, ?/?, NC-17, ft, POV


Sugar-coated lies                            (txt-version)

Jim is not happy in his new life as an Admiral of Starfleet. Until he found a new, delusive source of joy

post-TOS, K/S, G


Dark honey                                       (txt-version)

V'ger brought Jim and Spock together again aboard the Enterprise

Sequel to “Sugar-coated lies”

TOS, K/S, G, post-STMP


Sweeter than sweets                       (txt-version)

Halloween aboard the Enterprise

TOS, K/S, NC-17, humor



2004 Golden Orgasm Award: First Place TOS Short (four-way tie), Second Place TOS Slash Short (five-way tie), Second Place Kirk/Spock Short (five-way tie)

The deep chambers of your heart  (txt-version)

A eavesdropped conversation in the garden of the Vulcan Embassy.



The end of the game                       (txt-version)

An undetected visitor tells us about Jim and Spock – and the end of the game…

TOS, K/S, R, ft, POV, Humour


The letter                                           (txt-version)

After Spock’s death Jim Kirk finds a letter, promised a long time ago

TOS, K/S, PG-13, post STTWOK


This burning inside                          (txt-version)

Spock is on Vulcan and Jim has to deal with his memories of the past

TOS, K/S, NC-17, ft, POV


…this night to end…                        (txt-version)

Spock is burning within the flames of pon farr. The one he desires is his Captain

The night before they reach Vulcan, Spock surrenders to his desire...

TOS, K/S, NC-17, pf, non-com, POV, AU


Touches                                            (txt-version)

Well…  just a little continuation of

T’Lens “Love at the first sight



Who I am?                                        (txt-version)

Love - is said - to overcome all, even death. But pain, doubts and insecurity?

TOS, K/S, AR, POV, NC-17


With this ring I wed thee                  (txt-version)

Well... I always wanted to see Spock as a Prince

TOS, K/S, R, AU, Humor


                                                                                                          to be continued…


English, Kung Fu


Days and hours                                (txt-version)

Teresa starts to understand that Caine will have to leave her eventually...

one day… maybe soon, perhaps even the other morning

Kung Fu – TLC; Caine/Teresa, het, romance, pg-13


to be continued…


English, House, M.D.


Blueprints from childhood               (txt-version)

He tried to sneak into the living room, but with his teenage body all knees and elbows and sharp angles, he ended up sluggishly trying to catch the lamp.

House MD, vaguest references to the end of season 5, characters: House (teenage!House), Blythe, two OFCs and a whiff of Amber at the end, gen, pg/pg13

Burnt once, twice shy                       (txt-version)

She woke; the bed next to her empty and cold. She couldn’t claim to be surprised he’d left

House MD, references to 5.06 Joy, House/Cuddy; [ House/Wilson impl.], R, het

Bursting Bubbles                             (txt-version)

Amber accompanies House to the hospital.

House MD, Episode/Spoiler: 5.21 Saviors; 5.22 A House Divided, House, Amber, Wilson, gen, pg


Carry you home                                (txt-version)

Foreman's mom visits and he decides to bring her home. House wants to come along for the ride.

House MD,  3.20 House Training, references to the end of season 5, Foreman, Alicia Forman, Taub, Thirteen, House and a surprise guest star, pg, gen, au

Dialogs 1: Tell me lies                     (txt-version)

Well, don’t mind the rant; the little buggers won’t shut up! kind of a spoiler for 4.15 house’s head.

House, md, house, oc, gen, pg, angst


Diary of a madman                          (txt-version)

House’s arrival in Mayfield doesn’t go unnoticed by the natives.
House MD, references to the end of season 5, House, OC’s, (Wilson voice over on the phone), pg, gen, au

Please leave a message                (txt-version)

House tries to call Wilson, but ends up with Amber’s voice on the answering machine instead

House MD, post-4.16 Wilson’s Heart, House, pg, gen

to be continued…


English, various.


Story 1                                               (txt-version)
Bertie is taking a bath and pondering serious questions.

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertram Wooster, Reginald Jeeves - and a flock of rubber ducks, of course, gen, pg


Working Girl                                     (txt-version)

Forever Knight, Janette, pg


to be continued…




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